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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Femaleness: It is of Mind, Body and Spirit and cannot be bought or sold

THANK YOU BADDYKE...you are BADDDDD! LOVE IT! What a discussion....and embodying being Female, or in my case, a Butch DykeAmazon Female, hearkening back to the original 'jenda' defying Ancient Amazons, since they DARED to do things other Females weren't allowed to do, like use weapons, defend themselves, be the aggressive ones in a relationship, rather than passive, lead as Queens over cities, or lead in a military campaign, worship Female dieties, all the rest of the autonomous things they did and set examples to the rest of us that Female goes so much further, and can be so much greater than what male dominated societies allows or disallows Females from doing...because embodying Femaleness in all stripes and forms, is of the Mind, the Body and the Spirit..and it is THAT that I crave. Whether you consider me an 'essentialist' or not, I do not give a hoot....because there IS a Sacred Energy I continually feel in the presence of strong, powerful Females, and especially Dykes, but not exclusively, in born FEMALE space, that I NEVER feel in mixed space, and that includes when even one born male crashes that space, which includes MTF's.....

Call it a biomorphegenic Female Field of Power, call it an Amazon City, Town, Circle or Nation, call it a Circle of Witches honoring Goddess, call it Lesbians honoring one another, call it Female mysteries and secrets...any and ALL of these things when women claim their true physical, mental and spiritual power, NO MTF will EVER understand or be able to embody it. It has nothing to do with 'femininity', it has to do with the embodied Female IN her body AS a Female, from birth. Both nature and nurture....and sadly, FTM's want to walk away from that, or have NEVER found this empowered secret in Female only space, where one's heart opens, as mine did when I first came out...when I first went to my first Women's and Lesbian ritual circles, when I first went to Michfest and other womyn's lands....

So MANY have NEVER BEEN in truly Female only groups/events because nowadays everything has been queerified..and I'm not talking femmy coffee clatches like straight women do, but the deep deep diversity of womonhood I found especially at Michfest, from high femme in boots and corsets, body paint or naked and feather boas, to very hardcore hirsute Butches that almost passed as male, but with true powerful Female DykeAmazon souls...the protectors of womyn, the truly invisible Dykes, invisible womyn, but the ones who can watch out for us as well..who only could FULLY express themselves in the company of women. It is these Butches that are now under attack by transapologists who tell them shit like "You'd be a good candidate for transition", threatening to take away their Female Souls...cuz if it's not 'biological determinism', who wages war continually for testosterone fueled aggression and profit, and who leads the Peace Marches? It goes right down sex lines...

This does NOT mean Females should be denied ANY trade, any opportunity, from working in construction, to going out into space, but that we bring a humanity, a caring to an environment, a socialization that men do not....and we look down the road to how that will affect others, that compassion, that cooperation..instead of the typical competitive male dominanted violent world we live in..so toxified we cannot even acknowledge the differences and what women could bring to this world if we TRULY loved ourselves in all our glory, however we present, and if we were truly, truly unified...that NO young woman who doesn't feel she 'fits in' would feel ANY pressure to take hormones, have surgeries or the rest, or 'pass' as male for safety, for opportunities, for empowerment, or to be seen as acceptable. That ALL opportunities would be available to her, should she want them. We ARE different, and yet we ARE also fully capable at the same time. Because we are beings that embody our sex, our hormones, our brains all in one, in mind, body and spirit...and it is NOT something that can be bought and sold at the pharmacy or the medical table.

And to 'get' that sex is actually completely a different thing from sex role conditioning and expectation, THAT is the true 'binary'...which is what limits us in all our powers.

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