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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reaction to Bug Brennan's Blog: Transing the Dead: My response

Yes, homophobia and woman hatred are at the bottom of it. It’s not just the effeminate or female appearing MTF’s that don’t ‘pass’ as females, and regular bio females are murdered every day by men worldwide for not conforming, but so are Butch looking and acting women, women who do not conform either, nor are read as male, and eventually FTM’s will be murdered if word gets out they aren’t ‘really male’ by men…but for sure I know Butches that were sexually assaulted by men for being outside ‘appropiate female roles’ and murdered for same and ‘looking like Lesbians’ or wanting to appropiate male privilege and take up their space and be treated AS EQUALS and not sexualized by said men. Course they probably wouldn’t stop there and attack any female or effeminate man to enforce their power and sense of privilege.
Some cultures give them sanction to do so, like homophobic third world countries, and some subcultures, like gang culture, and lone wolves too. So what some might consider ‘trans’ violence is essentially homophobic violence and gatekeeping against any bio female who attempts to assert herself, is too aggressive and manlike, or any man appearing too womanly. It all still comes down to female hatred or those who are female appearing and not manly men, and keeping women and Dykes and Butches fearful to really be themselves.
And NO Joan of Arc may have been a Sacred Crossdresser for HER OWN reasons and visions, and as a DykeAmazon Butch I am too….but she NEVER EVER claimed she was a dude or a male. Trans also want to claim EVERY BUTCH or heterosexual gender
So many of our Butch Dyke and crossdressing Lesbian sheros from the past, have now been baptised as Trans individuals instead, basically erasing the Lesbian past. This is much like revisionist history that Holocaust deniers do against the Jews(to take another similar tack), us Jews have to put up with, other than Mormons trying to baptise posthumous Jews and others to their religion). I saw this start happening in the early to mid ’90′s and it really angered me, cuz the crossdressers like Radclyffe Hall, and Gertrude Stein and all those American ex patriot Lesbians living in Paris and the others who wore mens’ suits and ties, were PART of Lesbian culture back then, and further back, Joan of Arc was one of our sheros with her bravery, like an Amazon, of following her visions, leading armies, sitting on her horse in her armour, and being a powerful independent young woman, who like MANY powerful crossdressing young women who assume male roles, without considering themselves to BE men, are often killed or censored or dismissed or married off and forced back into dresses….she refused and was put to death for it!
She was NOT trans, anymore than many of those ex patriot Lesbians surrounding Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas were. But hey, what does that matter?Soon the only definition of Lesbian will be a hetero male loving vision of all feminine women.
The rest will be considered trans and some version of male.
Goddess forbid…and every older Female Identified Butch considers themselves to be the ‘last of a dying breed’, sadly…

My Favorite Lesbian Musician of All Time!


Linda Shearer..this is such a spiritual and empowering song for ALL DYKES and womyn!

Friday, December 14, 2012

On ButchDyke Oppression in the Workplace/Looking for Work

  1. This is the first Butch article I’ve read that really describes what it’s like to deal with the discrimination of being Butch and trying to get work. I WON’T wear femme clothing to ANYTHING. Gave it up when I first came out. And all my clothes are men’s clothes, because that’s what’s comfortable for me, and that’s what fits. I do like my gems and jewels though, they’re big and not too feminine. So I wear some of my favorite jewelry that matches what I’m wearing, but not too ostentacious, I NEVER wear a tie to an interview because that would be too loaded and spell hardcore Butch Dyke too obviously, they already KNOW I am just by my short hair, demeanor and rest of my presentation, and too challenging, but men’s slacks, oxford shirt and vest. I’m not much of a suit wearer, so I don’t wear blazers and such, nor do I own one. I keep it simple.
    But my work for the last 20 years has been construction and though construction has never been a fit for my intellectual personality in many ways, the reason I chose it was SO I COULD BE BUTCH AND WEAR CLOTHES I FEEL COMFORTABLE IN! I also knew many, many other Butches who were groundbreakers in construction. But at my age, and my size, they see big supersized BUTCH Dyke Female, so which level of discrimination am I being refused work on, and that includes dispatching for construction jobs in my field? Is it because I’m Female, A Butch Dyke, Fat, or all 3?
    And we know that if you’re a skinny Butch Dyke, you’re gonna get the job over me, and if you’re a fat femme, it’s a toss up over a skinny Butch, but if you’re a Fat Butch Dyke, other than being of color, it’s a stretch for most, as soon as they see the fat and the female, they make all kinds of assumptions, and then the disdain/hatred for Butches as well.
    Some of us CANNOT be any other way, cannot pass for femme nor would we want to, cannot be this one day and that another. This is who we are, who we’ve always been, no matter what garments one puts on or takes off. And I HATE how being Butch and also Fat diminishes our opportunity for work.They’ve already done studies on fat women and how so many of us are in poverty and limited in job opportunity based on size. They’ve never really bothered doing studies on discrimination around being a Butch FEMALE. Not presenting as ‘this gender or that’ but being both Butch AND Female. Out of our place. And the ONLY place that Dykes and Butches have had a niche in the past was construction.
    We break into a field most women fear to go because it’s thought of as ‘unfeminine’ and then once there’s a critical mass of groundbreaking Lesbian/Butch pioneers, then more conventional women come into that field and surpass us, cuz ultimately that’s what the dudes want: skinny eye candy they can look at, even if she’s in a construction worker’s outfit with a pony tail and heterosexual credentials. Only my Butch Dyke Tradeswomen Sisters understand this.
    So, yeah, this a subject near and dear to my heart: as a Butch, as a Dyke, as a Female, and as a Fat/Big Dyke. And my greatest struggle, especially in this Recession/Depression that only wants the youngest, the cheapest, the fastest and basically to dump anybody over age 50, so now on TOP of all that, I have to deal with age discrimination which has tossed so many in the age range of 50-60 out of work, and unable to get work again at that same level of salary and skill…and responsibility, with all the bills and responsibilities and rent we have at our age, and health care we need.
    That’s because they don’t WANT to pay for our healthcare, our benefits OR our salaries, and that they can’t work us to death like they can young people making them go ever faster, while paying them more cheaply, and that they have yet to stand up for themselves and are moldable.
    There’s so many levels to this, it is so disconcerting.
    So here’s my suggestion: Lesbians/Dykes HIRE EACH OTHER. Make it a point to hire a Lesbian Sister, and help her out, a Butch, a nonfeminine female, a big Dyke, a Dyke of color, all of us who desparately need work but do not want to compromise our essential Selves to survive in this harsh world. Find ways to barter, to share, to give to each other, to grow REAL community, economic community together, so we can be ourselves, feel good about ourselves and not feel we are compromising our souls everyday. And no, I do NOT wear pearls!
    -In Butch Dyke Sisterhood,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Cisterhood is Powerful" by Bug Brennan


I am strictly sharing the link here till she gives me permission for the full article. But it is worth your while Sisters (or Cisters), sounds like a Cistern gathering water, interesting imagery, but ANYWAY,  as another confrontation against the Cis(gender) nonsense!
                                                    -In Sisterhood,

Here is the full article, with Bug Brennan's permission:

