Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Butch Dyke

"Please remind them that butch/other lesbians are not transmen or transwomen stuffed with pills from pharmaceutical companies that made profit on them, but butch and other lesbian women are human beings that made of different kind of material, capable of resistance. "  -M.K.

                             Butch Dyke-M.A.
Skin and bones and womonflesh, sinew, and muscle and fat, fierceness and determination standing our ground. Sensible shoes and boots, cotton, denim, leather and silk. Ties and flannels and vests and jean jackets, overalls, uniforms and jockey shorts and boxers. Sleeveless tees and tattoos, sometimes rough hands for us Butches working construction. Ground breakers and pioneers and fearlessness.

Worshipping of the Sacred Yoni, INCLUDING OUR OWN. Multi Orgasmic both giving and recieving. And never EVER backing down to men if we can help it. If boys could do it, SO CAN WE. Teaching ALL WOMYN WE ALL ARE CAPABLE GIVEN A CHANCE!!!

Loving the Female within and without in mind, body, soul and spirit!!! In.passion and ecstasy!!! Defending our Female spaces and spirits and bodies to.our last dying day!!! Modern day Amazons, Labryis in hand. Never forgetting our Forebearers and their struggles...

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Does it Piss me Off???On FTM Transitioning/Detransitioning and Butch DykeAmazons

Yes, it does:  Does it piss me off? Why should I just blindly give my energy to detransitioners? THEY GOTTA PROVE THEY WANT TO BE PART OF THE DYKE AND FEMALE COMMUNITY AGAIN!! NOT ONE FOOT IN OUR WORLD AND ONE FOOT IN THE TRANS WORLD!!'
A response to L.T.:

I AM communicating that I would much rather put my energy into stopping the trans nonsense in the first place by OWNING our Butch/Tomboy/nonfeminine Selves as Butch Dykes who LEARN to be Female proud, than every young one who thinks its trendy and cool to transition,genderqueer, identify as transmasculine, ect ect ect, who.put us Butch Dykes down who object to seeing our entire communities of Butch Lesbians vacated, and overrun by those sporting their new facial hair, their born again announcement of scheduling breast surgeries, their new found machismo, ect ect ect. You dont KNOW HOW THIS CUTS TO OUR BUTCHDYKE SOULS!!!

Does it piss me off???YES.  Doesthe name change to male, Then insistence on male pronouns piss me off? YES. ESPECIALLY WHILE DEMANDING ACCESS TO FEMALE AND LESBIAN SPACES DESTROYING THEM IN THE PROCESS.

Does seeing handsome Butch women destroy their bodies including some of my former  partners, acquaintances and friends piss me off?? YES. 

DOES begging them, pleading with them NOT to transition and they do anyway cuz its trendoid and IT'S NOT as a Butch Dyke piss me off?? YES.

Does it make me nervous looking around as there are fewer and fewer REAL TRUE BLUE BUTCHES while everyone else drank the koolaid and our asses as nonconforming to het roles Females more and more alone with no Butch progeny to follow us or pass  on our Butch DykeAmazon ways to piss me off? YES!!!

Not strong Amazonian womyn who take no shit from men, who DEMAND we be treated as equals, love womyn openly with all the gusto only men are allowed, and dress as we please in clothes we feel handsome and strong in that dont limit us or make us vulnerable sex objects.


Do I want to BE around self hating females who so identify with men rather than throw their lot in with the remainder of their Butch brethren, Lesbians and womyn as a whole? NO.

So you want to know where I am coming from L.T.? Surviving as a Butch DykeAmazon while so many are identifying as male or my brethren are transitioning to male, one, after another after another.

So I am supposed to feel sorry for them when they wake up and find out they bought a bill of goods, injected the Patriarchy into their own bodies with testosterone and hated their breasts so.much they bound them or cut them off, but PUT ME DOWN AFTER I TOLD THEM NOT TO, COME INTO OUR DYKE OR FEMALE SPACES, OR TO DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE???

You bet I'm pissed, as Ive watched more and more Butch Dykes disappear from our communities in droves since the 1990s, destroy Michfest and all our Female spaces by AT ONCE INSISTING THEY ARE MALE, AND YET DEMANDING ACCESS TO US.

I have limited energy. MY energy will go into STOPPING this bullshit IN THE FIRST PLACE AND TALKING TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT YET DRUNK THE KOOLAIDE. 


Friday, July 15, 2016

Butch 3, no such thing as "Butch privilege" especially in het society....

