Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

GUEST POST: Pele Sized Rage by Spider Redgold

I have a rage...
in me..
Pele sized rage
 a volcanic lava of rage
I am rage...
And I am tired
Tired of men thinking that can walk into the space feminists have created
and shame me
shame us
into thinking they belong in this volcano sized rage

Try to shame me/us into thinking they know what it is to be girl

Shame us into leaving the word mother behind
Shame is into being uterus bearers

I have a rage in me that is dangerous
like molten lava is dangerous..

I use that rage, not to harm anyone
I use that rage
direct that lava into protecting women and girls
protecting girlhood
protecting tomboys from thinking they must take testosterone to feel allowed/valid

My rage is dangerous
my wild female mind is unleashed
I will protect women and girls to my dying breath

I will lay my body across the gate to the temple

will you step on me to make sure men are comfortable?

Spider Redgold © 2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

On Butch, in response to superfical article trying to sell Butch clothes

To young Butches in the video saying they do what they want and "don't give a fuck"...

No, it goes much much deeper than that and "not giving a fuck". Many Butches IN FACT GIVE A FUCK, and want to be fucked, thus we dress to ATTRACT the kind of womyn WE WANT.

WE are the WARRIORS of the Lesbian communities.  The obvious Dykes, we wear our sexuality on our sleeve, we DEFY Female roles and femininity forced upon us, WE TAKE UP OUR SPACE,  we dont let men control us and often stand up to them and compete with them for jobs and other resources, and we are often hated upon for NOT being sex objects to men but FULLY OUR OWN PERSONS.  WE INSIST on being treated as equals, as seriously as any man, and yet proud to be Lesbian and Female connected to our own unique Sisterhood that has been around and often suppressed for millenia. 

We show the world a Female can be and do anything she wants going to places and professions other women fear to go as groundbreakers and pioneers because we ignore all the accusations of not being "female" or feminine or submissive enough to men. We pursue our goals anyway DESPITE THEM. We are the females who act in every fiber of our beings as if we are FREE of male control.

We do pay the price for our defiance, but also reap the rewards for doing so.

We LOVE and Lust after women.

Monday, November 6, 2017

RadLesFem Survivor and WHY She NEEDS WBW ONLY SPACES

https://radlesfemsurvivor.wordpress.com/https://radlesfemsurvivor.wordpress.com/I feel this is so important to include. For her very survival. I completely feel for her and ONLY in WBW Lesbian centered spaces do I feel most alive!!!


In Response to a Radical Feminist Survivor whom ABSOLUTELY Craves WBW SPACE FOR HER SAFETY

Goddess, I agree with her on so many levels. Never more Separatist after working with men all day in the Trades, where I would be lucky to see even a handful of women if that on the job, with men who didnt want me around, always treating me as "less than". Sacred womyns spaces were places to GET AWAY from them and their patriarchal attitudes, and be able to BE my FULL DYKE SELF without fear, censorship, threats, or male violence on ANY LEVEL(including psychological).

My Dianic rituals were my refuges, and womyns festivals. Other aspects of Dyke and womyns community, parties, groups, events, SF Dyke March were slowly being encroached on by trans. Males who in NO WAY even "pass" as women, the vast majority of them, and whose energy is STILL MALE, despite hormones and feminine dress. The most male aspect being THEIR ATTITUDES and assumption of privilege. In other words, like every other male,they cannot take NO for an answer or boundary, by Females.

She may pick up on their oh so obvious predatory male energy as a survivor, like any other hunted species we are TRAINED to detect males and assume a certain level of wariness around them ESPECIALLY as survivors.  But also as a Witch, Female energy energizes me, male ennergy drains me. Men openly leech off Female energy, THEY HAVE PREYED ON US LONG ENOUGH!!! And so called trans "women", are wolves in sheep's clothing. Not to denigrate real wolves.
Male en femme. They are,still and WILL ALWAYS BE MALE.

WOMYN MUST trust OUR gut instincts and our womyn only environments USED TO BE our refuges. But sadly some women and lesbians HAVE sold us out...

Trust your instincts Sisters, ALWAYS!!

Monday, October 23, 2017


You fuck men, males, (and Female)you are NOT Gay or Lesbian. Both terms MEAN HOMOSEXUAL (Gay) or Female Homosexual. Dyke is a fierce out loud and proud LESBIAN term. Every time a bi/pan/queer individual claims a purely Lesbian or homosexual term IT IMPLIES  our sexuality is fluid and if need be we too could engage in het sex, or be hit on by the opposite sex. Conservative Religion is always pushng this too..that we can be converted to mostly straight.

This is even more problematic for Lesbians cuz dudes THINK they can convert us, or we will make an exception for them. So by you using the term "gay", and other nonLesbians using the term "lesbian or dyke", you put Lesbian/Dyke/Gay womyn at risk to be hit on by het or bi males. It happens ALL THE TIME. And it partly happens cuz they got a bi/pan woman like you coopting OUR labels fucking them, so they THINK WE WILL TOO, if properly persuaded. THAT is nonconsensual!!!