Cisterhood is Powerful

December 12, 2012
I need to be honest with you, Internet.
I am completely bored by the conversation about your gender, your gender identity, your gender expression. I find the endless selfies and YouTube introductory videos disturbing and evidence of a nation in the grips of a narcissistic delusion. I am weary of the hyperbole that any trans-critical analysis kills thousands of trans women every year (because, let’s be honest, we all know who kills trans women).
Indeed, trans-critical analysis isn’t that hard, and it is pretty obvious. And writers much more interested in it than I have skillfully unpacked bizarre post-modern concepts like “cisgender.”  So, my interest has waned, significantly, and I have been putting my political attentions towards other things.
But this cisgender thing, it just sticks in my craw.  It has become so completely accepted for Women who consider themselves to be Feminist activists to say things like “Everyone has a sex AND a gender.”  It has become required for supportive allies to affirm that THEY are cisgender.
What is it?
Well, it used to be, if you were not Trans, you could call yourself “not Trans.” (Just like it used to be that you could say “I am transgendered,” but try doing that now and watch how quickly you are told to DIAF).
But it’s not enough to be “not Trans”  now. To create something like a “class” out of a group of special snowflake Men and Women (i.e., the Trans people), you need something to be in opposition to, to be contrasted with, to be “against.”
Enter Cis, man. cbIf transgender means your subjective self-identification as a Woman or a Man, regardless of your actual sex, cisgender must mean your self-identification as a Woman, because you actually are a Woman. But, apparently, that’s not what cisgender means.
According to dikipedia, the entry for cisgender (which is no doubt endlessly edited by White formerly heterosexual males with careers in IT) is defined thusly:
“cisgender and cissexual gender identities are two related types of gender identity where an individual’s self-perception and presentation of their gender matches the behaviors and roles considered appropriate for one’s sex.”  
So, behavior and roles “appropriate for one’s sex.”
Hmmmm. Ummm. Hmmmmm.
So, I am Female. This means I have a Female reproductive system and am vulnerable to impregnation, like all Females, by Males (this is a class analysis. I know, believe me, I know, that some Females are infertile – that doesn’t change that they are (correctly) perceived as and included in the class of humans subject to impregnation).
What are the behaviors and roles considered appropriate for one’s sex?
This is a serious question.
What are the behaviors and roles considered appropriate for one’s sex?
If you are a Feminist (even a Liberal Feminist or a Fun Feminist), the answer to this should be “There are no behaviors and roles considered appropriate for my sex because Females can be and do anything.”
If you are not a Feminist, your answer might be “My role as a women is to be a Wife (fuckhole) and Mother (breeder).” But, more likely than not, your answer (if you are a Woman) will still be ”There are no behaviors and roles considered appropriate for my sex because Females can be and do anything.”
Because that is true. There are no behaviors and roles considered “appropriate” for the Female sex because Females can be and do anything.
So who is this “cisgender” label aimed at?
Let’s go back in time in the United States to post-World War II days. Remember, during World War II, millions of Women went to work in factories and enjoyed a new measure of freedom because their husbands, brothers, sons, uncles and boyfriends were off fighting Hitler. Working in a factory was not “considered appropriate for one’s (Female) sex” at the time, but necessity required it.  Oh, and let’s not claim all those Women are Trans, I am far too irritable to indulge that poppycock.
When WWII ended, those Women were fired from the factories so that their (insert male here) could go back to work, in the factory, where he “belonged.” And Women could go back to the kitchen, in the homemaking sphere, where she “belonged.”
Does this get us closer to what cisgender actually means? Is cisgender a class of Back to the Future Housewives who want to make you a sandwich?
Let’s look at another country: Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, Women and Girls are murdered for rejecting “marriage proposals.”  Those murdered Women were (most certainly) bucking the trend of the expectations placed on them by virtue of their sex. Are they “transgender”? They certainly aren’t “cisgender.” What is the proper language we would use for these brave Women seeking some measure of humanity?
And, what of the Women who comply with rigid social customs (probably, I would venture a guess, because of fear of violent repercussions if they didn’t comply). Are those Women “cisgender” for embracing the social roles and customs thrust on them by the dominant culture? Does calling them “cisgender” transform them from victims of Patriarchy into oppressors of men in dresses?
Back to the United States. We don’t live in the 1950s, and the Women’s Rights Movement actually happened (thank you, feminist Women for teaching us that Women can be and do anything, even though these post-modern sex positive morons make a mockery out of how far you moved the needle for Women. Also, thank you Marlo Thomas.)
“cisgender and cissexual gender identities are two related types of gender identity where an individual’s self-perception and presentation of their gender matches the behaviors and roles considered appropriate for one’s sex.”  
This definition, again, wants to bring us back in time, back before the Women’s Right Movement. It wants us to pretend that the Women’s Rights Movement did not happened. It wants us to pretend that there really are only two choices – you are either Trans, or you are upholding stereotypes about your sex. This definition does not withstand the critical gaze of anyone willing to examine it for more than two minutes.
Are you “cisgender”?
I’m not.
But if I *was* cisgender, let’s unpack that.
Even in the United States (where we think we are free and exceptional), Women are still socialized to be Wives and Mothers.  This is the dominant culture here.  We haven’t quite achieved the vision of the Women’s Rights Movement of Equality or Liberation (depending on your feminism). If all Women and Girls are socialized to accept their roles (based on the sex) as Wives and Mothers, “cisgender” seeks to punish them for being subjected to that socialization and (seemingly) complying with it/internalizing it. The fact that some Women and Girls have internalized these coded messages of what is acceptable for Women to be does not render their identity or presentation oppressive to so-called Trans people – it makes it oppressive only to themselves (but luckily, choosey choice feminism is here to tell you that you can CHOOSE to be a wife, mother, sex worker, whatever, so don’t question it).
Cis and Trans people – whoever they are – are both victims of the same old Patriarchy, either conforming to sex stereotypes and adopting those behaviors and roles Patriarchy says are appropriate for girls (again, ignoring that the Women’s Rights Movement ever happened) or “fucking with gender” in that way that does nothing but AFFIRM the idea that there are ways of being that correspond to your anatomy.
I am not cis. Millions of Women aren’t cis.
I am not trans. Millions of Women aren’t trans.
Indeed, millions of Women don’t know what the fuck this stupid endless conversation is about, because they are too busy trying not to get beheaded or raped.
Trans people, if your identity depends on telling Women who they are, if your existence depends on invalidating the lived experience of millions of Women and Girls, if you cannot be “oppressed” unless you create an oppressor class called “cisgender” and blame them for all your problems, I might suggest that Transgender isn’t as real, meaningful, deep or significant as you think it is.
Just a suggestion!-Bug Brennan

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Valuable Dimensions of Friendship by RussianPrincess

I feel this post is so important, because here in California friendship is really more acquaintanceship than anything else...so disposable, and completely dependent on mutual availability, mobility, class equality(of the same class, or able to keep up) and convenience, or a step up the ladder.

So RussianPrincess shares with us HER values of what true friendship means to her coming from her culture, and I 100% agree with her, because my sense of friendship is really more the European kind, than the American.
                                                     -In Sisterhood,

Valuable Dimensions of Friendship By RussianPrincess

In Russia we have different gradations for human connections and the language reflects corresponding words. Here they are in ascending order:
Acquaintance (the one we periodically meet in public transportation, know his/her name, and exchange smiles, most people in my Friends List fall in this category)
Client service relations (owner-cashier at the nearest Esso (gas) station)
Coworker (this one would easily push you off his/her path to a promotion and step over your body)
Comrade (we share same political views)
Neighbor (sometimes we barely know them, but in an emergency they could be closer than a relative)
Buddy (hobby, or sexual play, or drinking, or f*** - but s/he is just a buddy, usually nothing serious)
Lover (relatively stable but not always exclusive sexual connection)
Direct family member (including spouse)
And a FRIEND. We don't have more than four or five of them during all our lifetime. And this person would be the first at your doorstep at the time of distress, and s/he never refuses to listen to you even if you are blabbering absolute nonsense. If a FRIEND rejects you in a moment of distress it hurts more than most initial problems. A lover or a spouse can cheat on you, even a family member can betray but a FRIEND can't.
And this part is taken from Inspirational Quotes website:
"Friendship is a relationship between two people who hold mutual affection for each other. It has two dimensions; quality and conflict. The quality of friendship is important for a person's well being and it contributes to the closeness of friends. The second dimension is conflict, which connects with the quality of friendships. High quality friendships have great ways of resolving conflict which ultimately leads to a stronger and healthier relationship. The value of friendship is often the result of friends consistently demonstrating the tendency to desire what is best for the other, sympathy and empathy, honesty, even in situations where it may be difficult for others to speak the truth, mutual understanding and compassion; ability to go to each other for emotional support, enjoyment of each other's company, trust in one another, positive reciprocity - equal give-and-take between the two parties, the ability to be oneself, and express one's feelings and make mistakes without fear of judgement."
THANK YOU! You would hate it here in California, because mostly it's a land of acquaintanceships, buddies, coworkers, a few comrades and pretty much everything but 'friend'....all my 'friends' are acquaintances, and very, very few  are real friends, when the chips are down. ALOT of superficiality.  Of course the Bay Area is the land of Facebook and almost all the other computer businesses, so a 'friend' is often of the Facebook definition, these days! Silicon Valley has too much influenced California thinking!

Your definition of 'friend' is also my definition of friend. They get together with you, you do stuff with them, they stay in your life, they're consistent, they're there in the good times AND bad times...and you can be truly, completely honest with them, unlike almost any other type of relationship. They'll pick you up when you're all broke down, like after a breakup, or a death in the family or someone close, or even a beloved kitty.

And most of all, IT'S RECIPROCAL. I gave up all those friendships that I realized really weren't reciprocal, or dropped them back down to 'acquaintance' level, and sadly, my best friend, who was also one I gave a part of myself to I couldn't with any other, I let go of her after 20 years of chasing...and those sacred moments of play, and while it had almost ALL of your definition, the big one lacking was the Reciprocity. I trusted her more than any other, and our friendship lasted through many partnerships, fuck buddies, play partners and other things..but the last time I was back in Colorado she made it almost impossible to see her, and in a time of crisis when the chips were down, she was NOT there for me, and I was DONE with the lack of reciprocity shown, finally....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My definition of Feminism

My definition of Feminism: Feminism is about the Total and Complete empowerment of all bio-females, both women and girls, throughout the world, Females from all races, all heights, all sizes, all ages, all sexual orientations, all nations, all religions or nonreligions. Period. And without compromise.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another Article on why we do not want to be referred to as 'Cis'

This is a clear, concise article on why we don't want the term cis(gender) used for us, nor does it apply to those of us who are Butch who do NOT fit into heterosexual gender norms. We are Females first and foremost, no matter HOW we express ourselves physically.  And in some trans circles 'Cis' is being used as a hate term, and they are naming US, not us naming OURSELVES as Dykes, women, bio-Females!              


                                           -In Sisterhood,

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Soul of SF Dyke March Part two


            The Soul of Dyke March part two 

            By Feisty Amazon

  • Further additional posts:

    SF Dyke March debate on focus; trans/differing genders 'inclusion' ect. Part one
    by Feisty Amazon on Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 3:19am ·
    " being born with a vagina doesn't make you a WOMAN it makes you a baby with a VAGINA!" quoted from Huey Freeman....

    My response:  Ah...that's the point. It makes you a girl child! I mean REALLY! And only those of us born with a vagina were raised as girl children, with ALL that goes with it..whether we took on feminine behaviors or resisted them as I did, and so many other Butches. We have a unique connection based on girlhood and being female all our lives...and NOTHING will change that, which is precisely why Michfest is WBW space, and why we need it.

