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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Pattern of Difference between Lesbians and all others..by Felon Evans

I really like what Felon Evans says about the difference of Lesbians from all others.  We DO have OUR OWN Worldview!!  - M.A.

 "And I think it's not just the message in the words, but also that we have different cultural contexts. Like all generalizations, I'm aware that there are many exceptions to this, but also like many generalizations, this one is based on decades of observation. 

There is a pattern of 'difference' here between women who are solely and completely committed to other women and those who have a different focus, those who are bi or queer.  I think until you've had the experience of being completely committed to women, only women, and NOT to men or trans women, you're not going to understand lesbians. We are only understandable if you understand the politics of patriarchy, and committing to a group of people who are mostly outside that system, willingly or not."   -Felon Evans

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Response to Lesbian Erasure article

Here's my response and check out the article in WHY womyn only space is SO important!!!

Where do I even start? Get this:  Lesbianism is NO MAN'S LAND. Whether you are a past, present or future male. Lesbians do NOT have flesh penises. We may wear dildos, we may not. We may be Butch on Butch, Butch/Femme,  Femme/Femme, or anything inbetween. We may be into Leathersex, we may not be. But one thing we are not is into men or for  men's access. 

Some of us Lesbians are Amazons and we will guard our territory against prying male eyes..but yet you attempt to take EVERY space away from us...and the loss of Michfest...the Crowning Jewel of Lesbian Nation where we feel safest to be OURSELVES...is a huge huge loss to US. Its NOT about the male ego..it IS about US.  And Lesbianism is so much more...we are a Tribe, we are a Nation we are our own Culture and we see through lesbian eyes it's an entire world view where we put women first and our love and lust and connection with women first and foremost and with that we need our women only spaces to connect and often women born women spaces but you have taken all that away from us. 

SO a feminism that honors lesbians honors our bodies honors our choices honors our spaces. And it is a feminism that does not  necessarily cater to straight women. Straight women always expect us to cater to them and put their needs first and their feminisms is about themselves there are areas we overlap and there are  areas we do not so let us talk about our truths and our struggles without imposing your needs as heterosexual women and that anything we experience or feel is less important and should take a back burner.

 I don't have to worry about birth control I don't have to worry about living with a man but I do have to worry about making a living often under men so work issues are very important to most lesbians as mentioned in this article; and  especially for us butches,  we are often discriminated against. And I could say so so much more I will leave you with this article on Women only space is so important to lesbians we thrive and live for it that is our tribe.  The tribe of women,  the tribe of Amazons, the tribe of dykes. Without it we would cease to exist.  -FeistyAmazon


Erasure of Lesbians

There is Worldwide pressure to erase Lesbians and this article goes well into exactly how. The most frightening ways are so called  violent "corrective rape" which seriously maims or kills the Lesbian in the most hideous manner possible, often Butch Lesbians.

But the constant threats we have from the trans community, dismissal and sexism by gay men and predatory nature of males in general towards us..including MTFs who claim they are "Lesbian" and still retaining penises telling us to get over our penisphobia to have sexual access to us. This article spells it out. My next post will be a response to this very powerful article.