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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whose a Dyke, whose Female, and Don't call us 'Cis' and coopt us! In response to a post at Autostraddle on how 'cis' Lesbians should deal with trans 'women' in dating situations.

If you could care less about your partner’s genitals, then you are bi/pansexual or ‘queer’ in the modern sense. YOu are NOT Lesbian. Many of us Lesbians/Dykes WANT to ONLY BE SEXUAL with bio females that possess a Yoni, that they have worn all their lives. Call yourself queer, call yourself whatever, but if you sport a penis, a ‘ladystick’ or however else you want to call it, then you are NOT a Lesbian or a Female, no matter what your cosmetic appearance may be.
Every Lesbian I personally know only date/have sex with those who have possessed a Yoni/Vulva/Cunt/Vagina all their lives. I don’t care about infinite details of who possesses an XXY an XYY, or anything than a double XX chromosome, or any other infinitesmal detail that gets away from Dyke reality and being of lusting, loving and WANTING another Dyke/Lesbian whose been FEMALE all her life and possessed Female anatomy.
Cis is a hate word for us, it is NOT innocuous, and while so many in the trans movement engage in both Lesbophobia and often misogyny, they are not called upon it. Do not use Cis for us. While I have been born female, I have NEVER fit into ‘female roles’ or appropiate heterosexually defined ‘female gender roles’ am not ladylike, and have been tomboy graduated to hardcore Butch when I came out. So, no, I’m not ‘cis’ by YOUR definition. Nor do I want to transition to male, being Female Proud. Femaleness is innate, due to our biology and biomorphic BEING. It is Females I want to be around, to cavort, to ritual, to have sex with to connect with on ALL levels. It is patriarchal to INSIST we must have the born male in our midst at all times, or those who want to be male(FTM). And to keep calling us by a word we REJECT. WE get to define ourselves.
Not only have I talked to many Lesbians about this, I have talked to women of color and women of color Lesbians about this, and they feel similarly. They don’t want to be defined by white culture or the white man, and THAT is what you are doing when you keep INSISTING on calling us ‘cis’ when we have rejected that identity and terminology. It shows basically you do NOT respect bio female Lesbians/Dykes, our culture, our way of life, our Beings, and our Herstory. You want to supplant it with your own revisionist depictions of it….and you have done countless revisionism to our Dyke herstory. We reject that too. Countless Dykes have REJECTED heterosexual gender roles for eons, for all or much of their lives, and countless Dykes, especially Butches are doing their best to hold ONTO their femaleness and be Female proud without being pressured to ‘transition’ to cure their problems in patriarchy.
You cannot find your freedom through surgeries, or hormones or a pill…or by revising others’ herstory, culture, or truths, and coopting them. So us bio female Dykes will stand up for ourselves and FOR OUR bio philic Female loving bio Female DYKE BEINGS. If you choose to misunderstand us, that’s your business. But you will no longer be permitted to coopt us.