    And the second part: "- whatever their gender is and how they orient themselves in this world."..Dyke March will die because it is no longer focussed on Dykes and Dyke issues vital to MANY of us, and because it has been coopted by those of 'different genders'. A Dyke is a homosexual FEMALE...so within that...it is single 'gendered' or shall I say 'single sexed' and BY AND FOR same sex FEMALES/Dykes/Lesbians period! If you don't like that, then go to the Trans March the night before, OR Gay Pride which is for all, which is precisely WHY Dyke March was started in the first place: Lesbians felt that gay men primarily ruled over Gay Pride, and wanted a space BY AND FOR LESBIANS to show OUR Pride, and OUR solidarity. By including other 'genders' it is YOU who are tearing it apart. An identity cannot be ceaselessly coopted and appropiated and have ANY meaning left to it whatsoever! -FeistyAmazon

    Next post:

    SF Dyke March debate on trans/other genders 'inclusion'
    by Feisty Amazon on Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 3:22am ·
    •   Look, not all of us buy this brave new world of hormones and surgeries making a bio male 'female' because they exhibit a somewhat feminine appearance(though most don't pass as female in any capacity), and feminine behaviors...and then even those MTF's a bit more androgynous now are trying to coopt even Butch identity.

    •  Nor do we fully buy that a bio female can be fully male(most won't have the genital surgery BECAUSE IT DOES NOT WORK!) One can make simulacrums of 'female' and 'male' and appropiate stereotypical male and female behaviors or try to imitate their gay and Lesbian counterparts. If you wonder about Dyke March, there are MANY Dykes sick of Dyke March cuz it no longer caters TO DYKES. There is a Trans March the night before, so I say, INSTEAD of appropiating Dyke March to make it fit into the trans mold, go all out at the Trans March INSTEAD, and leave the Dyke March to actualDykes and women loving women...emphasis on the WOMEN.

    •  If you don't feel like a woman or female anymore, then Dyke March is NOT for you..don't 'expand the meaning' of Dyke March. It is NOT a pansexual anything goes identity, it is not meant to be a pansexual March, though the event itself may be, that is the crowd watching the performances at Dolores Park before the March.

    •  Bisexual women allow their male boyfriends to be part of the March. Gay men feel they have the RIGHT to March since it's close to the Castro, and the biggest kudos I could possibly give to an FTM is the one who stood ON THE SIDELINES OUT OF RESPECT WITH A SIGN SAYING 'SUPPORTING MY DYKE SISTERS AS FTM BY NOT MARCHING!'. And some of us will never buy the born male MTF's as women or as female, no matter how much you try to pressure us into doing so. Many still retain their penises. If you do not, are living your life 24/7 as female, with all surgeries and such then you might have a small claim to certain mixed women's spaces.

    •  But we are expected to kowtow to those who were married to women as men, who dated women as men, treating us in a similar manner that they did to their women as men..and us Dykes just won't have that sexism foisted upon us..or that cosmetic surgeries really do change what's underneath and years of male socialization...

    • Next post. Don't know why there are the dots on the left, but will use them as paragraph breaks

    Dyke March, Dyke Pride, and Dyke Frustration and the necessity of Female Identified Butch groups part 1
    by Feisty Amazon on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 12:03pm ·

    Dyke marches were originally a form of protest and criticism of the failure of the mainstream gay community to address issues relating to women. That purpose is still relevent. Last year's Creating Change Conference had over 300 workshops and presentations, and one (yes, only one) specifically addressed the needs of lesbians. The word lesbian barely appeared in the catalogue. Yet, there were entire day-long tracks on issues relating to "gender identity" and "queer" sex. Lesbians have been erased in the LGBT political and cultural movement. Part of the problem is the conflation of sex with gender. They are two different things. Lesbians face discrimination because of the sex (female), not gender (cultural stereotypes based on sex).- Unknown author
    • Feisty Amazon: This is why there is at least one or two 'Female Identified Butch' groups in the Bay Area, to COUNTER the message that Butch=Trans, as so many are being sold, and the very real pressure on young Butch women to instead of identifying as powerful, strong, independent Dyke nonfeminine FEMALE, they are encouraged by their peers, and other sellouts intent on the breastbinding/hormones/surgery message, to instead do these things to rather CONFORM to the so called 'gender binary' cuz they don't pass as hetero feminine female, instead of QUESTION those roles, be proud of their FEMALE Dyke bodies, and refuse hormones/breast binding and surgeries. But there is this real one up manship around young nonfeminine females these days in the queer community about 'when are you transitioning'? 'How well can you pass as male?" "where do I buy a binder", 'When are you going on 'T'? "When are you having breast removal surgery"? ect. ect. and those who are MORE male appearing have greater status in that crowd than those who are not, or refuse all these things, with guess what? Butch Dykes who are actually PROUD of being FEmale and Lesbian, lowest on the totem pole.
    Next post:

    • Dyke Marches, Dyke Frustration, Dyke Pride and necessity of Female Identified Butch groups part two
      by Feisty Amazon on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 12:04pm ·
      • And there is IMMENSE pressure on Butches overall and especially younger Butch Dyke women, to CONFORM to all this...and they have come to these groups and workshops(at Butch Voices, there wasn't even ONE female identified Butch workshop, so we had a separate one, where 50 Butches showed up!), speaking about those pressures, and working HARD at resisting the pressure to go on 'T', be called male pronouns, which is now the norm when addressing a Butch/nonfeminine female in San Francisco, resisting the pressure to breast bind, hide aspects of female appearance or female emotion. And there is NO TALK of the REAL HARM that these practices engender on the female body, the breastbinding which can harm the lungs, the heart and the ribs, like a corset in the early 20th century, the testosterone which can make you more prone to heart disease and potential cancers and the TOLL to have to pass as some version of male, while STILL INSISTING on remaining in the Dyke community(ies), and insistence on using male pronouns in daily life. There is no longer real PRIDE on just being a Lesbian, a Dyke, a woman, a FEMALE....in a Butch body...and THAT is very, very sad.

      • At the first Butch Voices in Oakland, there was ONLY ONE Female Identified Butch workshop, which again, 50 Butches showed up to, and the rest of us had our female identified workshop offers REFUSED...at least 5-10 local Bay Area Female Identified Butches, myself included, from many walks of life, races and ethnicities......so this is when we began to organize. We WILL take back our communities and sadly, it is very possible that The Dyke March unfortunately no longer represents us or our struggles to retain our female bodies/minds/spirits as Dykes, whether Butch, Femme or inbetween, any more than Butch Voices did! Or Creating Change, for that matter!
      • Backstory commentary for the next post.
      • This individual(Krys/Huey Freeman) was on the Steering committee of Butch Voices, and also one of the rudest to us who are WBW and Female Identified Butches in the whole debate here on the future of Dyke March.   She also has a website which she listed, about helping folks transition to FTM, breast binders, hormones, and 'health advice' ect for FTM's and as she calls us "Masculine of Center" or MOC folks(that is bio female Butches, Genderqueers, FTM's, ect.) WE had a whole debate at the last Butch Voices in 2011 around Masculine of Center and those of us who are Female Proud Butches felt it invisibilized our womonhood and our femaleness and that the term was too broad and did not speak to us at all. I call her 'theMinister of Ministry of Propaganda' which was and continues to be her job as a 'media consultant' and the whole arguement we had at Butch Voices where the board was expected to stay silent about these issues and 'stay on message'. Some of the more female and Lesbian identified Butches on the BV board refused to and thusly were tossed off...

      To Krys/Huey Freeman and holding us Butch Dykes back!
      by Feisty Amazon on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 2:20pm ·
      Look Krys, it's individuals like you holding us back, whether here or at Butch Voices. Trying to give your 'masculine of center' message which AT THE SAME TIME erases Dyke and especially Butch Dyke FEMALE identity. And we are NOT having it anymore. Neither does it address the tragedy of so many who feel they gotta go on hormones, breast bind or have surgeries to survive in this patriarchal world. It is part of the PROBLEM not the solution. One will never find empowerment through hormones or surgeries. One WILL through being a fully empowered Female supported by her Sisters and at least a basic feminism, which is sorely lacking. And adding to the silencing of OUR Female Centered/Proud Butch Dyke Voices!

The Soul of San Francisco Dyke March

I am so disturbed that all of our Dyke Marches have been taken over by the trans, bisexuals and just about everybody else BUT bio Female Dykes, that it has gotten away from the Dyke/Lesbian FEMALE empowerment message, to just about everything else. I have seen this decline over the umpteen years I have attended Dyke March, as more and more young Butchy/Masculine/boyish females transition or genderqueer, and more and more MTF's consider themselves "Lesbian"(mostly dating bi women) and bi women feel they can bring their MALE boyfriends to march with them in the Dyke March, as well as gay men in the Castro, which is close to Dolores Park, right in between the Castro and Mission neighborhoods, feel they have the RIGHT to march in Dyke March too....

 Our leaders have sold us out, and told us the Trans are here to stay and have always worked on the Dyke March, WHEN THERE IS A TRANS MARCH NOW IN THE SAME LOCATION JUST THE NIGHT BEFORE DYKE MARCH! They changed the policy that anyone who is a: "Past, present or future woman" can march. Don't EVEN have to be a Dyke! This is in response to the intense thread that many of us local Dykes(wbw) are FIGHTING for our Dyke communities back BY AND FOR BIO FEMALE LESBIAN/DYKE WOMEN, WHO ARE PROUD TO BE FEMALE, whether you are Butch, Femme, inbetween, leather, nonleather, young, old, middle aged, any race, size, level of class privilege or nonprivilege. To keep the focus on Lesbians/Dykes born female! The thread was named something like 'Gender and Age Inclusion at SF Dyke March" and advertised and followed a panel they had a few weeks ago.