BUTCH 3:   So while SOME Butches imitate het roles to a T, there are NO  society wide social mores to enforce this. She walks out her front door she can be a victim of a hate crime, or ignored, derided, made fun of, threatened, dismissed, not hired, never promoted, rarely seen in media or acknowledged, dismissed by gay males unless she kowtows to them and so much more.

I am SICK of Feminists, especially het feminists comparing THEIR oppression from men WHICH IS ENFORCED SOCIETY WIDE, to us Butches and having ANY say so over Lesbian sexuality. It is no wonder that long ago many Butches did not want to get politically involved with the Lesbian Feminist community, though there were MANY MANY BUTCHES OF ALL STRIPES at Michfest. Even the type that can "pass" as men, whether naturally hirsute or from their hard masculine look...WHO ARE NOT FTMS. Who are still Female deep in their souls AND ONLY THERE did they feel safe coming out from their camoflage and REVEALING THEMSELVES in a place they felt safe...until women started ASSUMING they were FTM instead of the Amazons they are...women who hide in the society at large because they would be threatened if they did fully reveal themselves.

There are MANY MANY VARIED FORMS OF WOMONHOOD..FROM ULTRA BUTCH, TO HIGH FEMME AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. Like the color palette and the Goddess of 10,000 Names whom I worship, womonhood is VAST AND VARIED with many different aspects from Warrior to Lover, Great Mother, Amazon, Lady of the Wild Beasts in the Woods, to Healer AND SO MUCH MORE.

Contracting what ANY Female can do or be, or how she is permitted to appear and express herself LIMITS US ALL and is anti-Feminist. Our lives have been limited enough BY MEN and their patriarchal systems!!!!

And I want EVERY Female to be free to be who she is...down to her soul...so that NONE EVER feel the pressure to transition to male! And she can be FULLY in her Power AS A FEMALE!!!THAT is my life's Work as a Butch DykeAmazon Warrior/Witch!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Define Butch I was asked in a Radical Lesbian group so here it is:

My definition of Butch:  Nonfeminine. Resisting femininity...MODERN DAY AMAZON. Us Female proud Butches describe our lives to you, but you refuse to listen. Not all of us are into femme women or exclusively into femmes...some of us prefer other Butches or enjoy BOTH Butch and Femme womyn. But every true Butch IS a Dyke/Lesbian. We do NOT conform, nor ever really have from a young age to hetro feminine roles...period.  We RESISTED..and ALL of us have paid a heavy price FOR resisting!!!

Part two:

Its a Tribe..either you are part of that Tribe or you are not..it is beyond merely feminist....there are signs and signals and Ways of Knowing...and us Butches KNOW and recognize our Tribal Members...there are Initiations and lifelong ways of Being...very akin to Amazon...we take up our space and stand up to men and sometimes compete with them if need be in ways other women do not. Or fear to...like initially breaking into the Construction Trades, before feminine women did so.

We are also used to shame other women into complying because Butch Dyke is about the scariest thing feminine women(especially hetro) can be accussed of, if they refuse to comply, or compete with men for jobs, position or status.
As in "Your a Dyke, Your Mannish, a Virago, Amazon, Shrewish, A Bitch, a Butch, a Lesbian, trying to be a man, ect ect ect and women respond all too often and defensively: " I'm a Feminist but not the ugly Butch manhating, hairy legged, unmade up kind." In other words, just like the L Word Lesbians, sexually pleasing for men to look at it. We are NOT HERE to please men!!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Jeanne Cordova and Butch Voices

Yes Ok...I will update you on Jeanne Cordova..I allied with her at Butch Voices in 2011 since practically all our Female Identified Butch workshops had been TURNED DOWN both in 2009 and 2011. There was NOTHING explicitly FOR US. SO Jeanne Cordova along with detransitioner Sasha Goldberg had a workshop 10 stories above the 2011 Butch Voices  Conference which I attended along with 50 Female Proud Butches, one or two Femmes, AND one "Butch" MTF who went on about their "Butch" MTF trans "sisters". The "Butch" MTFS GOT THEIR OWN WORKSHOP along with all the genderqueers, FTMS ECT BUT THERE WERE NO FEMALE IDENTIFIED/FEMALE PROUD BUTCH WORKSHOP CUZ WE BEEN CENSORED BY THOSE AT THE TOP. 

