Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wild Amazon Soul

I do not connect with the Queen thing at all, but like I said before my Path is Amazon. Fierce Warrior, Tribal, ancient, and putting womyn, Goddess and Mother Earth first and foremost forever. Protector of our Womyns Mysteries, connected to the WildWomon within, shamanic, magical, intense and protective. I came into my Amazon Path at Puberty when I got into the martial arts at age 14, a Lifelong Path, combined with Dianic oriented Wicca when the Dyke Witches brought me out at 21.

In 2011 a culmination of much of my Amazon Work and teachings I High Priestessed an Amazon Main Ritual for our Community of womyn on Land at EWF, and it was an intense Initiation for me into Amazon High Priestesshood and OWNING that. It was Primal and powerful where She spoke through me as Her  vessel.

As a result my Path has become more primal, shamanic, subtle and not contained,  connected deeply with Mother Earth. It is hard to put into words, but a Time prior to there ever being Queens. The Female Tribe of Amazons and WildWomyn honoring each other, Wild young girls, Artemis and various emanations of Goddess  and Mother Earth. Dancing, drumming, bonfires, raising Energy and connecting, like at Michfest.http://theurbanhowl.com/2016/10/12/invoking-artemis-danielle-dulsky/

Friday, May 26, 2017

We Will Win Again What's Ours- Guest Post by Bodil

Space by space
Thought by thought
Word by word
Body by body

They are stealing it again from us
What we fought for 
What we loved and lived

But space by space
Thought by thought
Word by word
Body by body

We will win again what is ours - every time
Never can we be silenced
Never can we stopped
living and loving
Our freedom, our bodies

Monday, May 8, 2017

My Butchness...something Deep internal WITHIN ME

My butchness is not derived from whether I date a Butch or a femme it is something deep internal Within Me and definitely has to do with lesbianism... all those butches in the trades some dated other butches some dated femmes, but TOGETHER we ARE  a Sisterhood of proud strong capable women with a skill in very adverse environments, who do not fear standing up to men if need be.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Some Recent Posts..Go Beyond Imagining...Clear Crone/Amazon Vision...the Sacrosanct womb...

Go beyond imagining, BRING INTO REALITY:

I declare myself a Free and Feral Female.

I spark off Sister Feral Females and we build a Web together.

We build a gynocratic web so strong that no negative male energy can disrupt it

We build a gynormophic  field of energy that Sparks each Sister Self to come into Her own Power and begins to share that with her Sisters

All womyn throw off the shame, chains,  and veils reaching out their hands across Earth. 

Males no longer hold power, their weapons no longer work with this biophilic ecstatic Female Energy worldwide. 

Every womon finds her voice, discovers her true ecstasy, creativity and pot4ntial and EXPRESSES IT FREELY.

Women no longer fear male violence.

Rape is a crime so heinous as to be unimaginable and nearly extinguished from the planet. Those who engage in it are either put to death or sent to exile in total solitude for at least 5 years, then required to do penance for their crime. 

Women fill 50% or more of all positions across the Earth and at all levels of political office, there are no more barriers.

Women have FULL sexual and reproductive autonomy worldwide.

A woman's word is her bond, and her word and experience are taken seriously.

Womyns space is sacrosanct and NEVER VIOLATED.      -FeistyAmazon
I know STRONGLY the powerful gynomorphic Field of large numbers of WBW coming together in ritual especially Sacred Territory like Michfest.

But there are plenty of lousy mothers in bad "energy patterns" , whether they be crack babies, babies born into poverty starvation, warzones, ect.

No I dont believe in artificial wombs, nor do I believe in surrogacy or extraordinary means het privileged women go to have babies with various reproductive technologies catering to them. Like Octo mom...

I got no problem with adults who are responsible enough to adopt, every child a wanted child. Women  must have total control over their reproductive abilities and being  respected and responsible  around it...men no say so whatsoever.

But if your unable to reproduce, respect that too. Maybe those women are meant for something else, or to adopt children needing a stable loving home. Not EVERYBODY has or should have to pass on their genes. No matter how strong the drives are. Skipped me altogether. I only raise mostly feral kittens to cathood, thats fine by me.
Tapping foot I'M WAITING. The true Crone is NOT so patient, NOR is She quiet. With Her clear eyed Vision She cuts through, just like the Amazon with her Labryis!!!
So if womens rights begin in the womb....then you better respect the Sacred Yoni and the Womb of the Goddess, the LAST arbiter of life and death, and that what a womon does with HER womb is inviolate and Sacred. Hers and HERS ALONE. Otherwise DUDE you risk the Wrath of the Goddess and Her Emanation on Earth:  every Female alive!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

In response to a Goddess Festival Censoring a Lesbian Workshop

In response to The Goddess Festival censoring a Lesbian Workshop for WBW Lesbians called The Disappearing L.

Here is their statement in entirety and my response below:

STATEMENT FROM THE GODDESS FESTIVAL: Controversy has emerged, over one workshop of many beautiful workshops, at the Goddess Festival going on this week. The Festival Planning Circle would like to share with you a more complete story of the situation than you may see through social media posts.
The workshop in question was titled “The Disappearing L: Lesbians Rise Up”. The content involves the changing role of lesbians in the current culture, and the audience was anticipated to be women.
Goddess Festival Planning Circle members attended a meeting with founders of a new transgender rights group, Intransitive, where we listened carefully to the concerns along with a list of demands that were presented. Within the context of our own values for inclusion and welcome for all, we did our best to accommodate these requests. During the meeting we offered to make a public apology, offered to repost the workshop with the inclusive language given us, of “cisgender”, and to sponsor ongoing educational opportunities. But because we were unwilling to shut out the voices of these particular workshop presenters by canceling this workshop, dialogue with Intransitive was withdrawn by Intransitive.
The Goddess Festival and OMNI Center work to open space for many different progressive perspectives and stand firmly for equality and fairness for all people. Many of these carry deep pain from the oppressions we all bring to our work for a better world, but some communities are experiencing greater attack than others. The transgender community, like the immigrant community, is facing attack right now, and we understand their need to defend themselves. We sincerely apologize for the insensitivity we displayed, and would like to make appropriate amends. We hope we can all remember that we are in this struggle together, because that’s what we need to focus on right now.
After the meeting with Intransitive, the minutes of the meeting were taken back to the Goddess Festival Planning Circle. The agenda was fully discussed and arguments from all side were heard. It was determined by the Goddess Festival, acting under the umbrella of OMNI, that the workshop, “Disappearing L” will be cancelled effective immediately. The Goddess Festival and OMNI would like to reiterate that we have a strong partnership with our community and look forward to continuing our commitment to equality together." -The Goddess Festival/OMNI

I teach Amazon, Goddess and Womyns Mysteries, have attending womons and Dianic rituals for 36 years, totally honoring the Goddess of 10,000 Names, the Dyke Witches brought me out in 1981, and I do NOT share my energy with born males or work with male dieties...

The Work is too great to bring the Goddess Energy forth in the hearts of all womyn Called to the Path, and Rebalance the Olanet from.all the toxic male energy!

Goddess Awaken, Goddess arise now!!!I worship the Sacred Female on ALL LEVELS..sexually, emotionally intellectually, Spiritually and Psychically, on EVERY Level!!

No man's Land, not even the Castrati....and there WERE Temples solely dedicated to a particular Goddess and women only  where men could not approach except from a distance...

There ARE other Dieties that HAVE sexual Mysteries of being BOTH sexes like Janus, and the majority of Paganism is in  mixed groups, and the whole Cybele/Adonis thing for the Castrati. They COULD EXPLORE THEIR OWN unique Mysteries WITHOUT coOpting and exploiting OURS. 

WE DykeAmazons MUST stand strong and defend our remaining Territories and create and grow new ones!!!Some of us after the loss of Michfest ARE doing that!!!  -MasterAmazon

Monday, March 20, 2017

We Butches ARE Ceremonial Dykes

 Butch goes back to childhood, a way of Being, a Ceremonial Dyke, in your face Lesbian, unabashedly NONFEMININE, not just coming out, but for a lifetime, often emerging from.tomboy to Butch, every Butch KNOWS this emerging, this claiming of her deepest Self and love and lust for womyn. We are Butch because we cannot be any other way, this is WHO WE ARE. Modern Amazons, we go wherever we want and aim to do whatever we want, without make approval or permission..WE TAKE UP OUR SPACE in ways most other women do not. 

But bottomline, we are lifelong resisters of feminization and accepting  we are "less than" any man. Often we compete directly with them, whether for jobs or other activities and interests. We go where other women fear to tread. Nor does it bother us to be called "masculine", " unfeminine" we claim these titles and Dyke too....we are the wilder fiercer side of Female who TAKES UP HER SPACE.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Butch is NOT A Way Station To Manhood

Butch is not a way station to manhood, 
We are not taking that train outta that station
We are all Womon, hearkening back to the ancient Amazons
We are Warriors for womyn, for Ourselves
We dress the way we please
We resist any attempts at constraint
Oour Wills, our Sacred Female Beings
We are Primal, We are Feral, we do not
Conform to het society
We defy all odds. We go where our hearts lead us
We love womyn, womyn like ourselves, womyn who are our polar opposites...
We work to  love OURSELVES as we are told
"You just want to be a man" every time we assert our freedom. Our freedom from clothes that limit us or objectify us to men
Everytime we want a piece of the pie men are unwilling to share
Whether it be  our autonomy, our dream careers, adventurous hobbies, our Dyke sexuality, whatever road and adventures Call to us. 
A Gate arm is closed, a stop sign erected telling us "Women don't do this, you must not be a real woman. You're a Dyke, mannish, a bitch  A shrew, a cow, out of your place, taking a job from a man and his family, your fat and ugly, nobody wants you, this is not for you, women don't do that, don't like that, don't wear that don't don't don't, your out of line and out of place."

We Butches heard it ALL before.
Nonetheless we continue to challenge and we opt to keep our WOMONHOOD because Sisters who understand sustain us. Sisters who allow us to run wild and free. Who recognize our untamed spirits. Our desire to protect women, children, animals, Mother Earth AND OURSELVES. 
WE who EXPAND what a Female CAN do and go where other Females fear to tread.
We are never fully domesticated which is what makes us unique. We allow no man to hold us down or back. We fight with our Amazon Ferocity. 

We are often misunderstood. But we continue to persist and resist for we WILL CHANGE the lot of Womonkind!!! And EXPAND ALL THAT A FEMALE CAN DO!!!        -M.A.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Dyke to Dyke Sex.....

Nope. Dyke to Dyke sex is on a deeper far more profound level than anything Ive expereinced with bi women. There is a part of them always walled off emotionally for the man, and they are always more conservative. Then theres two woman one man thing thats so popular...NO WAY. Lesbians ALSO have the lowest STD rates, fuck bisexuals and we put ourselves at much greater risk, and even higher if they are doing bi men(if you are not practicing safe sex). I ALWAYS practiced safe sex with bi women, nor did I do more intimate acts...

but like some of you said: why give our beautiful lesbian energy to a woman who is going to give it to a man?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hands Across the Aisle: Biology isn't Bigotry

I really admire these women and each of their different perspectives, and their bravery for working together despite differences on an issue affecting every woman and girl. 

My Type of Dykes!!!

I probably know several of the women in this potential documentary
who moved from London to San Francisco. Hotties!!