This Lesbian/Dyke whose been gay 36 years DOESNT DO BIO MALES OR WANNA BE MALES OF ANY STRIPE.
WBW Lesbian womyn ONLY.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Charge of the Crone-Author Unknown

This was read at the Croning Ceremony I attended where I was Croned among others. Very powerful and life changing.

I heard this once before in a ritual put on by Bayla at the darkest dark Moon of the Year: right before Winter Solstice. She opened up her Crone circles to ALL WOMYN, and yes Bayla was Lesbian.

Hear the words of the Grandmother of Time:
She who has been known as Hecate, Erishkagel, Cerridwen, Kali-Ma, Anna, Hella, Spider Woman, and many other names - some feared, and some loved, but none ever ignored.

She it is who brings wisdom and the awareness of eternity.
She has been the Maiden, and remembers that joy.
She has been the Mother, and recalls that pleasure.
But age has changed her, and taught her the mysteries of the Wheel that is ever turning, the Wheel that is life, death, and rebirth.

She is the whirling tornado, the erupting volcano, the rising tidal wave, the trembling of the earth's crust.
With age comes an understanding of the past, and a glimpse of the future.
For, in the turning of the Wheel, the past is the future, and the future is the past.
She is the Learned One, the Teacher, the Bringer of Inevitable Change.
She is the Dark of the Moon, the Hidden One, the invisible unknown that lies ahead.

But do not fear her for she is not malicious, and her touch, however harsh, is love. Only in ignorance is she scorned and reviled.
Those who do not know her, parody her as the ugly old woman whose powers were said to blight crops and sour the milk in the cow. It is fear that turns her age into abomination, her wrinkles into hideous deformity, and her voice into an evil and manipulative cackle.
For those who sought power over the earth were afraid to face her wisdom and her unalterable truth.
But in the old days, we sat at her feet to learn the most ancient lore.

From her came the knowledge of the healing herbs, and the chants and songs that shaped our lives. She sat in honour at our councils, our marketplaces, in our homes. She governed our governing, and interpreted our laws. She gave focus to our changing seasons. She was our teacher, our oracle, our promise of rebirth.

Come, honour her as of old, listen now to the words of Wise One, the ancient Seer, the Crone!

- author unknown

Lesbian Issues so Easily Dismissed by Het and Bi Women

I feel as the other feels, where issues that affect mostly het women like "porn and prostitution" are "real" issues, but issues that affect Lesbians like equal access to the workplace, wages, work opportunities, the ability to be OUT on the job and not discriminated against or even demoted or fired, the ability to show our love and hold hands in public, to not not fear harasment or violence against us for doing so, the worst being "corrective rape", religious intolerance and hatred against and a Presidency and Justice Department that wants no protections for Lesbian or gay workers and to strip away any protections we MAY have, the access to womyn and even Lesbian only spaces, bookstores, festivals, bars, events, conferences DENIED to us and lost where we cannot even meet AS LESBIANS without male interference and claiming of our very identity and Being, pressuring other young or newly out Lesbians that "trans women are women" and " penis is female, get over your penisphobia", and any smack of Butchness "you must be a man, you oughta transition", all THESE LESBIAN ISSUES deserve just as much attention as the needs of straight and bi women.

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Word Lesbian is POWERFUL Guest Post by Miriam Ben Shalom

The word Lesbian is powerful. If a woman says she is a Lesbian, that means she has discarded much of Patriarchy, has taken the love of her Self to other women. Being a Lesbian means, a woman does not rely on men to define her Self nor does she depend on men to support her or do for her. Saying "I am a Lesbian" means that one will not treat women as men do--as objects to be used and demeaned.

Being a Lesbian (and not 'queer') means that a woman can be a warrior, a fighter, a healer, a teacher, but all her energy is for and by women. A Lesbian is, to borrow a phrase, for us, by us always. To say "I am a Lesbian" is to connect historically with the poet of Lesbos, with the legions of women come before whose names we do not know, but whom we inuit, whom we grieve for amid flames and smoke of the auto-de-fe and Inquisitions.

Lesbian is a word some will not accept because they cannot tolerate the power of the word, they can't abide by the construct of being a free woman to love whom she will, who directs her love, both agape, and eros, to her Sisters. Such women can't give up men, can't give up servitude to men, can't give up the notion that they need men to exist. They can't give up the idea that slavery is freedon, that revolution is what being a Lesbian is. Those who will have sex with a woman but call themselves queer and who pander to men in dresses fear the Lesbian because deep inside, they know she speaks the truth of what a woman is and can be when she takes her power, accepts it, and follows her path whatever that may be.

The Lesbian says, do not call me cis, do not call me queer, do not call me by any name but woman, do not call us by any pronoun but she, her, hers. The Lesbian whom some call butch is not masculine, she is the ultimate of female power. She does not bend to the parody of beauty that men foist on women. She does not shrink from that task at hand. She deals with the world sure in her own presence and power. The Lesbian whom some call femme is no man's dream, is no woman weakness. She stands in her power against the demands of patriarchy and lives as she will in her beauty, in her life, and refuses the definition men might like to place upon her. And then there are Lesbians--we used to be called kiki-- those of us who do what we can, when we can, how we can. It is never a proposition of "may". We do what we must to care for our Sisters and let them care for us. We never lose sight of who we are and what we are and we refuse to dishonor ourselves and our Sisters by using any other name but Lesbian.