 A firestorm of responses resulted, with both local Dykes and Dykes from elsewhere weighing in on the issue, as well as trans individuals that tried to make it more about them than us..... My last straw was when one woman, and I will include the post here, stated that "it doesn't matter what someone has between their legs, a Lesbian(MTF) can have a penis, if she feels she is a Lesbian". Let us take back Dyke Marches and Dyke Nation BY AND FOR bio Female Lesbians/Dykes/Female Homosexuals OF ALL STRIPES! One of the posts I feel strongest about:

  To an individual that doesn't care what's between someone's legs...in DYKE SPACE? by Feisty Amazon on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 2:36am · ACCKKKK! You don't care what someone has between their legs....then don't take up Dyke space. Dyke space is no 'penis between us friends' or lovers, ect. ect. ect. NOT "what is the big deal about people with penises calling themselves dykes?" Cuz they're not. If you can't stick it in a drawer and walk away 10 feet without causing yourself severe bodily harm, then you are NOT a Dyke. Dykes don't do it with penises. We do it with breasts, yonis, curves, vaginas, vulvas, lips, eyes, and the round curves of a female. I don't buy 'gender' anymore..it's all a bunch of claptrap nonsense, an endless rabbit hole that never ends of justifications till you get utter nonsense that 'you can be a dyke and have a flesh penis'. NOT! Not ever. No cotton ceilings, nothing more of the sort. You're talking penis holders(born males) wanting to make it with bio female Lesbians, Lesbians that are the most inaccessible women on the planet, the one set of women NOT wanting to be conquered by men and their penises. And I don't care if that penis wears a dress or pants, is completely feminine, masculine or inbetween. Penis does NOT equal Dyke. Period. Dykes forever, men (or penises) NEVER!!!!! P.S. And no, a dildo is NOT a penis, it's a piece of silicone, won't impregnate, and if properly washed, and covered, won't give disease either...and it can be taken off anytime.

 Another response of mine:

 To a Genderqueer and/or FTM who felt frustrated at being identified as a woman in WOMEN'S/Dyke Space by Feisty Amazon on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 2:27am · LOOK, then go to the Radical Faeries. If you are offended by being considered 'a woman', then you don't belong in Dyke/Women's space! Us older Dykes and Butches fought HARD for our women's and Dyke spaces and visibility, just to go hell in a handbasket with 'queer nation', and 'queer identity'. Dyke identity is NOT queer identity. It is the identity of biological homosexual FEMALES. If you are not proud to be Female, a woman, a Dyke, a Lesbian, then you no longer qualify for women only/Dyke space. Queer space, mixed space, pan space, Radical Faerie spaces, Gay Pride, Folsom St. Fair, whathaveyou, I can accept anybody in those spaces, but NOT crashing what little womon only/dyke spaces we have left....

We are MOURNING at all the Butches who want to consider themselves male, genderqueer, FTM or some version thereof..and wanting to be addressed by male pronouns......so yes, the hostility is there for very good reason.....if you want queer space, and have queer identity "And i have to fight to not be seen as a womyn," then womon/dyke space is no longer for you.....and many of us also do not recognize MTF's as Dykes....because of the years of male privilege, and continuing assumption of male privilege. We have been quiet up to now, or spoken in whispers about our Dyke and women's spaces being coopted, invisibilized, being shouted down by all those who were formerly male, want to be male or present day bio males...NO MORE. . Feisty Amazon This individual was bitching that both her and her partner(an MTF) were being treated badly in women only spaces so felt more comfortable in 'queer' spaces, including Radical Faery spaces...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dyke Marches For Dykes!

So great, imagine, the Dyke March FOR DYKES..and I remember the year(but not exactly when) they announced from the stage at SF Dyke March, that “this march is for past, present and future females”, which could mean anything from hardcore bio female Dykes like ourselves, to those who USED to be female, but now are wearing facial and body hair by choice, removed or binding their breasts, insisting on being called by male pronouns, and with the squeaky hormone induced voice, TO anyone who considers themselves a ‘future female’ retaining their ‘ladysticks’(penises), guys dressing in drag, to full blown MTF transition and EVERYTHING in between. I’ve seen women walking around with pins that say ‘trannylover’ ect. WHEN THEY HAVE THEIR OWN TRANS MARCH THE NIGHT BEFORE IN THE EXACT SAME SPACE AS DYKE MARCH! I’ve heard male rap music playing on stage inbetween sets, and poorly done acts with drag kings, an entire turnoff for me, and less and less organic LESBIAN music. The one year I was REALLY into it, they had both Phranc a true blue Dyke, AND Alixx Dobkin, but that was the ONLY time I saw major Lesbian singers that were truly through and through Dyke their entire careers, and NEVER compromised themselves. I have tremendous respect for both women. I was ecstatic, and bought Alixx’s book and had her sign it for me..I’ve been to many an Alixx Dobkin concert, but until that moment, I never had the opportunity to see Phranc, live! Nowadays they’d probably consider her ‘genderqueer’ or a wannabe ‘transman’ because she’s so Butch, but she’s no such thing, she’s a Butch DYKE and proud! These last two times, I’ve done contingent monitoring for the Disabled Dyke Cable Car, and had much more fun with that, than seeing all of those attempting to coopt the March, and at least every woman within that cable car was a Dyke, including the driver(a handsome Butch who drives also for Muni)…….but it’s the leadership at the top that will have to be confronted, before the March EVER takes place. Imagine 20-30 really pissed off Dykes show up to the Dyke March meetings and stage protests on how they have gotten so far away from Lesbian issues, and allow bisexual women to march with their boyfriends, and gay men to march as well….. WE NEED to defend our territory, and not give an inch, or have a powerful strong contingent, and do like the MIchfest womyn did: get tshirts printed up saying ‘Dyke March for Dykes!!!” something like that, like MIchfest did this year to defend the wbw space, all the womyn in support wore red, and this year, bought red t shirts saying “Big Up the Female” ! so the interlopers saw a sea of red, of womyn in support of the wbw policy. We need to do the same for Dyke March, in total solidarity of “Dyke March for WBW Dykes!!” -In DykeAmazon Sisterhood, who has been to at least 20 Dyke Marches and volunteered in at least the last 4 of them, -FeistyAmazon

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sex and gender causation: Break the Cycle by E. Hungerford

I have found this article below to be absolutely the clearest on the difference between sex and gender and WHY we need to oppose the 'gender wars', or as Gallus Mag says: 'Genda' wars. And why women need to be protected and have our OWN spaces, and be recognized as a class. And how the Gender b.s. keeps us stuck in the same old: male=masculine, female=feminine b.s no matter what, and how as even the most basic feminists and lesbians need to oppose it, lest we all be stereotyped. AGAIN.

Here is also the link if you want to look up her site directly.

Sex and gender causation: BREAK THE CYCLE by E. Hungerford

"1. Sex and gender are different.

Sex and gender are two different words with two very different meanings. Here is why:

According to definitions proposed by the Institute of Medicine (23), “sex” is a biological construct dictated by the presence of sex chromosomes, and in animals and humans the presence of functional reproductive organs. “Gender” is a cultural construct and refers to behaviors which might be directed by specific stimuli (visual, olfactory, etc) or by psychosocial expectations that result from assigned or perceived sex.

(bold and color added) In pursuit of scientific excellence – sex matters, by Virginia M. Miller. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol, published ahead of print February 10, 2012, doi: 10.1152/ajpheart.00073.2012.

2. Sex does not cause gender.

The form of one’s body does not reliably dictate whether an individual feels “masculine” or “feminine.” The presence of functional female reproductive organs in a particular body (sex:female)* does not mean that a female person necessarily likes pink, painting her nails, talking about her feelings, and nurturing small children. Sex is not the source of “feminine” and/or “masculine” gendered expression, behavior, identity, or appearance. And vice versa for bodies with male reproductive organs (sex:male).* This understanding is fundamental to feminist politics.

3. Gender does not cause sex.

Reverse causation analysis. This is where shit gets ugly.

Queer theorists and trans activists seek to unconditionally prioritize “gender identity” over physical and/or assigned sex (reproductive functioning). On the basis of this “gender identity” alone– and “regardless of the person’s assigned sex at birth”– they believe that all self-appointed trans people are entitled to unconditional acceptance in every space and group reserved for the sex associated with the sex stereotypes that the trans person has voluntarily aligned themselves with via “gender identity,” expression, appearance, and behavior.

Radical feminists, on the other hand, do not believe that an individual’s subjectively asserted “gender identity” is relevant to one’s sex. Throughout history, the bodies of gender non-compliant females have remained reproductively female no matter how convincingly or consistently they may have appeared otherwise. A male bodied person’s desire to wear a dress and carry a purse does not actually transform his body to be reproductively, or physically, female. The practice of “masculine” or “feminine” expression, appearance, behavior, and/or identity does not create, destroy, nor cause changes to one’s sex (functioning reproductive organs).

Framing “gender identity”—specifically the expression of femininity—as that which fundamentally constitutes “female” will not improve female’s social status. On the contrary, the idea that “gender identity” is the most essential and important part of being female serves to naturalize the oppressive social order flowing from traditional sex roles and stereotypes (compulsory heteronormativity). Yes, there is a socially constructed correlation between sex and gender in the form of sex stereotypes. There is not, however, biological causation between sex and gender. In either direction.

Any ideology that seeks to justify, evidence, or prove an individual’s “sex” by reference to their “gender identity” necessarily implies that “gender identity” is a natural result of– or caused by– “sex.”

