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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Thursday, March 29, 2012

"When Lesbians Define Lesbian!" By Bess Hungerford

I so liked this definition and stand by it in my heart and soul, that I HAD to include it on my blog, with full permission from the author. So enjoy Dykes!-MasterAmazon

"When Lesbians define Lesbian(!), we have a shared understanding that NO PENIS is involved. “No penis” goes without saying because attraction to physical traits (not gender presentation) is inherent to Lesbians’ definition of Lesbian. I can easily prove this by reference to the Lesbian tradition of butch/femme. Lesbians, as a class, do not have a problem accepting gender non-conformity in our ranks, thank you very much. You might even say that Butch Lesbians wrote the book on gender non-conformity. So this queer misinterpretation of ‘Lesbian’ as a GENDER preference belies one’s ignorance of Lesbian history, community, and our relationship to gender. Lesbians are attracted to female bodies, not the feminine gender.

Further, in addition to suggesting that we are confused about what our own sexuality means, you demand that Lesbians change the way we talk so as not to “insult” any male bodied persons with penises who believe that their subjectively asserted “gender identity” gives them license to claim entry to our Lesbian community and identity. This is not Lesbians’ responsibility. This is not Lesbians’ error. It is “queer feminism”‘s error. It is not millions of Lesbians with decades– even centuries– of history who should change our knowledge of each other in order to avoid insulting the “gender identities” of penised people who want access to us. It is penised people who must stop arrogantly colonizing “Lesbian.” We are not bigots, transphobic, or politically regressive for maintaining CONCEPTUAL boundaries around our Lesbian identity. It is our RIGHT." -Bess Hungerford

Friday, March 16, 2012

Check out this blog, and you will understand my commentary:

MasterAmazon: This is why on one of my groups they HATE I use the term “This group is for BIO FEMALES ONLY” and I got one transapologist(bio female) go on and on how much better it is to use the term ‘Cis’ while we get accused of ‘cissexist and cisgender privilege’….well, for THIS Butch Dyke, I get NO so called “cisgender privilege’, because being Butch negates all that! So, on one hand I’m bio female, Female,Butch, and Dyke Proud, but on the other hand, I do NOT benefit from feminine heterosexual or passing for heterosexual or feminine female privilege…which is what in their minds ‘cisgender’ means, cuz they’re ALWAYS trying to put us Butches into the trans camp and put us out of womanhood and put themselves into it….and while I personally believe Lesbians (100% Dykes) don’t need birth control for ANY reason, being we DON’T have sex with men(otherwise you’re bisexual/pansexual), Lesbians CAN be impregnated, by choice or by force(sexual assault). By choice, as in artificial insemination or the biological method. Instinctively ALL bio females on some level, especially because of male violence, fear impregnation, and that INCLUDES Lesbians…..and NEVER does one single trans’woman’ have to EVER worry about impregnation…..not now, NOT EVER! So they can ignore the abortion/pro-choice debate altogether. Even though this is not a primary issue for me, being a 100% Dyke, I cannot ignore it, because if women are forced to bring all babies to term, or cannot use various forms of birth control (as this set of Republican candidates is threatening), ALL BIO FEMALE WOMEN have to fear for their sexual and physical safety.

This is something NO MTF EVER has to worry about, or concern themselves with if they don’t want to, and can continue to obssess on the glamorous forms of feminine womanhood, or their sexual access to Lesbians, but they don’t have to work one iota to our full sexual and biological freedom as bio females, since it doesn’t concern them on a genetic, bone and blood deep level….

-In Sisterhood,