We define ourselves in each --our own unique way for our Self and for our existence. As for me, I am what I am: I am the howler at the edge of the darkness of the bent ones; i am the one with red eyes and a fierce growl, the one who will not allow the bent ones to have their way and desire to put shoah upon womenkind. The one who looks for the false and unjust, the one who looks for those who would deny women. The one who howls in warning.  We define our power by ourselves, we define ourselves by our power.

Lesbian is the ultimate act of revolution in the implicit denial of patriarchy, of male demands, of male hubris, of male violence and destruction. Lesbian is the word that stands against the annihilation and erasure of women.

Just my thoughts (and there are more) and I stick to them. But then, I am a Lesbian.
        -Miriam Ben Shalom

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wild Amazon Soul

I do not connect with the Queen thing at all, but like I said before my Path is Amazon. Fierce Warrior, Tribal, ancient, and putting womyn, Goddess and Mother Earth first and foremost forever. Protector of our Womyns Mysteries, connected to the WildWomon within, shamanic, magical, intense and protective. I came into my Amazon Path at Puberty when I got into the martial arts at age 14, a Lifelong Path, combined with Dianic oriented Wicca when the Dyke Witches brought me out at 21.

In 2011 a culmination of much of my Amazon Work and teachings I High Priestessed an Amazon Main Ritual for our Community of womyn on Land at EWF, and it was an intense Initiation for me into Amazon High Priestesshood and OWNING that. It was Primal and powerful where She spoke through me as Her  vessel.

As a result my Path has become more primal, shamanic, subtle and not contained,  connected deeply with Mother Earth. It is hard to put into words, but a Time prior to there ever being Queens. The Female Tribe of Amazons and WildWomyn honoring each other, Wild young girls, Artemis and various emanations of Goddess  and Mother Earth. Dancing, drumming, bonfires, raising Energy and connecting, like at Michfest.http://theurbanhowl.com/2016/10/12/invoking-artemis-danielle-dulsky/

Friday, May 26, 2017

We Will Win Again What's Ours- Guest Post by Bodil

Space by space
Thought by thought
Word by word
Body by body

They are stealing it again from us
What we fought for 
What we loved and lived

But space by space
Thought by thought
Word by word
Body by body

We will win again what is ours - every time
Never can we be silenced
Never can we stopped
living and loving
Our freedom, our bodies

Monday, May 8, 2017

My Butchness...something Deep internal WITHIN ME

My butchness is not derived from whether I date a Butch or a femme it is something deep internal Within Me and definitely has to do with lesbianism... all those butches in the trades some dated other butches some dated femmes, but TOGETHER we ARE  a Sisterhood of proud strong capable women with a skill in very adverse environments, who do not fear standing up to men if need be.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Some Recent Posts..Go Beyond Imagining...Clear Crone/Amazon Vision...the Sacrosanct womb...

Go beyond imagining, BRING INTO REALITY:

I declare myself a Free and Feral Female.

I spark off Sister Feral Females and we build a Web together.

We build a gynocratic web so strong that no negative male energy can disrupt it

We build a gynormophic  field of energy that Sparks each Sister Self to come into Her own Power and begins to share that with her Sisters

All womyn throw off the shame, chains,  and veils reaching out their hands across Earth. 

Males no longer hold power, their weapons no longer work with this biophilic ecstatic Female Energy worldwide. 

Every womon finds her voice, discovers her true ecstasy, creativity and pot4ntial and EXPRESSES IT FREELY.

Women no longer fear male violence.

Rape is a crime so heinous as to be unimaginable and nearly extinguished from the planet. Those who engage in it are either put to death or sent to exile in total solitude for at least 5 years, then required to do penance for their crime. 

Women fill 50% or more of all positions across the Earth and at all levels of political office, there are no more barriers.

Women have FULL sexual and reproductive autonomy worldwide.

A woman's word is her bond, and her word and experience are taken seriously.

Womyns space is sacrosanct and NEVER VIOLATED.      -FeistyAmazon
I know STRONGLY the powerful gynomorphic Field of large numbers of WBW coming together in ritual especially Sacred Territory like Michfest.

But there are plenty of lousy mothers in bad "energy patterns" , whether they be crack babies, babies born into poverty starvation, warzones, ect.

No I dont believe in artificial wombs, nor do I believe in surrogacy or extraordinary means het privileged women go to have babies with various reproductive technologies catering to them. Like Octo mom...

I got no problem with adults who are responsible enough to adopt, every child a wanted child. Women  must have total control over their reproductive abilities and being  respected and responsible  around it...men no say so whatsoever.