When there was the final plenary, both Sasha Goldberg and especially Jeanne Cordova were VERY UPSET that they had been kicked off the Butch Voices board for advocating for Butch LESBIANS who were  Female Identified!!!It was pretty disgusting.

I supported Jeanne especially, but then in her blog she began taking on the term "transmasculine" and I confronted her on this since her work previously had been so Butch LESBIAN identified, AND she had risked her status with Butch Voices advocating for us...I felt a bit betrayed by her in this regard.

We lost touch and the next thing I knew was her making that statement publicly about her impending demise due to poor health...

My Butchness is WHO I AM as a Dyke. I myself prefer other decidely Butch womyn, though I have dated and partnered with Femmes as well. It is NOT predicated on any sole attraction to Femme womyn...but it IS decidely Lesbian for me..but I have been this way from childhood, just about like EVERY Butch I know, whether they are into other Butches, Femmes, both or Lesbians in general...we RESIST femininity and being forced into femininity from a very early age. We SEE how we are discriminated against in favor of boys, and DARE to compete with them and INSIST on being their equals. We are NOT "young ladies" nor do we want to be those fragile delicate things fearful of getting dirty or exploring or roughhousing. Like boys and men WE WANT ALL AVENUES, TRADES, OPPORTUNITIES, SPORTS, JOBS, HOBBIES AND EXPERIENCES OPEN TO US.

But UNTIL we found Feminism or the Dyke community we found others feared us and often denied us said opportunities, especially parents, family members, teachers, employers, peers,  AND MALES.

Monday, June 13, 2016

I Take It Personal: My Feelings After Orlando Shootings at Pulse Gay Bar

Yes I DO take it Personal:  I am sick about it..just sick about it..it has weighed heavily on me all day. As I told my pals at lunch I TAKE IT PERSONAL. 8 Lesbisns killed, IT IS PERSONAL. 44 countries around the world where Lesbianism is punishable by death, imprisonment, "corrective rape", murder or enslavement in a het marriage to a prick!!!ITS FUCKING PERSONAL. Years being harassed as a Butch Dyke by family, on the street, by men at various venues, discriminated against on the job continually by men, ITS PERSONAL. Leered at, threatened, hit upon, EVEN BY GAY MEN, ITS PERSONAL. And now my People wiped out and targeted by a gunman espousing masculinist woman, Lesbian and gay hating  murderous ideology, ITS PERSONAL. Now that at least one Michfest Sister has died, ITS PERSONAL.


I have stood my ground as a DykeAmazon Warrior/Witch and I will unto the next lifetime and perhaps beyond. Let the Tribe of Amazons EMERGE AGAIN in our rightful place.

                -In Sisterhood, 

San Francisco Pride Official Statement on Orlando Shootings

SF PRIDE: I have been to many.many San Francisco Prides, including the cover pic I am in with my Spousest. We are watching Pride together in the Viewing Stands when we had that pic taken. I have watched it, marched it many many times.

Here is San Francisco Pride's Statement about the shootings.
                -In Determination. 


JUNE 12, 2016




There is a giant hole in our hearts as we learn of the act of terrorism and hate against the LGBTQ community that has unfolded at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Our sympathies and thoughts go out to the victims, their families and friends, and our LGBTQ brothers and sisters around the world.  

Our democracy is built upon the right of freedom of assembly, freedom of belief, and freedom of speech. A terrorist gunman filled with hate attacked the LGBTQ community in Orlando and took the lives of innocent men and women. This was an act of cowardice and callousness.

President Obama was right in his statement: Orlando is an act of terror and hate. It is an especially heartbreaking day for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. But this is not only an attack against our community-which has fought and won so many historic battles for civil rights-it is an attack on democracy itself. 

We must remain strong and vigilant in the face of such hatred. We must be good to one another, we must speak up for one another, and most importantly we must look out for one another. As members of the LGBTQ community, as Americans, and as those who believe in freedom and the rule of law, we must continue undeterred in our quest for full and equal rights for everyone. We are unbowed and unbroken by this attack, and will continue on in the memory of those who lost their lives for simply expressing their true selves.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rebuilding our Sisterhood

We having ARE having a Dyke Summer Solstice ritual and Gathering on Dykeland. The ANSWER, is  building OUR OWN Gatherings on womyns Land or campgrounds solely US...grassroots, like Michfest was in the beginning, as Lisa passed onto us at the holy of holies at the Acoustic Bowl as we all shared Flames together originated from HER FLAME off the AMAZONS TORCHES, and BUILDING OUR OWN SACRED Dyke and Womyns Gatherings...Michfest last year was ENTIRELY MAGICAL, Dyke centered, Sacred, beyond words Matriarchal Amazonland..and so is the Michfestie Anazon  Sisterhood. Gathering by small Gathering WE ARE REBUILDING.

