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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Claim Your Power"

Dear DykeAmazon Pals,
I will be leading a large women only ritual in August with this theme. As it's been a difficult year for me economically due to the economic downturn, I've been struggling more with financial issues and some difficulties bringing this ritual together. It's not coming easy, though I've been doing alot of study. There has been some turnover in co-leadership so I'm taking it on solo at this point, along with my lead Amazon Drumming Priestess, both of us depicted in the photo above! So, for some inspiration from the community at large, I'm wanting to do a very primal Amazon/Wildwomyn oriented ritual, unlike most Dianic/regular rituals where we REALLY feel the energies and our Powers and connect with Goddess in a very visceral real way, as well as with each other, weaving together our Sisterhood, AND claiming our power both within ourselves and from the Patriarchy. So, I'd like to know, what does 'Claiming Your Power' mean for each one of you???? Any positive input would be much appreciated! Thank you for responding and sharing your voice with me! If you'd like some energy too, I'm sure that could be arranged, because this will NOT only be about the women there, but for ALL WOMYN throughout the world to claim their power too, and the healing and connnection with Mother Earth and Her creatures so at risk environmentally.
-In Sisterhood,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Now You See Them Now You Don't: For access to blog article below pictures

I apologize for the lack of the pictures. Here's the link for the original article. http://womensmediacenter.com/blog/2011/05/exclusive-now-you-see-them-now-you-dont/

Invisibility of Women thru Male Religion and liberal male sexism

This is a really great article showing from both sides the invisibility of women including Hillary Clinton through religious male sexism, and photoshopping of female images for male benefit.

EXCLUSIVE: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

By Merav Michaeli

May 25, 2011

Israeli journalist Merav Michaeli explains why a Brooklyn newspaper recently removed Hillary Clinton from a famous photograph: another case of Photoshop in service to the patriarchy.

"Der Tzitung" woman-less version of the Situation Room photograph.

It used to be magic, now it’s only Photoshop: Hasidic newspapers erased Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason (director for counterterrorism in the Obama Administration) from the iconic photograph of the situation room during the Bin-Laden hit. It’s nothing personal. Under the excuse of fostering sexual restraint (the Hasidic newspaper also claimed multiculturalism freedom as a further justification for the erasure), religious authorities are laboring to create a women-free world: a pure surrounding for the angelical Jew or Muslim man. For that purpose, women are made to cover themselves completely (even Christian nuns are required to cover their heads totally, unlike priests), their movement is strictly controlled, they are banned from entering certain places, segregated and silenced. Sometimes even the mention of their name is absent from an invitation to a family event.

The photograph, pre-Photoshop

In the real world, with actual women, this fantasy of a women-free environment is coming up against a growing difficulty—after all, in secular states segregation is unacceptable; even in Israel the fight against segregation is attaining success and in the Muslim world the feminist fight is growing with diligence; also there are some things for which women are still needed. In the meantime, this fantasy can come true in the world of images. And indeed: woman will not be shown in Jewish Orthodox areas and newspapers in Israel. No matter if it is a model, an actress or the head of Opposition Tzipi Livni, whose face was missing from the billboards of her campaign for prime minister. Even the photograph of a mother who was killed with her family in the settlement Itamar two month ago was missing from the report in an Orthodox newspaper. The exact same goes for religious Muslim newspapers and in representation in public sphere.

Having to survive within secular societies, this elimination of women and their representation is a tool to differentiate holy from earthy—us from them. Everything in a religious community is regulated, everything is either Kosher (ours) or non-Kosher (theirs). How does one make a newspaper, a secular object by definition, into a kosher one that is ours? Take out the women. All women, no exceptions, and there you are: a safe kosher newspaper.

For the record: there is no basis in the Torah or in the Koran for not showing women; it is all interpretations on top of interpretations. Clearly, the fundamental purpose for which the so-called religious argumentation is recruited is the achieving and maintaining of the patriarchic hierarchy, that which is in the core of all three main religions. From bottom to top—woman, man and the main man: God. In fact, Patriarchy is their religion.

But leaving it all on the religious is far too easy and irrelevant. Patriarchy may be the actual religion, but it is also still the dominating ideology and practice just as much in the Secular, Liberal western world. A fresh demonstration related to this case is given by the liberal Stephen Colbert when he criticized the Hasidic newspaper for erasing Hillary Clinton from the photograph, and while doing so insinuated that the hilarious part is suggesting that women like Hillary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher can be considered sexually attractive.