Insisting on a causative relationship between sex and gender reinforces and legitimizes feminine stereotypes that ultimately restrict the range of gendered expression available to females. It is anti-feminist.


*And, as a result, being CAFSRAB (coercively assigned the feminine sex role at birth) or CAMSRAB (coercively assigned the masculine sex role at birth)."

Sunday, August 19, 2012

On why we don't want to be called 'cisgender' or referred to as 'cis' women!


I hate the term, and this article above explains it pretty well, though a bit longwinded. I wish they would address us Butch Dykes more...but AS a Female Proud Butch Dyke, I am PROUD to be a womon, and PROUD to be Female, and I am not letting ANYONE chase me out of womonhood, but neither am I 'cis' because it ASSumes, anyone who is 'cis' is generally feminine. It is not a term we call ourselves. For me it is 'Butch DykeAmazon', Female, bio Female, WBW, Lesbian, Amazon Warrior, Amazon Witch, Amazon Priestess, JewWitch and so many other FEMALE CENTERED and Dyke positive names!

-In Sisterhood,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Website of Heroic Lesbian who was in Movie Theater at time of shooting during Aurora CO shootings July 19, 2012, Batman premiere


Binational Boulder Couple Facing struggles and fears of deportation

I feel strongly that ALL Lesbian couples should have the same rights as hetero couples to stay together and live happily without fear of deportation, and raise their children with love, support and happiness rather than fear that one of the spouses should be deported. Though I know these two Lesbians have way more privilege than I can possibly imagine in my life, it still hits close to home, in that they are Boulder citizens. In any case, here's the website for them below listed, and my response to them.


Your story touches my heart. My partner and I legally married in California twice: once in 2004 during the ‘Winter of Love’ waiting in line for 8 hours at San Francisco City Hall, which 6 months later, all 4000 of those marriages were annulled by the State, and then again in 2008, two weeks before Prop 8 passed. Fortunately with all the legal wrangling, the State Supreme Court allowed our marriages to stand, but they also allowed Prop 8 to stand too. It is being fought against as well.

Even though I live in California with my Dyke spouse, Boulder, CO. is my adopted home town, where my family moved to in 1972, and I lived in till I moved here to the California Bay Area in ’84 for my sexual freedom. I came out as a Lesbian in Boulder in 1981. My family still lives in Boulder and I visit it every year or so…my heart is very fond of Boulder and I miss it, so your story is literally ‘close to home’. Also my mother who lived there till she died, was a nurse.

I am glad you have found the love of your life, and given your children a happy home. Obama could so easily freeze that law and it’s enforcement, where you could both live together without fear of deportation.We must keep moving forward in the struggle for all binational Lesbian and Gay couples, as well as the overall marriage equality struggle and I’ve known too many out here in CA who are going through these very same issues.

For many years we’ve marched for Marriage Equality at the SF Pride Parade and supported all the Marriage Equality actions happening here. It ALWAYS includes those also who are binational couples as well! We must keep agitating for change so we all can love the person we choose and keep her in our lives, like any heterosexual can do. If Barney Frank can marry the man of his dreams, so should every Lesbian couple be able to raise their children and have a happy home where caring and love reigns.
-With all my Support and deep connections to Boulder,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Butch/Woman by Robin Blythe-niCatain-Guest Writer


"Are you woman first?
or lesbian?"

that's like asking
if my body is nerves
or blood

which claims my first allegiance?

my brain
or my heart

as if you could take the brain
out of a body
or a butch
out of a woman

without taking the very lifeblood
from her being

Friday, July 20, 2012

The usual debate that is used to silence us, on a LESBIAN group: How MTF's have it so much worse than Butch Lesbians and women in general...my response

"I don't know what a ladystick is, but I have some trans women friends that I don't wish to see insulted. They're a part of the queer community and they are the ones who face even graver danger than us for just walking down the street. Did you ever read Stone Butch Blues ? I thought Leslie F did a wonderful job depicting the early queer community, which includes both queer and trans folks. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that several trans women were murdered in the US in the last few months. This is a group of people that deserves and needs our ally-ship and support, not more queer and transphobia."-Lady A.


Please, don't give me that Stone Butch Blues bullshit. Or that the trans have it worse than Butch Dykes.....I've heard all that crap, while y'all continue to coopt Lesbian identity, selfhood and community. I"M DONE WITH IT. I"ve had threats and violence against me and mine AS a Butch Dyke, with another ButchDyke at the hands of men!

IF you want tit for tat, many crimes against Lesbians specifically aren't touted in the press: rape of a Lesbian, a Butch Lesbian by 4 gangmembers in Richmond, CA shortly after Prop 8 passed in 2008, and she had a rainbow sticker on her car, and she was Butch. Shooting and murder of one of two Lesbian partners in Texas, one in critical condition the other dead, just a few short weeks ago. Women all over the world who can be murdered by their spouses, brothers, uncles, male relatives if they don't wear veils, if they get raped, if they commit adultery, if they are LESBIAN they can be put to death. Women die EVERYDAY from male violence, all KINDS of women, not just MTF's. I'm tired of the boohooing, and should we take some space for ourselves, AS LESBIANS it constantly gets crashed by the rest. So, not just trans females get killed. Bio females and Dykes get killed too for being themselves and acting as if they were free, which in many parts of the world, much less the U.S., they are not. We are taking back our space, and we are taking back our communities, and NO we are NOT queer, WE ARE LESBIANS/DYKES!

"Not Giving Up the Fight" I posted about our WBW Dyke Space at Lesbian Caucus group on Facebook

I will not stop this fight, but neither will I use my 'real name' online. NO. My real name has been out there, in now TWO communities REALTIME where I took this stance, two communities I highly value. The first community, when I took this stance and said: 'this woman to woman organization should NOT be changed to accomodate FTM's, those who want to transition to male, and make that choice, because the FOCUS of it is by and FOR women' I was set up, entirely villified, almost lost my precious relationship, the nastiest backstabbing stuff, lies, distortions and ugliness drummed up from my past, or about me, or complete untruths, that essentially I left that community, that same hurt you have H., is the same hurt within me, this is completely REALTIME. The second community is my women's spirituality community, and it's this year they've been trying to recruit trans to come, and publicizing the change in policy. I had to fight hard to at least keep MY workshops for WBW only, when most of the board opposed my point of view, and barely conceded it to me. I will NOT teach my Amazon Mysteries to the born male. And I still was villifed and ugly things said about me, and other Radical Lesbians and Lesbian Separatists who opposed giving up the focus of our Sacred WBW space, and much of it I'm sure was informed by the Pantheacon debate, Z Budapest, Rabbit, Ruth Barrett and others who taught strictly Dianic Wicca for WBW. And they were HORRIBLY villified through the Pagan press as a result by the trans block and trans supporters, for the WBW policy of Dianic Wicca(in the exact same way Michfest is). Not only that, one workshop that was done at the last Pantheacon, the trans and their supporters formed a gauntlet that any woman would have had to have gone through to attend Z's self blessing ritual.......we keep trying to reach out to likeminded others, but why should we do it in back alleys, back doors, in secret apartments, and basically back in the closet? NO. If everyone else can be out of the closet so can we...and while I agree with you and Ch. who have been longtime voices FOR WBW space,that we need to attract women to our cause rather than scare them away, I DO agree with that....we also need to defend our territory as well, and our spaces from cooptation.....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Important article beautifully written by Max Dashu, on Naming the Sacred, that is Naming Her Female!


That Which Is Sacred by Max Dashu
June 30, 2012
tags: Afrashe Asungi, Attukal Amma, Bhagavati, Mago, Max Dashu, Neith, Tonantzin, Wisdom Scroll
by Guest Contributor

"We are going through a huge cultural shift toward restoring the female to her full radiance. However you want to define that, it is rising now, through us.

That which is Sacred, what should we call it? We’ve been told to name it he, him, his. That it was blasphemy to do otherwise, to say she, even as they desecrated the Divine with comparisons to mortal overlords, those cruel masters, despoliators, persecutors. No. Reconsider. That fearful address to an authoritarian punisher takes us far from true reverence. Rather revere the roots of Being, manifesting in all Nature around us, within us. The profound silence, and the Deep calling to the Deep.

Deeply I go down into myself. My god is Dark and like a webbing

made of a hundred roots that drink in silence. ― Rainer Maria Rilke

There are myriad emanations of the indescribable Source, but Goddess women call it she, as medicine to what they have forbidden in us, to us. That Shakti, the effulgence that pours through all living beings, including the rocks. The Shekhinah, the ever-flowing waters of Nummo, of Anahid. The Tao that is “the mother of whatever exists under the sky, upon whom myriads of beings depend for their birth and existence,” as the Dao De Jing says.

“The Universe is the Goddess. She is not separate from it, She did not create it and then let it be. She is what is, what was, and what will be.”1 So the Kemetic people praised Neith, Mother of the Neteru, on her great temple at Sa in the Nile Delta. Inscribed magnificats exalt her in some of the greatest spiritual literature of the world:

Neith, Mother of the Neteru

Greater is her name than of all gods and goddesses

The primordial One, eldest of the primeval gods

She who made that which is

She who created that which exists…

Who gave birth to Ra,

Who brought forth in primeval time herself,

Never having been created.

But not all wisdom is written. In Colombia, the Kogi have passed down oral traditions about the Mother of Songs who bore all kinds of people in the beginning.