I have VERY LITTLE to do with the het, mixed or queer Pagan communities..only Female and Dyke Positive ones...do I feel free, ESPECIALLY ON LAND. I LIVE for Ritual, raising Sacred Energy with Sister Witches and DykeAmazons, a bonfire at the Center and drumming in the background.

Last year at Michfest it was THE LARGEST WOMYN ONLY RITUAL CIRCLE I HAD EVER BEEN IN!!!400 strong..and I felt intense grief entering it as a gauntlet of at least 10 singers sung to us "We All Come from the Goddess" as we entered the Circle and upon entering and FEELING THAT ENERGY OF SOUND I cried and cried because I KNEW THIS WOULD BE THE LAST LARGE GATHERING OF OUR DYKEAMAZON TRIBE
 before we were all scattered into the Amazon Diaspora...once again...but WE WILL RISE, and we are building embers of small WBW ONLY Gatherings once again.

And I am PROUDLY  doing that again with a DykeAmazon Sister!!!But there are many many more being organized this summer in lieu of the loss of Michfest, and SOME are quite close to that Sacred Land. And some ARE the week Michfest would have been....

I will try to pass on that information Sisters so you can make your plans and be renewed. Michfesties are a creative bunch, and they take  Amazon Sisterhood very seriously!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lesbianism is an Entire World View

For me being Lesbian is how I see the World:  Lesbian is an ENTIRE WORLDVIEW...goes BEYOND mere "identity". Cracks open the World in that I see EVERYTHING THROUGH Lesbian eyes. I give ALL of my Self to the Sacred Female, within and without, sexually, emotionally, politically,intellectually, spiritually. Females come first and foremost in my World, my love and lust for them,kindred Spirits and Souls, weaving together Dyke and Amazon Nation, as has been done at Michfest our Spiritual Home..we Rise again and Again...but the Patriarchy fears and villifies us...BECAUSE WOMYN COME FIRST in our lives, both ourselves, our lovers, spouses, paramours, and Female friends, and for many of us Goddess as well. We do not hold back on our Love for the Female. It is Sacred. It goes WAY beyond mere "identity". We are a Nation under siege....            -MasterAmazon

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Fire that Burns Within Us Guest post by Stephanie Borns: A Call to Womonkind!!!

Powerful powerful post!!!!!

"  I've been thinking about this and I have to say, I think we, women, as a group, are partly to blame.

For centuries, we've tried to be equal to them. We've let them define what is normal. We've played down all the extremes that go along with being female. We've kept quiet, we've downplayed it, we've made them feel as though they were going through a similar life experience to ours.

We have trivialized things like menstruation, sexual pressure and harassment and menopause. We've allowed them to make jokes of our monthly cycles and we've made those jokes ourselves.

Is it any wonder that they get it into their heads that all it takes to be a woman is the affectation of a few mannerisms?

We've humbled ourselves to the point where they really believe they are our equals. More than that, they believe they can become us just by acting on what they've observed.

We've said it's no big thing, they believed us. 

We haven't exposed them to the blood, the thinning of the veil between the worlds, the heat, the power of being a woman. We've sheltered them so they would not be afraid. We've hidden our power so well that they believe they can have equal power to us. They really and truly believe we are the same. The stupid ones do, anyhow - the arrogant ones, the ones who think they're endowed with the sensitivity of the moon cycle, the ones who believe they carry the weight of creation in their bones. They really believe they can be us by acting like us.

But they can't they are only cartoons. They're like children playing dress-up without any idea of what it means. It just feels good to them so they think it's legit.

Even now, when dealing with this shit summons up the Goddess in me and makes me want to tower over them and terrify them with a real look at raw femininity, I don't do it. I don't want to burn them down.

So they're trying to shut us up.

I am not surprised and we have to accept a share of the blame. We let our herd think they were our equals. We were too sentimental, too soft. 
We loved too many of them too well. Now the ones who observed that love are envious and want to become us. They don't understand that they can never be like us and they can only be loved by us if they understand that.

I am getting tired of hiding the flame so they don't get scared. How about you?" -Stephanie B.