And indeed, since it is all about male sexual urges, Photoshop is the perfect nutshell for the whole story. Photoshop is used regularly to manipulate women’s bodies: lengthen legs, narrow waists, slim hips, enlarge breasts, push up cheek bones. Photoshop is used in a way that regards women as sex objects and makes sure they are made into such, according to the latest standard designed by men to fulfill their fantasy. Since it is all about the male fantasy, why should the Secular, Liberal male fantasy be more legitimate than the Orthodox male fantasy? Why should it be allowed that Photoshop execute one male fantasy but not the other? Essentially, the secular manipulation and the religious one are the same one, only with someone else holding the brush, leading to an outcome that looks differently but does the same: it rips off a woman from the autonomy of her body, from her own voice and her independent existence as a free human being in this world. And the Secular, Liberal brush is far more sophisticated and effective.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Post off of Dirt's site, and quoting from C.L. who asks a question about Butches, whether Lesbian or Straight and my response

"I have noticed that only lesbian women are allowed to be butch in our society and then only begrudgingly by a society that would rather erase these women completely.
Do you think society will ever be ok with straight butch women?" -C.L.

May 18, 2011 12:33 PM

MasterAmazon said...
As long as femininity is put on a pedestal, even in the women's spirituality movement, the term: "Divine Feminine", [I much prefer the term Sacred Female, or to amend it to Divine Female to include us Butches]when indeed there are thousands of Goddess representations of all body sizes, races, temperaments, expressions, ect. of such a diversity we NEVER see in the media, one can see with the Goddess images themselves how originally they were very primal, mostly a depiction of garguantuan undefined females(meaning more of a universal Female)_that as civilization continues they get shrunken down in size, and concurrently with the particular culture, the reverence of women get shrunken down in power and ability, She is more and more feminized and differentiated.

To look back there are only a handful of Goddesses I could cite who are 'Butch', if not solely in appearance, certainly in temperament, defenders of women and of women's mysteries, often Warriors and Protectors in their own right, and the Crone, the aged one is considered the most powerful in Her way....these Goddesses get demonized the more patriarchal males begin to empower themselves AT THE EXPENSE OF WOMEN, and women's spiritual power, demonize any form of physical or sexual deviance, and replace the honoring of the Sacred Female, the Warriors, the Priestesses, the Amazons, with THEIR OWN worship of the male,does the Goddesses then become more and more helpmates, highly feminized, sexualized, and then ultimately invisibilized....that the roles of women are shrunken down, the acceptable appearances of women further controlled, the more women, whether a form of womon loving womon Butch, or a strong peasant kind of heterosexual capable woman Butchness to work the farm, handle animals, tools or even choose to go to war, begins to be demonized.

The Butch THREATENS patriarchal males, because she takes up her space in a way a woman is 'not meant to', because now she's meant to be his helpmate, fuck object,in the domestic sphere providing sons for him, ect. ect., and ANY FEMALE out of that role with much greater independence is a threat BECAUSE SHE COULD BE A SEXUAL or Economic equal! She could be competing for women too, or competing for the same opportunities to make a heroic name for herself, or have a legacy. But by keeping her down, and demonizing the Butch aspect of Femaleness, straight or Lesbian, as well as the Crone aspect(older women who were tribal healers/shamans/spiritually and magically powerful), and ONLY honoring the nubile Maiden to be conquered for her 'maidenhead', or the nurturing Mother aspect to be the bearer of his sons, all of women's power has thusly been stolen away by and for the spiritual, economic, emotional and physical ascendancy and pleasures of men....hence the state we STILL are in to this day..as we scrabble for what few rights we do have....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Warrior Goddesses: A post I wrote for Medusa Coils' blog

I'm proud to be a Dyke Amazon Warrior/Amazon Witch, and a lifelong martial artist. I combined all these aspects of me to define my spirituality and the spiritual mysteries I teach as an Amazon Warrior/Amazon Witch/Amazon Priestess....I believe the ancient Amazons were the last defenders of the Matriarchy, those peaceloving cultures of the Mother that were being badly trounced by some of the more patriarchal Greek, Roman and other cultures....
As in the martial arts, when I see that energy in the Sacred Female, at least the dieties I personally work with, it is always and primarily IN DEFENSE, and Self-Defense, not in aggression and conquering of other peoples and other ways of being, but protecting ourselves as womyn, our Sacred Mysteries and our Sacred places and Female spaces.....
I have never been a pacifist, but neither do I support warmongering either and the support of constant warmaking. This is PRECISELY WHY I'm into Goddess worship and ultimately worship the Goddess of 10,000 Names as She comes in many forms and temperaments, connecting with those that fit for me and that I need in my life and connect best with. The whole concept of a matriarchal peaceloving culture like Catal Huyuk lasting 1000 years without war is amazing to me...and what I long for. But as a Butch Dyke, just to survive, I need to be an AmazonWarrior, a Warrior for women and myself as the type of woman I am, just to survive in a world that would just extinguish my kind.
The other side of me is Amazon Priestess, where I serve Her and Her beautiful Planet and womyn and She guides and moves through me...these are deep deep vows I have taken being on this Path of Goddess worship for 30 years, ever since the Dyke Witches brought me out in 1981!