But if your unable to reproduce, respect that too. Maybe those women are meant for something else, or to adopt children needing a stable loving home. Not EVERYBODY has or should have to pass on their genes. No matter how strong the drives are. Skipped me altogether. I only raise mostly feral kittens to cathood, thats fine by me.
Tapping foot I'M WAITING. The true Crone is NOT so patient, NOR is She quiet. With Her clear eyed Vision She cuts through, just like the Amazon with her Labryis!!!
So if womens rights begin in the womb....then you better respect the Sacred Yoni and the Womb of the Goddess, the LAST arbiter of life and death, and that what a womon does with HER womb is inviolate and Sacred. Hers and HERS ALONE. Otherwise DUDE you risk the Wrath of the Goddess and Her Emanation on Earth:  every Female alive!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

In response to a Goddess Festival Censoring a Lesbian Workshop

In response to The Goddess Festival censoring a Lesbian Workshop for WBW Lesbians called The Disappearing L.

Here is their statement in entirety and my response below:

STATEMENT FROM THE GODDESS FESTIVAL: Controversy has emerged, over one workshop of many beautiful workshops, at the Goddess Festival going on this week. The Festival Planning Circle would like to share with you a more complete story of the situation than you may see through social media posts.
The workshop in question was titled “The Disappearing L: Lesbians Rise Up”. The content involves the changing role of lesbians in the current culture, and the audience was anticipated to be women.
Goddess Festival Planning Circle members attended a meeting with founders of a new transgender rights group, Intransitive, where we listened carefully to the concerns along with a list of demands that were presented. Within the context of our own values for inclusion and welcome for all, we did our best to accommodate these requests. During the meeting we offered to make a public apology, offered to repost the workshop with the inclusive language given us, of “cisgender”, and to sponsor ongoing educational opportunities. But because we were unwilling to shut out the voices of these particular workshop presenters by canceling this workshop, dialogue with Intransitive was withdrawn by Intransitive.
The Goddess Festival and OMNI Center work to open space for many different progressive perspectives and stand firmly for equality and fairness for all people. Many of these carry deep pain from the oppressions we all bring to our work for a better world, but some communities are experiencing greater attack than others. The transgender community, like the immigrant community, is facing attack right now, and we understand their need to defend themselves. We sincerely apologize for the insensitivity we displayed, and would like to make appropriate amends. We hope we can all remember that we are in this struggle together, because that’s what we need to focus on right now.
After the meeting with Intransitive, the minutes of the meeting were taken back to the Goddess Festival Planning Circle. The agenda was fully discussed and arguments from all side were heard. It was determined by the Goddess Festival, acting under the umbrella of OMNI, that the workshop, “Disappearing L” will be cancelled effective immediately. The Goddess Festival and OMNI would like to reiterate that we have a strong partnership with our community and look forward to continuing our commitment to equality together." -The Goddess Festival/OMNI

I teach Amazon, Goddess and Womyns Mysteries, have attending womons and Dianic rituals for 36 years, totally honoring the Goddess of 10,000 Names, the Dyke Witches brought me out in 1981, and I do NOT share my energy with born males or work with male dieties...

The Work is too great to bring the Goddess Energy forth in the hearts of all womyn Called to the Path, and Rebalance the Olanet from.all the toxic male energy!

Goddess Awaken, Goddess arise now!!!I worship the Sacred Female on ALL LEVELS..sexually, emotionally intellectually, Spiritually and Psychically, on EVERY Level!!

No man's Land, not even the Castrati....and there WERE Temples solely dedicated to a particular Goddess and women only  where men could not approach except from a distance...

There ARE other Dieties that HAVE sexual Mysteries of being BOTH sexes like Janus, and the majority of Paganism is in  mixed groups, and the whole Cybele/Adonis thing for the Castrati. They COULD EXPLORE THEIR OWN unique Mysteries WITHOUT coOpting and exploiting OURS. 

WE DykeAmazons MUST stand strong and defend our remaining Territories and create and grow new ones!!!Some of us after the loss of Michfest ARE doing that!!!  -MasterAmazon

Monday, March 20, 2017

We Butches ARE Ceremonial Dykes

 Butch goes back to childhood, a way of Being, a Ceremonial Dyke, in your face Lesbian, unabashedly NONFEMININE, not just coming out, but for a lifetime, often emerging from.tomboy to Butch, every Butch KNOWS this emerging, this claiming of her deepest Self and love and lust for womyn. We are Butch because we cannot be any other way, this is WHO WE ARE. Modern Amazons, we go wherever we want and aim to do whatever we want, without make approval or permission..WE TAKE UP OUR SPACE in ways most other women do not. 

But bottomline, we are lifelong resisters of feminization and accepting  we are "less than" any man. Often we compete directly with them, whether for jobs or other activities and interests. We go where other women fear to tread. Nor does it bother us to be called "masculine", " unfeminine" we claim these titles and Dyke too....we are the wilder fiercer side of Female who TAKES UP HER SPACE.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Butch is NOT A Way Station To Manhood Poem-M.A.

Butch is not a way station to manhood, 
We are not taking that train outta that station
We are all Womon, hearkening back to the ancient Amazons
We are Warriors for womyn, for Ourselves
We dress the way we please
We resist any attempts at constraint
Oour Wills, our Sacred Female Beings
We are Primal, We are Feral, we do not
Conform to het society
We defy all odds. We go where our hearts lead us
We love womyn, womyn like ourselves, womyn who are our polar opposites...
We work to  love OURSELVES as we are told
"You just want to be a man" every time we assert our freedom. Our freedom from clothes that limit us or objectify us to men
Everytime we want a piece of the pie men are unwilling to share
Whether it be  our autonomy, our dream careers, adventurous hobbies, our Dyke sexuality, whatever road and adventures Call to us. 
A Gate arm is closed, a stop sign erected telling us "Women don't do this, you must not be a real woman. You're a Dyke, mannish, a bitch  A shrew, a cow, out of your place, taking a job from a man and his family, your fat and ugly, nobody wants you, this is not for you, women don't do that, don't like that, don't wear that don't don't don't, your out of line and out of place."

