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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, March 29, 2010

On Being an Amazon

On another list I'm on, a young lesbian woman who is small of stature asked if she could consider herself an Amazon, even though she's small. To me, it doesn't matter what size or height you are. There are men who fetishize tall women who are tuff, and that has NOTHING to do with what a true Amazon is.

Here's my response:

Height has nothing to do with it, who we are inside our soul and our expression in the outer world taking up our space, power, strength not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well as working towards the empowerment of all women throughout the world, building Amazon sisterhood and going wherever we DARE to go doing whatever we dare to do without regards to men or their opinions, THAT is what makes up an Amazon, that and knowing how to kick ass either physically, mentally, psychically or all three when we must. One of the strongest Amazons I've known was my ex who was 4 foot 6 inches and took up her space wherever she went, expressed her opinion and took no shit. She was a LeatherDyke, a Witch and an Amazon, and NOBODY would silence her! She taught me alot! I brought her out into leather, and she brought me further into Wicca, we shared skills, and both definitely Amazons. She also struggled with multiple disabilities, and now she's roaring on the other side.....Yes it IS a Sisterhood, and no, it's not merely a myth....that's the patriarchal viewpoint. WE EXIST, and if you're truly an Amazon inside, you'll know, and you're not alone.

Also check out www.AmazoNation.com

-In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Too Butch to be Fucked?" Quoted from Dirt's Blog and my response

I have felt this is too important a subject to pass up, so therefore I'm quoting it
in my blog, particularly my responses, and one other's response to me, and mine to her. I am using initials or truncated names for a level of anonymity.

March 19, 2010 2:10 PM
MasterAmazon said...
I've NEVER been too Butch to fuck or be fucked. I like both. Maybe that's why I'm Butch on Butch. But even when I had a Femme lover, after making love to her, or at another time, I wanted also for her to touch me. My orgasm is as valuable as anybody else's, and I CRAVE attention to my Sacred Yoni, as much as I crave giving attention to another Dyke's Sacred Yoni, whether she be Butch or Femme.

I've never understand that whole bullshit that the only REAL Butch is a Stone Butch. To me, a Stone Butch are the ones right on the way to transitioning to FTM, and many, many have. Maybe not all, but they were the first wave of Butches who do, because of precisely this shame.

Now, if I'm into more casual encounters as a Top, I might not want to be touched sexually by other womyn, outside my primary relationship. I simply get too vulnerable. When I let go, and allow myself to be made love to whether it be with fingers/hand or oral sex, or both, it is a very intense experience for me, and something these days I want to only share with she who truly loves me, because I DO get very vulnerable. I'm not giving that to just anybody anymore. When I was younger, I did, because I was always so horny and passionate.

NOw my passions are deeper, and my vulnerability much greater to the surface, as well as the effects of being perimenopausal so it takes longer.

Sometimes I find it easier to give than recieve, but the Goddess of Passion, Uzume, Baubo, Shakti, won't allow me to hold out forever....I go in heat, and must be satisfied. Physically satisfying another won't do it for me, I also must recieve. I'm just not wanton about it, like I was in the past, in my 20's, 30's, early 40's.

I'm ALL for Butch Passion, and Butches recieving pleasure as well as giving it. I'm neither for a Stone phenomena or pillow princess phenomena. To me that is damaged, that one can only give, and the other can only selfishly recieve. It need not be totally equal 100% of the time, we all have our particular proclivities, but neither do I think any Butch should deny her basic desires for the sake of an image.

I cannot tell you how many years I went orgasmless in many situations, giving out orgasms freely, but not recieving them in turn, for just this thing around Butch image......finally I said "To hell with it, I want MY passion too!"

-Here's to All Butches claiming their passion, and fuck what others think!

March 22, 2010 3:01 AM
ucp said...
"Too Butch to Fuck?" HAHAHAHA!!! Love the title.