She is the mother of the thunder, the mother of the rivers, the mother of trees and of all kinds of things. She is the mother of songs and dances. She is the mother of the older brother stones. She is the mother of the grain and the mother of all things. … She alone is the mother of things, she alone… 2

The Nahuatl litanies of Mexico are resonant with the same majesty : In teteu inan, in teteu itah, in huehuetéotl. “Mother of the gods, father of the gods, the Old Spirit.” 3

So much confusion has been sown about Goddess reverence. Even the word “goddess” is contested today. It’s considered blasphemy by the Abrahamic religions that define religion for billions of people. In popular culture it has been totally desacralized, stripped down, and trivialized. People talk about a pop star as a “sex goddess” or diva—which means “goddess” in Italian, but is now used to describe performers with overinflated egos. “Goddess” has no cultural standing in mainstream society, except as a negative. Few people are conversant with the rich and ancient history of goddess reverence. Instead they see press reports about finds of an “8000-year-old sex goddess.”

Not many people understand what spiritual feminists mean when we speak of Goddess or goddesses. Many, probably most of us, conceive of

Spider Grandmother, detail from the Wisdom Scroll (Max Dashu, 2001)

Goddess and the Sacred Woman as a continuum, encompassing living beings, spirits, ancestors, essences, qualities and vast governing principles like Maat, Tao, and Wyrd—Fate being another name for divine Law, the Way. We see parallels in the pagan Gothic Halioruna (“holy mystery”) and the Great Mystery of aboriginal North America. For us Nature is holy, ultimate Reality, and the fount of wisdom.

That there are Mysteries does not necessarily lead to the mystification practiced in authoritarian institutions. Our reverence has nothing in common with abasement, or the submission demanded by hierarchies and their doctrines. It flows toward what is valued and admired, what causes awe: a rushing river, wind moving through a great forest, the fire-patterns in embers. It is roused by powerful music and beautiful art, incantation and drumming and dance. There we enter into the Presence where knowing and healing come, into connection, wholeness, the Center.

We have deists and atheists and polytheists and panentheists among us, and adherents to many majoritarian religions too. Each aspires to follow the deepest truth she can uncover within herself. For that reason there are many different approaches: some pray, some invoke, some take the deities as symbols, others as beings, or as Being. Others ride the currents of mystic bewilderment, recognizing the impossibility of condensing their experiences into language.

We affirm the long-reviled Female, now expanding out of ancient cultural confinements. In her liberation males will be transfigured too. There is room for the gods, without the taint of lordship and oppression, and for co-gendered expressions of the Sacred. In the ultimate sense gender is ephemeral, and in a just world it would not matter, but we live in a world that is severely out of balance, afflicted with male domination to a high degree. So in our invocations it is She, as Afrashe Asungi says, the Divine She. As Judy Grahn has chanted for us, She, She Who.

Many say that this She is found in our own inner spark, a microcosm of the entire Vastness, and a gateway to it. We say She rather than It, rejecting the impersonal object in favor of a numinous and melodic approach to consciousness. In the same spirit, many of us say Goddess rather than “the Goddess,” which carries a sense of A Thing or Idea rather than Essence and Presence. However she is understood (and whether she is experienced in body-knowing or relational or conceptual ways) we address what we hold sacred through this mirror of Goddess. We know this will create a profound transformative impact on the patriarchal world we live in. The opening of cultural doors that have been slammed shut and tightly locked up, in some places for millennia, is momentous and hugely significant.

Andean Medicine Women. Detail from Lifegivers of Tahuantinsuyu (Max Dashu, 1984)

Women’s recognition of our mythic exile is powering a widespread impulse to revive and restore Goddess culture. Longing for a female face of the Divine is pouring forth from diverse cultural directions: women of European descent who feel cut off from their pagan roots by a long history of compulsory Christianity; Jewish women reclaiming the Shekhinah, and some the ancient goddess Asherah as well; African-Americans reaching for the pre-captivity sacraments of their ancestors, and sometimes back to ancient Egyptian wisdom; Koreans bringing forth Mago, Puertorriqueñas remembering Atabey, and Mexicanas affirming la Guadalupana as Our Mother Tonantzin.

Invoking the names and images of Goddess answers a deep hunger in women, and among a growing number of men, to restore balance, for justice and truth. This longing is felt beyond pagan circles. It’s a call, a cry mounting from women within the majoritarian religions, a movement that transcends traditional religious boundaries. A great expansion is opening, from the nuns who won’t be silenced, women in the gathering Islamic reformation, all the overturnings of decreed female inconsequence, of patriarchal frameworks and hierarchies, in the flowering of an interfaith movement centered in love, not authority.

The world’s largest female ceremony, Pongala, is carried out annually in Kerala, India. A million women assemble to boil rice porridge for the goddess Attukal Amma, Bhagavati. In this massive Goddess event, women of all religions and castes make offering and blessings together, in a spirit of reverence, sisterhood, and generosity. 4 We are going through a huge cultural shift toward restoring the female to her full radiance. However you want to define that, it is rising now, through us." -By Max Dashu

Here's my reaction to a post on 'The Future of Pagan Gatherings: Virtual or Local?'


Huge festivals, except Michfest, don't really appeal to me, the way smaller ones that are more focussed are. I'm interested in a women only environment when I ritual, and preferably a natural one. It doesn't appeal to me to gather in a hotel one iota, in a city environment. For a mixed event, something both natural and citified, a smaller event like Berkeley Pagan Pride is enjoyable to me, maybe something in a local greenbelt park, like up in the Oakland/Berkeley Hills. I like the grassroots too, not the whole worship of 'big names' that goes on with gathering/festival circuits.

I know there are those that swear by Starhawk's 1500 strong Spiral Dance, and while I've enjoyed watching them on video/youtube, or others telling me their enjoyment of them, that is way too much energy for me, and too impersonal. I want something with more personal connection, and a 100-200 womon Spiral Dance is more than enough for me!

Burning Man fascinates me, and I'm glad people can go somewhere's and be their artistic Pagan selves, but like was mentioned above at Stonehenge, so many just go for a big drunk/drug fest and to get laid by as many people as possible. I'm all for: 'all acts of Love and Pleasure are My rituals' but so much of this is just about one big party/celebration and less about spiritual connections, community and Goddess, and EXPANDING those connections throughout the year, not just for that one event. My question is "how do such events fit into our daily lives and continue our deep connections through ritualling with one another in community? Not just for that one time a year, but THROUGHOUT the year. How do we keep the energy going?"

I have had no desire to go to Pantheacon. Raise all that energy in a mixed environment but have no Nature to connect with afterwards to ground? At least when I went to Michigan Womyn's Music Festival one year, and LED a large ritual of 200 womyn for the Full Moon, afterwards I spent an hour alone grounding as the Moon rose, connecting with Nature in that meadow we had just done the ritual on!

I like the idea of Land and Sanctuary, and CONNECTING with Nature in myriad ways, as well as with each other, and weaving the Tribes together in a REAL way, not just a virtual one! Yes, put your money where your mouth is, and KEEP IT GREEN(and I don't mean just $)!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quote from Bell Hooks and our Female Connection at the deepest levels!

‎"We understand that political solidarity between females expressed in sisterhood goes beyond positive recognition of the experiences of women and even shared sympathy for common suffering. Feminist sisterhood is rooted in shared commitment to struggle against patriarchal injustice, no matter the form that injustice takes. Political solidarity between women always undermines sexism and sets the stage for the overthrow of patriarchy." --bell hooks

Made me think of my sisters! :)
  • .

    • Feisty Amazon It's so much deeper than that, so much deeper. It goes to our flesh, our bodies, our biomorphic field of energy we can raise together, our innate FEMALE WILDNESS AND POWER. Not just the way that women have been victimized to come togehter, but the way we can so deeply, magically, and soulfully EMPOWER EACH OTHER TOGETHER, THROUGH RITUAL, SONG, DANCE, MUSIC, MARTIAL ARTS AND ENERGY, INCLUDING SEXUAL ENERGY APPROPIATELY USED!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Link to Disabled Lesbian film site in response to NGLTF event


Disabled Lesbian Discrimination by National Gay & Lesbian Task Force as well as their overall dismissal of Lesbian issues as a whole

My partner is the third disabled Lesbian I've been with, and I've known Patty Overland for many years, she was my first Bay Area partner's ex, when we met...though she was always friendly with her(Mary Gennoy). Also I know Patty has been supportive of the Butch group, when it went to Pacific Center. I"ve known many Disabled Bay Area Lesbians throughout the years, and admire their activism, despite the daily struggles they go through to thrive and survive.

I find this situation absolutely disgusting, but there is a larger issue of basic Lesbian noninclusion, and Lesbians threatened to girlcott Creating Change this past year, because there were NO Lesbian specific workshops for bio female Lesbians, except one for Old Lesbians. So, because of the threat of girlcotting, they had ONE other Lesbian workshop for the overall Lesbian community called "Lesbian Caucus". Out of that developed a 600 strong Lesbian Caucus Facebook group with intelligent and thought provoking conversations, as well as a Google presence. I have really enjoyed this group. They have dialogued with Sue Hyde(Lesbian sellout with Creating Change) on if there would be a suite for Lesbians at Creating Change, when so many other communities within the alphabet soup get their space. There were at least 20 trans workshops. So, this is a community wide shut out. That political hack, Sue Troutman sounds just like Sue Hyde when confronted with noninclusion of Lesbians and their issues, same ole smooth talking b.s. With Lesbian "sisters" like that, who needs enemies?