We Butches heard it ALL before.
Nonetheless we continue to challenge and we opt to keep our WOMONHOOD because Sisters who understand sustain us. Sisters who allow us to run wild and free. Who recognize our untamed spirits. Our desire to protect women, children, animals, Mother Earth AND OURSELVES. 
WE who EXPAND what a Female CAN do and go where other Females fear to tread.
We are never fully domesticated which is what makes us unique. We allow no man to hold us down or back. We fight with our Amazon Ferocity. 

We are often misunderstood. But we continue to persist and resist for we WILL CHANGE the lot of Womonkind!!! And EXPAND ALL THAT A FEMALE CAN DO!!!        -M.A.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Dyke to Dyke Sex.....

Nope. Dyke to Dyke sex is on a deeper far more profound level than anything Ive expereinced with bi women. There is a part of them always walled off emotionally for the man, and they are always more conservative. Then theres two woman one man thing thats so popular...NO WAY. Lesbians ALSO have the lowest STD rates, fuck bisexuals and we put ourselves at much greater risk, and even higher if they are doing bi men(if you are not practicing safe sex). I ALWAYS practiced safe sex with bi women, nor did I do more intimate acts...

but like some of you said: why give our beautiful lesbian energy to a woman who is going to give it to a man?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hands Across the Aisle: Biology isn't Bigotry

I really admire these women and each of their different perspectives, and their bravery for working together despite differences on an issue affecting every woman and girl. 

My Type of Dykes!!!

I probably know several of the women in this potential documentary
who moved from London to San Francisco. Hotties!!

What about our Younger Amazonian Lesbian Sisters, Where Are They? Some Lesbian Herstory

I dont believe in"political Lesbianism". Either you are Lesbian and attracted to women or you are not. Almost EVERY so called "political lesbian" I dated ended up going back to men, or were bi. They just stayed in the Lesbian lifestyle when the Lesbian community was strong, hip, where its at, and where we had our Lesbian infrastructure, businesses, bookstores, workshops, Festivals just for our primarily for us. Soon as that was no longer the case these women jumped ship and went back to men. Now the trans community is the "hip"place to be.

It is no more correct to pressure women into Lesbianism because of a politic than it is to pressure Lesbians to accept males as sex partners because of societal pressure or now, trans politics "lesbians have penises too"(mtfs  INSISTING they are Lesbians).

Fact of the matter unlike some of us oldtimers who HAD a vibrant STRONG Lesbian community to come into, both politically and sexually, bars, clubs, events, conferences, bookstores, festivals, hot tub places, martial arts schools, printing presses, Lesbian Lands, coffeehouses which ALL catered to us as Dykes and womyn, we COULD live an almost entirely Separatist lifestyle centering womyn and each other with the exception of our jobs, even so I still got alot of side jobs from Lesbians and womyn friends. 

But when the economy soured, womyn nested or got complacent, started buying their books from Amazon dot com(our very WORD stolen and used against us), instead of the independent Lesbian/womyns bookstores to save a few pennies, and invested more in their personal lives than community, or gay males dying from AIDS, and went back to the male run churches,  bought their houses, had their lesbian version of white picket fences, stated they were done with being "political" or were "nonpolitical", while still enjoying Michfest or the once a year Dyke Marches or Dykes on Bikes, other forces friendlier to Lesbians who felt left out began moving in. 

And the fact also that gay male culture is so much glitzier with so many more economic resources than Lesbians have EVER had access to, being THEY ARE MEN with MALE privilege.

Once the tatters of the great Lesbian Nation began to show, and the incessant infighting, Lesbians began moving away from it, whether identifying more as "gay", or "queer", Or eventually trans and transmasculine, which Lesbian Feminism has not accomodated Butches particularily well, or differences like Butch/Femme or the more invisible Butch on Butch.

Women went to friendlier territories. Meanwhile MTFs always did their best to crash our spaces, and since they werent told "no" often enough, they persisted continuing to infiltrate our culture.  Between the young women identifying not  as Lesbian, but as queer, gay, genderqueer, transmasculine or even FTM, then aligning with mtfs who had always felt maligned by more Separatist Lesbians among us, myself included who said "no", and gay men who would so willingly take our support and help around AIDS and THEIR causes, but rarely supported us in OUR OWN, or considered us "fish", or too strong and strident for them, or  not willing to share their power with us in our mixed community organizations like Pride, or a host of Lesbian/Gay organizations being sexist males themselves, some with THEIR OWN Separatism and distaste for womyn, we began to wane in our collective power.