"Butch sexuality is the ONLY sexuality whereby the person is systematically shamed out of their sexuality in order to maintain their identity! It is an either or position. Either you are Butch with a dysfunctional sexuality that isn't much spoken of or you have a healthy sexuality and you arent a real Butch."

AMEN, Dirt! Butches are very much SHAMED out of their sexuality. I recently had an offline convo with a bitch about her Stoneness; it bothered me that being Stone is cool (it's just body hatred, same as my hibernating eating disorder). This is part of the reason why I won't claim FEMME-- I love butches but I want to FUCK my partner. In fact, I insist! A woman who won't let me touch her is not a woman I can enjoy having sex with. It stifles passion and intimacy. It makes ME feel that I'm foolish not to guard myself more closely.

Thank you for taking this on. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on the systemic conditioning of butch body hatred and how it affects lesbian sexuality.

March 23, 2010 3:34 AM
Femme A. said...
Firstly, MA coming from a desire that is not strictly invested in a/the Butch/Femme dynamic has given you sexual experiences that few Butch/Femme devoted Butches allow or are given permission or a safe space to explore. Within the realms of Butch/Femme, there are restrictions, hierarchies, prejudices, definitions, re-definitions and a policing of all of the above, which does not exist in other lesbian space such that occupied by butch-on-butch interactions. Dirt is speaking specifically about the difficulty of negotiating sex as a Butch within the Butch/Femme world. As a Femme 100% devoted to Butches, I’ve seen what rigidity and policing can and has done to Butch womyn. The very sad reality is the worst crimes are committed by those within Butch/Femme communities that claim to support Butch identity and sexuality.

Ucp, your comment:
"this is part of the reason why I won't claim FEMME-- I love butches but I want to FUCK my partner. In fact, I insist! A woman who won't let me touch her is not a woman I can enjoy having sex with".

You have every right to claim Femme and just because you like to Fuck, does not make you any less of a Femme. I am a proud Femme and have shared great pleasure in Fucking, licking and sucking Butch womyn that have invited me to do so. Didn’t make me any less Femme and certainly didn’t make them any less Butch.


March 24, 2010 2:05 PM
MasterAmazon said...
First off, I have to say, I do understand the Butch/Femme dynamic. My last partnership of 5 and 1/2 years was with a Femme whom I lived with, loved at the time, and owned a house with, had friends over and entertained, and many things we did together. I never felt comfortable in the straitjacket of classic Butch/Femme dynamics as dictated by ANY Lesbian community. In fact I think the straitjacket is worse these days because of all these fractured Lesbian microcommunities.

Most of my dynamic has been in the leatherworld, and I've known many a Femme Top who has had her lover up in a sling fucking her....as well as vice versa, having the Butch please her too when her time came. I've seen that reciprocity, and ditched long ago that the fuck is run by the Butch only, and that the Femme is submissive/receptive and only recieves and the Butch only gives. I've known simply too many Butch bottoms, enjoyed their services, and seen their Femme Tops enjoy their services as well.

I've known many Butches with a healthy receptive Butch sexuality, who enjoy both Butch on Butch sex, or Butch/Femme sex, or exclusively or primarily one or the other.

I've known more Butch Tops who prefer a primary Femme lover, which she is usually dominant or the more aggressive partner, and who may have Butch bottoms on the side, or as a delicacy. But NEVER primary. Alpha Butches I guess you'd call them.

For me, I've ALWAYS preferred Butch on Butch because I like the equalness of it...but there's ALWAYS been strong Femme exceptions to that rule, like my lover at the time of 5 and 1/2 years...I like STRONG Dykes of EITHER type....not 'scared to break their nail'type femmes....tuff girls.....there's nothing sexier to me....she can work with a hammer and around the garden and fix things, like my former partner could do, but she could also cook, dress to the nines, and fuck or be fucked. Versatility. Not straitjacketed by fixed roles or expectations.