This is something as WBW Lesbians, whether Disabled, Butch, Racial Minority, Working Class or any other Lesbian aspect we must confront these political smooth operators with.

NGLTF does NOT represent the Lesbian community overall...this woman is a typical NGLTF politico hack with no sincerity whatsoever. I know both Patty and some of the others involved in this video. All one would need is two heavy pieces of plywood to get in that house! I thought at first they'd have to go up those stairs! It's disgusting. Not only that, but their fundraisers are so expensive oftentimes that most working class Lesbians cannot afford their event, and this year Lesbians threatened to girlcott the Creating Change conference because there were NO Lesbian workshops exclusively BY AND FOR Lesbians, except one Older Lesbian meeting. So, one meeting called 'Lesbian Caucus' was held and out of that, 600 Lesbians signed up on the Lesbian Caucus Facebook site, threatening to continue the girlcott unless NGLTF began addressing Lesbian issues and holding Lesbian workshops for bio female(wbw) Lesbians. There were something like 20 trans workshops, many gay male ones, and more generic ones as well. Even Lesbians like Sue Hyde in leadership at Creating Change did NOT address the Lesbian Caucus issues, and there is still ongoing dialogue with our group and NGLTF in holding workshops that take Lesbian issues into account, whether they be issues for Lesbians of Color, Disabled Lesbians, Butch Lesbians or the general overall WBW Lesbian community. There always will be Lesbian sellouts when they get these cushy movement jobs, who have gotten theirs, or who have money and comfort at the expense of their less fortunate Dyke Sisters. I find this DISGUSTING, and it's one reason I HAVE NOT contributed to NGLTF in years, because they dont' represent wbw Lesbian interests, much less Disabled Lesbian interests as well. This situation could have EASILY BEEN amended by just a few good construction carpenter Dykes of which there are plenty in the community, or community members that would have made sure the plywood was heavy enough to hold the wheelchairs(5/8" thick, probably no problem, 4ft by 8ft, or cut down to appropiate size for the doorframes.) This was NOT an insurmountable issue! Geez, we're only talking 4-5", not a full staircase or two! I mean, after all what is REAL community supposed to be all about? Or is 'community' only for those willing to pay big bucks for it?????? Yep, that's it, don't include either Disabled or Working Class Dykes cuz we don't have the big bucks or the passing hetero lookgood!

It all comes down to economic privilege, and the question of what community really means. REAL community means WE TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER, NOT JUST THOSE WHO CAN EASILY AFFORD IT, or AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL!!

Bay Area Disabled Lesbians Discriminated Against By National Gay Lesbian Task Force

I KNOW some of these Lesbians, and it absolutely disgusts me that NGLTF would NOT accomodate them at an event that could have been made EASILY ACCESSIBLE without much fuss! What is the REAL MEANING OF COMMUNITY? Or are Lesbian voices just so easily dismissed even by other Lesbians in leadership at NGLTF? Talk about sellouts like this Sue Troutman, or by Sue Hyde in relation to Lesbian visibility needs overall!

I will update with my response to this in a moment.

"Females First" and for me "Butch Dykes First' which is the truth!

In response to bugbrennan's blog on:

This is about identifying as Females First, the usual Female issues are trotted out: abortions, pregnancy and access to birth control, while the latter issues that correlate to Butch Dykes are considered an 'identity group' and yet those issues could apply to all Females and especially those who don't conform to heterosexist female roles, I argue that it is as important to me to see MY issues represented as much as the issues that don't affect me personally first and foremost. I have no intention to get pregnant, practice birth control or have an abortion, while these ARE important issues to all who retain a working fertile female body, my sexuality is 100% Lesbian, and my first concern sexually for myself would be safe sex with anyone beyond my primary partner, and my ability to be treated equally in a world that completely invisibilizes my needs as a Butch Dyke Female, mostly, the ability to work, get and keep a steady job and make a living, be treated equally and fairly on that job, to move through the world without harassment, violence or threats or being made fun of by either men or hetero women for not conforming to their idea of patriarchal womonhood, ect. This does not just apply to a Sister Dyke like BugBrennan who I do greatly respect, but to how heterosexual women treat Butch Dykes, and constantly dismiss our issues, much less Lesbians who also dismiss some of our issues who can pass for straight. I just experienced all this at a yearly women's conference I attended this past weekend which I may go into further later on.

So here's my response to her blog:
"Wow, great post. But nonetheless as a Butch Dyke Female, it IS important I have a group representing who I am as a Butch Dyke FEMALE. And to have solidarity with other Butches who throw their lot in with all of womonkind, instead of escaping it as so many are pushing away the Female/woman label. Because when people talk of feminism and women’s rights, it always seems to be HETEROSEXUAL womens’ rights, abortion/prochoice, childraising, relationships to M E N, even though others may think they’re ‘Lesbians’ if they aren’t in their straitjacketed feminine roles and are advocating for other Females first and foremost. For us, as Lesbians it is necessary to do so for our survival. For us as Butch FEMALES it is even more necessary when literally Butches are being pushed out of the Female realm and identifying as male/genderqueer/ftm/trans but NOT as a woman, and where the word ‘woman’ in the queer community is seen as a dirtier and dirtier word, even though they are coming together in basically bio female to female sexual relationships. As Butches we are so often told by the straight world “you just want to be a man”, and now we are being told the same by the queer world: “you must be a man.”

I could say, ‘abortion is not really MY issue, it certainly isn’t my primary issue” and that is totally true. Access to equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity, freedom from male violence and harassment and discrimination, as a Butch, as a woman and as a large woman are the biggest levels of discrimination I find in the outside world….first as a woman, but in that, other women are hired, and then I’m percieved as a large Butch woman….and they make an issue of my size, whereas with a guy they wouldn’t, and NEVER would they say because I’m a Butch Dyke, so which is it????It’s all three……sex, size, and sexual orientation/nonfeminine presentation…..the interplay of the three. Also I want the right to stay married to my Butch Dyke partner, and she works in an all female field and is hugely oppressed in opportunities, raises and advancement BECAUSE she is a Butch Dyke, BY OTHER HETEROSEXUAL FEMININE WOMEN!! We BOTH
suffer in the workplace, access to work in the first place(getting hired, me), her in advancement, raises, being treated fairly and opportunities BECAUSE OF BEING BUTCH LESBIANS….

So, for a feminism that works for me, I don’t want to be lumped in with straight women issues, except as pertains to ALL women/females moving ahead. I WANT MY issues taken as seriously as straight women have their issues taken. And it is one reason that Black Feminists and Black Lesbians started their own womanist movement to have their particular issues addressed as well. So if the personal is political and the political is personal, there has to be a two way flow with our commonalities AND our differences acknowledged and VALUED, because there are some of us as one kind or another as further minorities of womonhood that have the boot even harder on our necks, while other women who are more conventional and have more privilege do get the opportunities over us and get to move ahead, sometimes on our backs!"
-In Sisterhood,

Monday, May 7, 2012

On Separatism and the need for Separatist space.

At a meeting I was at today, I continue to fight for my WBW space, at least in regards to my workshops...but I'd prefer it overall at this event I attend yearly. One Dyke FELT she had to say, when I brought up the issue of our WBW identity and space, afterwards that she USED TO BE a big ole Dyke Separatist but no longer needed it, now that she's got a 24 year old male in her life, either her or probably her partner's son. One can have children in their lives, but STILL CRAVE womyn only or Dyke only space from time to time! And in fact our event is 5 days of womon only space, but unfortunately it no longer will be WBW space....

So here's Margaret Sloan-Hunter's short article on the NEED for Separate space, whether for Black Folks, Dykes, or Womyn! And yes, I used to know her, and admire her, and was very sad when that powerful big ole Butch Black Dyke passed! Enjoy!

-In Sisterhood,

P.S. You'll probably have to copy and paste the url to go to it....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Z Budapest's WBW Dianic Ritual and 3 Crones as observers and protectors outside it holding the space, at Pantheacon 2012

Ok, so this is another's blog, and I'm giving her full credit for it, but for those who feel strongly about retaining our WBW Dianic ritual space, here is a well known Butch Radical Feminist Lesbian whose been lifelong a fixture in the womyn's spirituality community, a Wisewomon, a Sage, a researcher and an Elder.


You will have to copy and paste the url above to your line and it will take you right to the blog on this issue. Thanks to Max Dashu for her clear thinking on these very difficult times and issues we hold dear to our hearts.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

"When Lesbians Define Lesbian!" By Bess Hungerford

I so liked this definition and stand by it in my heart and soul, that I HAD to include it on my blog, with full permission from the author. So enjoy Dykes!-MasterAmazon

"When Lesbians define Lesbian(!), we have a shared understanding that NO PENIS is involved. “No penis” goes without saying because attraction to physical traits (not gender presentation) is inherent to Lesbians’ definition of Lesbian. I can easily prove this by reference to the Lesbian tradition of butch/femme. Lesbians, as a class, do not have a problem accepting gender non-conformity in our ranks, thank you very much. You might even say that Butch Lesbians wrote the book on gender non-conformity. So this queer misinterpretation of ‘Lesbian’ as a GENDER preference belies one’s ignorance of Lesbian history, community, and our relationship to gender. Lesbians are attracted to female bodies, not the feminine gender.