ANY young Lesbian coming out today, and especially if shes Butchy or tomboy, would get pressure to align with the trans movement, with gay males, accept yes Lesbians have penises(mtfs), and shamed if she fought that craziness, and that anybody can be anything that they say they are, and why would she want to discriminate against ftms or mtfs if she wanted womyn only spaces or sought them? And maybe because shes nonfeminine maybe shes an ftm too, so join us on the bandwagon so we can feel good about growing our little goatees and having our breasts chopped off.

She wouldnt be emerging into a real Lesbian culture at all, or one that was even at its most basic womonaffirming.

Even the proud Dykes on Bikes and so many Butches that were proud ground breaking Females that so inspired me and that I followed me, now, a large number are on T, or wanting to transition, or thinking about it, or insisting on male pronouns, that she would be utterly confused and completely in the minority if her inner voice said "But I AM FEMALE, I AM NOT FEMININE, I resisted feminity all my life, BUT PROUD TO BE FEMALE, I WANT TO BE WITH WOMYN AND PENIS IS NOT FEMALE, THAT IS WHAT I AM LEAVING BEHIND", the MOMENT she utters what shes thinking she will be labeled "terf", "cis", "one of those" "monosexual", "bigoted" "I like people, not genitalia", and other such similar claptrap.

The Lesbian community has gone underground, so it would be immensely hard to recruit new, younger sisters to the cause, UNLESS we SEE them fighting among their peers as I have online, and come to their side and say: " there IS a place for you, we were once strong resisting males and male ideology, but now we must rebuild our Amazon Nation once again...come with us where you will find Sisters and friends."

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Butch Dyke is WHO WE ARE TO OUR CORE, Not a Role!!

No role. Femininity is ENFORCED, us Butches REJECT femininity in most of its forms and  most of us from a young age..but we are STILL FEMALE, still womyn!! And we been punished all our lives in so.many ways for REJECTING enforced femininity.  We are OBVIOUS Lesbians, feral females who dont kowtow to men. Modern day Amazons...WE RESISTED.

You could say all those feminine women who claimed tomboyhood at a young age capitulated by teenage, cracked from the pressure or the ButchAmazon Calling was NOT within them. But more likely they gave into the social pressure whether from parents, peers, teachers or others...WE NEVER DID!!

And sadly the same could be said for all the young teen and 20 somethings who decide to transition. BECAUSE they WERENT feminine, the one image that is visible and echoed in media and in malestream culture EVERYWHERE, and rewarded the closer one gets to the ideal, the opposite is punished, thusly cuz they DIDNT FIT IN with femininity, and because many also started having attractions to women, they thought and it was reinforced by peers, family and malestream society they must BE male.

So instead of EVEN pursuing going from tomboyhood to coming out Butch, a FEMALE RESISTER OF FEMININE BEHAVIORS AND EXPECTATIONS, a moden day Amazon, they decided or had decided for them, THEY MUST BE MALE!!

Because being a Butch is a HUGE taboo. We resist men, being objectified by them, treated less than by them, settling for less or assuming a submissive posture to them. Thusly we are made invisible, deemed to be ugly(according ONLY to male standards), a Lesbian stereotype, because we FULLY EMBODY our Lesbian Beings, we ARE nothing less, and so much more...we ARE modern day Amazons and Warriors. And we keep Lesbian culture and its womon centeredness alive, those of us Butches that put Femaleness first foremost, forever, AS WOMYN, and our attraction FOR womyn!! -MasterAmazon

Friday, February 3, 2017

Butch: Womon unto Herself GUEST POST A.D. TIGER


A stance.
A look.
A tilt of the head.
A smile.
That invisible boundary that says 'Fuck the patriarchy'.
Unto herself woman. 

She who moves always forward.
Her footsteps forge a path ever powerful
I follow.
Society's enigma.
-A.D. Tiger

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Correlation.between Lesbians and Feminism

I sure wish WE DID, but we depend on Feminism way more than alot of straight women do, especially better off straaoghtbwomen who.identify and vote with their men(lime the 53% of white women.voting for Trump). We have no MAN supporting US ww support OURSELVES, so we NEED AND DEPEND ON EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK, full sexual autonomy as females, nondiscrimimation clauses in the field of work and most especially nontraditional.work like the better paying Trades, Fire, Police , now IT and other male dominated professions.

We too suffer physical and sexual violence against us as FEMALES, and I would bet that per capita, a MUCH HIGHRR PERCENTAGE of Lesbians are Feminists than straight women. Lesbians are behinf just about every progressive social.movement out there without being recognized.

We broke into.male professions like the Trades, Police, Fore before many straightbwomen did, especially us Butches, partly cuz we didnt fear being called "unfeminine" for competing with men, and BECAUSE WE NEEDED THE BETTER SALARIES to survive, since NO MAN was supporting us.

Also we have our rich Lesbian culture of creating Radically Elemental Feminism environments like Michfest and other womyns Festivals, Conferences and Spaces, Lesbian and Womyn Land communities as REFUGES and Sancturaies AWAY from.the Patriarchy. Wrote volumesof books what it would be like to kive amongst just womyn or in societies free of male control.over our psyches and bodies, so.many of us learned and taught martial arts to other womyn so we and they could protect ourselvrs from.male violence, gathered togetber to confront perpetators, organized and participated in Take Back the Night Movements. Just read Lillian Faderman in What Lesbians Have Done For Americaat the EXTENSIVE CONTRIBUTIONS of Lesbians by and FOR the Feminist and Suffragette Movements.