I've been out for an incredibly long time, almost 30 years, and I've seen things change and become more fluid in these areas, and I'm GLAD for it...that we don't have to be relegated to Stoneness to 'prove' we're Butch, or a Butch Top, or ANY of it. All I care is that they're bio female, a Dyke, and care about some of the same things I care about, and ALL WOMON!
And yes, I'm a Capital B Butch!
Forever and Always in all ways!

March 27, 2010 4:01 AM

Capital B Butch...ALL THE WAY!

This is in response to Dirt claiming Capital B Butch for herself, and defining it narrowly....this is who I AM, and have been for almost 30 years, and actually beyond.....

I AM a Capital B Butch, always have been, always will be. My Butchness is NOT contingent on what type of Female partner I have, it is contingent on WHO I AM INSIDE! I have always been Butch, from the day I rejected dolls as age 7, to dresses at age 10, to never wanting to marry a man, or have a child at age 12, to being the first girl on the hockey team in the ENTIRE league at age 12 to getting into karate before many girls/women did at age 14....indeed a young Amazon who was unfeminine most of her whole young life...till coming out as a Butch Dyke at age 20!

It is not contingent on whether I fuck a Femme or a Butch or am fucked by a Femme or a Butch. I like both, I've always liked both, it's ALWAYS depended on the woman!
I prefer the company of women, especially strongly female centered Lesbian Dykey women, and yes, Sister Butches, and wild feral STRONG Femmes! Femmes who are obviously Dykey and don't pass for het in any way, whether they're punky, leathery, wear wild hair colors, or flowing Goddess robes or nothing at all!

In every way as a capital B Butch, I HUNT women...in the most positive way....and only womonflesh enlivens me. Sometimes I LOVE a Butch Dyke in a uniform...but I can also be just as easily turned on to a Femme womon with a big booty and high heeled leather boots or other leather garments...or a Femme with cleavage and a full breast to show...I HUNGER for Female flesh, and once stripped naked and up on the sling or in bed, it DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE WHETHER SHE'S BUTCH OR FEMME, only that she's available to me, and in the throes of passion....that she HONORS her passion and doesn't hold back because of shamed coulda woulda shouldas....whether it comes from patriarchy, the lesbian community, the leather community, the hetero community, or her own deep shame, whether SHE'S BUTCH OR FEMME. All I wanna know then is that SHE'S ALL WOMAN, AND PROUD OF THAT...AND THAT FOR HER, HER SEX IS SPIRITUAL!

And that's why I'm a Capital B Butch. I'm no softball Butch. I was kicking ass in karate class while the softball Butches were playing. We only hurt ourselves by continuing to label ourselves off of others, and to fracture our experiences, you're this, I'm that, we're ALL Dykes in this together, and attempting to overcome this shame. Just call me a Dyke Sexual Magician, my true Life's Work and Calling!

Why do I love being a Butch woman? A question from Preciocilla, and my answer....

Preciocilla Dyke Please: tell us why you love being a butch woman...

From MasterAmazon as quoted from Facebook Woman Identified Butch: Total freedom and room to be exactly who I am inside, my true Amazonian Self, which I've ALWAYS been, always have defied female roles and the imprisonment of them....like a wildflower, a feral girl grown up to be a feral woman and ALL DYKE, connected to women through my yoni and Goddess..in other words I worship the Sacred Female within and without....as a DykeAmazon....sexually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, spiritually and psychically...nothing like bonding with Sister DykeAmazons who don't hold themselves back from other Dykes/Womyn and are looking for a way of total power and freedom from within....getting back our natural intuitive psychic powers, which for me come from Mother Earth and the open presence of other strong, powerful womyn loving womyn....

Only as a Butch can I defy all that..but essentially it is who I am inside, and whom I've ALWAYS BEEN!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

To ALL Butches

YOU ARE FEMALE and BUTCH, the rawest, most untamed and wildest form of womonhood, and WE EXIST in ALL our power, beauty, and handsomeness, and we should be proud....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Keeping Fest for WBW, and why we no longer want to argue the point

Posted: 11 52010v 08 2006 Post subject:


Womyn2me wrote:
And that, my dears, is 5 pages of why I no longer want to talk about it anymore, and why I have actually become less interested in trans-inclusion outside of Fest as well.