Further, in addition to suggesting that we are confused about what our own sexuality means, you demand that Lesbians change the way we talk so as not to “insult” any male bodied persons with penises who believe that their subjectively asserted “gender identity” gives them license to claim entry to our Lesbian community and identity. This is not Lesbians’ responsibility. This is not Lesbians’ error. It is “queer feminism”‘s error. It is not millions of Lesbians with decades– even centuries– of history who should change our knowledge of each other in order to avoid insulting the “gender identities” of penised people who want access to us. It is penised people who must stop arrogantly colonizing “Lesbian.” We are not bigots, transphobic, or politically regressive for maintaining CONCEPTUAL boundaries around our Lesbian identity. It is our RIGHT." -Bess Hungerford

Friday, March 16, 2012

Check out this blog, and you will understand my commentary:

MasterAmazon: This is why on one of my groups they HATE I use the term “This group is for BIO FEMALES ONLY” and I got one transapologist(bio female) go on and on how much better it is to use the term ‘Cis’ while we get accused of ‘cissexist and cisgender privilege’….well, for THIS Butch Dyke, I get NO so called “cisgender privilege’, because being Butch negates all that! So, on one hand I’m bio female, Female,Butch, and Dyke Proud, but on the other hand, I do NOT benefit from feminine heterosexual or passing for heterosexual or feminine female privilege…which is what in their minds ‘cisgender’ means, cuz they’re ALWAYS trying to put us Butches into the trans camp and put us out of womanhood and put themselves into it….and while I personally believe Lesbians (100% Dykes) don’t need birth control for ANY reason, being we DON’T have sex with men(otherwise you’re bisexual/pansexual), Lesbians CAN be impregnated, by choice or by force(sexual assault). By choice, as in artificial insemination or the biological method. Instinctively ALL bio females on some level, especially because of male violence, fear impregnation, and that INCLUDES Lesbians…..and NEVER does one single trans’woman’ have to EVER worry about impregnation…..not now, NOT EVER! So they can ignore the abortion/pro-choice debate altogether. Even though this is not a primary issue for me, being a 100% Dyke, I cannot ignore it, because if women are forced to bring all babies to term, or cannot use various forms of birth control (as this set of Republican candidates is threatening), ALL BIO FEMALE WOMEN have to fear for their sexual and physical safety.

This is something NO MTF EVER has to worry about, or concern themselves with if they don’t want to, and can continue to obssess on the glamorous forms of feminine womanhood, or their sexual access to Lesbians, but they don’t have to work one iota to our full sexual and biological freedom as bio females, since it doesn’t concern them on a genetic, bone and blood deep level….

-In Sisterhood,

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Definition of Feminism

I like this quote by Rebecca Whisnant because it is very clear and focussed. Though I may not agree with all of her article, I found it thought provoking and informative. -M.A.

"The resistance movement of and for women, against patriarchy, is called feminism, and its strength depends significantly on the cogency of the political analysis that underlies it." -Rebecca Whisnant

I also liked: "One claim central to second-wave radical feminism is that women are a class sharing a common condition." -Rebecca Whisnant

And: "Feminism is about ending the subordination of women. Expanding women’s freedom of choice on a variety of fronts is an important part of that, but it is not the whole story. In fact, any meaningful liberation movement involves not only claiming the right to make choices, but also holding oneself accountable for the effects of those choices on oneself and on others."-Rebecca Whisnant

The article is here: http://saidit.org/archives/jun06/article5.html

-In Sisterhood,

On Being a Lesbian: My response to noanodyne's blog

Thank you noanodyne for saying what you've said above: it is EXACTLY how I feel about being Lesbian: I worship the Sacred Female from the sexual to the spiritual and on EVERY LEVEL inbetween: emotional, intellectual, psychic, ect....that I see everything through Lesbian eyes, whether it be sacred sexuality between myself and another Dyke, or it be worshipping the Goddess/Sacred Female and seeing Her presence in another womon, and wanting to be in the company of strong Amazonian Lesbian centered womyn who LOVE women, and love THEMSELVES AS WOMYN.

It is our revolutionary capacity to 'see into the Background' and another way of being, than the malestream and those who identify with it, will allow us to be. I too feel that Michfest and womyn's land, and womyn's ritual space is my home....and so often I feel lost, cut off and sad in the malestream world, and these days, in the 'queer' world as well, with so many wanting to transition to male, it hurts me to my core, to my soul. It is so hard to find this affirmation, as our spaces have gotten rarer and rarer and our Lesbian businesses and bookstores and isles of sanity have disappeared. I LOVE what you've written above, and it affirms how I feel that Lesbianism is my FULL LIFE PATH, it is my sexuality, it is my spirituality, it is my whole Being and how I see the world....so much more than those coming out now even have a clue of....and why they wonder why we defend our spaces so strongly against incursion, those of us who have been lifelong Dykes, and cannot be any other way!
-In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

LESBIAN: More than just a sexuality!!!!!

I'm a Lesbian EVERY SINGLE DAY. Lesbianism is my religion, my spirituality, my sexuality, my sexual orientation, my sex, and my outlook on life. Everything I see, I see with Lesbian eyes. I worship the Sacred Female from the sexual to the spiritual and on every level inbetween, emotional, intellectual, psychological, and psychic levels too.
-In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,

The Magic of Days on Lesbian positive Womyn's Land like Michfest: From my post on 'Lesbian Caucus' on Facebook

This has been the problem. So many young women into 'queer' space, don't understand the real POWER of days of being in womon only, dyke positive or dyke centered space...it is so empowering, it is beyond anything you've ever experienced, cuz even Dyke March has men and others crashing it all the time....when you are in strictly womon only space, your heart opens, you become sensitive to psychic powers(at least for me while on Land)that are so often repressed in the patriarchal city environments, because you can open up in a way you never have before because you dont' have to put all that energy into looking over your shoulder for your personal protection...it frees you up psychically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually in a way that cannot be explained unless in that presence of womon power for days on end...and you will not want to leave. It is indeed, Amazon Nation, and a slice of what Matriarchy could be like...

Monday, February 6, 2012

A New Way to Be Mad - The Atlantic

A New Way to Be Mad - The Atlantic

Important article, for much of what we are discussing about the trans movement, and is it made by the psychiatrists by too much attention or what? Parallels between 'transdisabled' and 'transgender/transsexual'.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Femaleness: It is of Mind, Body and Spirit and cannot be bought or sold

THANK YOU BADDYKE...you are BADDDDD! LOVE IT! What a discussion....and embodying being Female, or in my case, a Butch DykeAmazon Female, hearkening back to the original 'jenda' defying Ancient Amazons, since they DARED to do things other Females weren't allowed to do, like use weapons, defend themselves, be the aggressive ones in a relationship, rather than passive, lead as Queens over cities, or lead in a military campaign, worship Female dieties, all the rest of the autonomous things they did and set examples to the rest of us that Female goes so much further, and can be so much greater than what male dominated societies allows or disallows Females from doing...because embodying Femaleness in all stripes and forms, is of the Mind, the Body and the Spirit..and it is THAT that I crave. Whether you consider me an 'essentialist' or not, I do not give a hoot....because there IS a Sacred Energy I continually feel in the presence of strong, powerful Females, and especially Dykes, but not exclusively, in born FEMALE space, that I NEVER feel in mixed space, and that includes when even one born male crashes that space, which includes MTF's.....

Call it a biomorphegenic Female Field of Power, call it an Amazon City, Town, Circle or Nation, call it a Circle of Witches honoring Goddess, call it Lesbians honoring one another, call it Female mysteries and secrets...any and ALL of these things when women claim their true physical, mental and spiritual power, NO MTF will EVER understand or be able to embody it. It has nothing to do with 'femininity', it has to do with the embodied Female IN her body AS a Female, from birth. Both nature and nurture....and sadly, FTM's want to walk away from that, or have NEVER found this empowered secret in Female only space, where one's heart opens, as mine did when I first came out...when I first went to my first Women's and Lesbian ritual circles, when I first went to Michfest and other womyn's lands....

So MANY have NEVER BEEN in truly Female only groups/events because nowadays everything has been queerified..and I'm not talking femmy coffee clatches like straight women do, but the deep deep diversity of womonhood I found especially at Michfest, from high femme in boots and corsets, body paint or naked and feather boas, to very hardcore hirsute Butches that almost passed as male, but with true powerful Female DykeAmazon souls...the protectors of womyn, the truly invisible Dykes, invisible womyn, but the ones who can watch out for us as well..who only could FULLY express themselves in the company of women. It is these Butches that are now under attack by transapologists who tell them shit like "You'd be a good candidate for transition", threatening to take away their Female Souls...cuz if it's not 'biological determinism', who wages war continually for testosterone fueled aggression and profit, and who leads the Peace Marches? It goes right down sex lines...

This does NOT mean Females should be denied ANY trade, any opportunity, from working in construction, to going out into space, but that we bring a humanity, a caring to an environment, a socialization that men do not....and we look down the road to how that will affect others, that compassion, that cooperation..instead of the typical competitive male dominanted violent world we live in..so toxified we cannot even acknowledge the differences and what women could bring to this world if we TRULY loved ourselves in all our glory, however we present, and if we were truly, truly unified...that NO young woman who doesn't feel she 'fits in' would feel ANY pressure to take hormones, have surgeries or the rest, or 'pass' as male for safety, for opportunities, for empowerment, or to be seen as acceptable. That ALL opportunities would be available to her, should she want them. We ARE different, and yet we ARE also fully capable at the same time. Because we are beings that embody our sex, our hormones, our brains all in one, in mind, body and spirit...and it is NOT something that can be bought and sold at the pharmacy or the medical table.

And to 'get' that sex is actually completely a different thing from sex role conditioning and expectation, THAT is the true 'binary'...which is what limits us in all our powers.