Without having to kowtow to.men, babies, pregnancies and children,Lesbians had and have the ability to devote  their energies COMPLETELY to tge cause, wothout worrying about men getting jealous for devoting their energies to.other women first and foremost and NOT him or children, or as they are building a Movement, having to move and pull up stakes and all their Movement connections because of HIS career. This is WHY Lesbians traditiomally have had such an.outsized contribution to Womens Liberation in ALL ASPECTS as a whole. Our  World is Female, we seek out othe Females for mates, and WE WANT TO BE  FULLY BE FREE AS FEMALES IN EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES.

This is the difference for us as Lesbianism.is an entire Worldview for us, Akin to Amazonism, and not just merely who we fuck, but it STARTS from.the erotic, free of male control over our bodies and most intimate lives. NOBODY BUT NOBODY puts Females First tge way us cultural Lesbians do..it is our VERY LIFE BLOOD. THIS IS WHY SO MANY OF US ARE SO DEEPLY GRIEVING THE LOSS OF MICHFEST AND OUR DYKEAMAZON COMEPLETELY CENTERED FEMALE MATRIARCHAL.HOMELAND.

But, we are determined to rebuild...for ourselves, and for womonkind.

And our Feminisms are completely different than straight woman feminsm.too, we dont have to worry about impregnation.with every sexact, or intimate male partner violence and sexploitation, but we do need access to decent paying jobs where we are treated fairly, a Planet where we can breathe and have clean water, healthy food, clean soil to grow that food...

Sure there are Lesbians that are bar dykes, dont follow politics, arent cultural Lesbians or Feminists, where our tattered culture has disappeared, been disrespected, our bookstores, lesbian.businesses, our festivals and spaces disappeared to where they think.that Lesbianism.is merely about who you fuck and no more, who have NEVER been on womyns land or lived in this alternative very FEMALE culture separate from the patriarchy for ANY length of time, oncluding GAY MALE Patriarchy as well.

 Thats,the whole thing about queerdom, istaking Lesbians AWAY from our essential FEMALE culture so renewong down to.OUR SOULS, in favor of identification with males.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What is A Butch? You know her by the FIRE IN HER EYES!!!

What is a Butch??? My response:

I dont do gender, I REJECTED FEMININE ROLES SINCE AGE 7, adopted Feminism.at age 9 in 1969,  I am seeking my Full Female Autonomy, always have. Went from Tomboy to Butch when I came out. No rollers, no curls, no dresses, no skirts, no hose, no makeup, no lady razors or hair shaving, preferably no bra, no highly girly pursuits for me. Instead ice hockey, martial arts, the Trades, as a young Tomboy morphed into Butch as I came out, a pioneer, a groundbreaker, an Amazon Warrior, going where other women feared to go...like ALL my Butch Sisters and Butch Mentors...you could call us untameable Feral Females.

Some Butches like Femmes, some of us Butches prefer other Butches, some enjoy BOTH Butch and Femme, but bottomline Butches LOVE AND LUST AFTER WOMEN!!

Ok for me, Female Identified Butch is a modern day version.of an Amazon. Womon loving womon, sometimes fierce, wears sensible shoes, boots and sandals generally low to the ground, solid stance, direct stare, stands her ground, doesnt concede to men, often with short hair, but not always, often dresses in  traditionally mens clothes, but BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMON, on her, they are WOMENS CLOTHES,  some wear jewelry,  some dont, but you KNOW HER BY THE FIRE OF DESIRE IN HER EYES. IN THAT SHE DOES NOT FLINCH.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Another Lesbian medley post-MasterAmazon

And folks are born a sex, not gender. Gender is purely a patriarchal construct to keep females down, and males one up, reinforced throughout the world by male dominated religion, political, social and economic institutions run.by males for males.

WBW Lesbians are the ONLY Beings able to separate from male domination for short periods of time, and on an erotic level as well, where we can choose to give our energies solely to females on the deepest most intimate levels.

Then anytime we talk about OUR NEEDS, suddenly it turns to "intersex" and where do they fit? along with the tired "transwomen are women" trope. ANYTHING but Lesbians advocating SOLELY for OURSELVES...

Intersex people gotta speak FOR THEMSELVES. I am addressing Sister WBW not the .005%,  this is a silencing tactic of the 99.95% of biological Females and our erasure and ESPECIALLY of  Lesbian/Dyke communities and Being....

Now being threatened to be kicked out for my views:  Not arguing, stating OUR viewpoint. We represent born female Older Bolder Lesbians, lifelong Lesbians, by and FOR lifelong born female Lesbians, without compromise. This is who WE are, who we connect with, and we are a part of the community, our needs are NOT getting met, we are not going away. Either we are PART of this community or we arent. I am not the only one here. Already I have made 3 connections on this group alone.