I agree Womyn2me, a big waste of time, waste of breath. The truth is Michfest was created BY AND FOR WBW Lesbians in particular. Other bio female women liked the culture of Fest and stayed, because it honored their femaleness, and female power, after dealing with their men, or men in society. Lesbians felt and do feel honored by being able to be completely, totally OUT and in our FULL SEXUAL AND SPIRITUAL POWERS as Dykes and DykeAmazons, and DykeWitches, and Dyke Sex Magicians, as Butch Dykes and Femme Dykes, and every other kind of Dyke imaginable, fat, thin, inbetween, all ages, colors, ethnicities, believers in the Goddess..the Sacred Female, where we have a space HONORING that, and a 30 foot statue invoking that. Michfest IS an Amazon village, and like any other Amazon village, historical or present day, it is a space by and for women only and in particular women loving women only, meaning Dykes, or women who love women on SOME level, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, psychic or spiritual or all those levels combined. There is a magic to that land, an Amazon magic, a magic that does not accomodate Y chromosomes, only XX. A gate, psychic, physical, emotional....because WE KNOW that difference. Go join the Castrati, the eunuchs, the cult of Cybele, that is the cult for you, or the mysteries of Janus, the two sexed God/ess. But, not Michfest, which is Amazon territory, where the female born, in this era can have a truly safe refuge. We have our Priestesses and our Warriors, our Dancers and our Magicians, our Singers and Songwriters, and Poets, and Shamans, our Drummers and our Healers, our Visionaries and our Lovers, our Tradeswomyn and our Organizers, our Cooks and our Cleaners, we have all manner of women to sustain this Tribe for at least two months, culminating in the one big week. And to my death I will support bio female women only Lesbian centered Space. Michfest is the only place I've ever been where I was told "You are Home now", and I knew it..this Amazon Warrior could lay down her arms, and relax, and feel safe, even in themiddle of the night tripping through woods she did not know, terribly lost, but NOT afraid, because I KNEW that only womyn surrounded me, and that I WAS SAFE. There is no other woods I'd feel that safety(with the exception of EWF, a small women's festival compared to Michfest, but even there, the woods are very remote and dark, and there are animals; and men in other campgrounds, even if further away, and it's much more isolated in those woods, but I know them too.)

ONLY in born female space do I feel that level of safety. Only with my Tribe...the Tribe of Womyn, of Dykes, of Amazons, of Sister Witches....of all these things that Michfest has and represents...do I feel safe, and also in my smaller festival, where there are the same.....there is NOWHERE in the outside world I feel that way, not at Pride, not even at DykeMarch because it's so infiltrated not just with trans but M E N. There is nowhere else that honors Dykes the way Michfest does. And I glad it's Dyke run. Even the so called 'Lesbian' community is no longer so Lesbian anymore, and it's no longer safe for the likes of me....I'm always coming up against women hating their womonness...handsome Butches wanting to identify with and become men, or some yoyo male ego who claim's he's a woman, soley because of his femininity, cuz he has or hasn't cut off his cock, cuz he has hormone grown breasts, or speaks in a softer voice with the feminine appearance that has always so oppressed me..that faux feminininity of the male born. Proving he's 'more of a woman' than I, yes Bredna did say that.....'Butches are men', like we've been told 1000 times NO WE ARE NOT. A TRUE BUTCH is the rawest and most primal form of Wild Womonhood....the kind that cannot and will not be tamed or feminized..but yet she's ALL FEMALE!

Only bio females can bleed, and only bio females can have multiple orgasms so that's who I am, and what I chase...and what I honor, those fantastic multiorgasmic Beings who I share the sacred Blood Mysteries with...and that's something NO MALEBORN could ever, ever be or do.

-In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,