We done and still do the marches, we are OUT, we put our bodies on the line, do not sit in the closet, and advocate by and FOR Lesbians unashamedly. We have resisted male encroachment, pressure and shaming from within and without as we see our ability to connect so under attack, both within and without. We wont be silenced any longer. And yes, we ARE organizing. Others hear our words...they Remember. And creating, ESPECIALLY after the loss of our DykeAmazon Lesbian HomeLand of Michfest.

We ARE Older  Bolder Fierce Dykes. Probably too undiluted, too strong a cup of tea for most. - MasterAmazon

Lifelong LandDyke Jo GUEST POST

 I met Jo in an over 50 Lesbian group which was NOT entirely about Lesbians. Y'all know what I mean....and she had this wonderful share as a lifelong LandDyke reaching out to me and how much I VALUE our Dyke and WBW SPACE and Beings something we have in common, another DykeAmazon Sister!!!
           - M.A 

" I think you and I share the same views/beliefs about wbw lesbian space.  I agree with all you have written on this thread/conversation.  I am 52 yrs old, I have been out since I was 15.    My thoughts about wbw lesbian space:  I can't express the depth of my gratitude to all the dykes who came before me, who worked, sweat, sometimes bled, struggled, faced hate in the face, and were able to create safe lesbian wbw spaces for themselves and we who came after you.  Like Michfest, other concert or meeting type events/spaces, and to me, most importantly, lesbian/womyn's land.  I have no problems with trans folks.  I don't understand all their issues, but I believe that they must be deeply felt and real to them, to go thru the work and pain of transitioning.  I also respect the (often/usually) 'young folks'  beliefs of gender fluidity and being 'queer', rather than more 'specific' names for themselves.  I think that somewhere in the future, in the distant, distant future, lesbians, trans folks, queers, bi folks, and maybe even gay men, may be able to share space and work together.  I think some of the 'young' womyn think that that time has arrived.  And they are embracing the whole spectrum of people now.  I think they believe this because they are removed and unknowing and understanding of what has been done for them by older womyn and dykes.  I strongly DO NOT believe that time of embracing everyone is here.  I think lesbians and wbw still very much need their own spaces.  To be with 'their own', to be with those who have understanding of the herstory of our shared struggle.  I have lived on wbw land for the last 23 yrs.  (DOE in SW WI - since '76 - feel free to message me for info)  I, and all the womyn who have passed thru this land in the last 40 yrs, have reveled in being able to be themselves and being safe in nature.  To share with those who have shared life experiences.  To learn from each other, and grow stronger together.  This is irreplaceable and so valuable in this world.  I don't have a problem with trans or other folks, but I believe they need to create their own spaces.  To fight for them, and to make them what they want and need.  And then to revel in those spaces, being with others like them, and sharing with each other.  I hate that many trans folks think that we need to share what we have created for ourselves with them.  Because in doing that, what we have is lost forever.  And I don't believe that is what most of my foremothers worked and fought for.  And I KNOW that is not what I have worked and fought for, in my 23 yrs here on wbw land."                -Jo

Monday, January 16, 2017

Supportive of WBW Space from a Different Perspective Guest Post: JD Bowen

I found support in a Lesbian group where many do not see the value of WBW space, whether J D  Bowen partakes or not, JD is supportive of us Dykes who NEED IT.  JD covers many topics in a logical and clear minded fashion. A valuable truthsaying perspective.   -M.A.

"I am a butch dyke who is also gender queer. I'm not a man and have no plan to transition - I find it distressing that so many butches feel pressure to transition and many are unhappy - some unhappy enough to transition back. I am female born and have been out in the LGBT community for over 30 years. I never really embraced the label lesbian and felt much more comfortable with dyke or queer or gay. Even before I finally sucked up the courage and faced the gender question about 15 years ago. I live in the middle but am female born and female bodied. I share this to give context as I now sometimes feel like an intruder in WBW spaces. As someone who identifies as trans or gender bent or gender queer, I have much more in common with WBW lesbians than those who have or are transitioning. Of all the transwomen I've met, most still have assumed privilege that they are blind to, assumed entitlement that they are blind to, and more male conditioned ways of communicating. It is different talking to a transwoman than a born female woman. The reality is they have been raised as boys even though they rejected it and have been  granted the freedoms and expectations of boys when they were in their first few years of life. Social conditioning plays a huge role in how we communicate and impacts the lens through which we see the world. Of course there are always exceptions to every generalization. But they are the exceptions, not the norm. Woman don't have the space to be themselves. To come down from being on guard. To relax and let the unconscious protections go. And when transwomen enter a women's only space with their male-based entitlement and communication styles, the space immediately stops being the safe haven for WBW. This is just my observations based on my personal experience. It isn't likely true for every situation out there - it has been true in my personal experiences. WBW spaces need to be guarded religiously and held sacred. I remember well the days when lesbian bars would get popular and gay men would start to hang out and eventually the lesbian bar became a gay bar and in time the lesbians stopped going because the energy and the safety factor had changed. The only time I was ever sexually assaulted in a bar was in a gay men's bar. Safe women's spaces disappear far too quickly. I don't have an opinion on whether this fb group is or needs to be a WBW space - only the group owner and moderators can make that decision. But I do fully support those who are saying they need WBW only spaces."  -JD Bowen

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lesbian Medley!! Several different posts!

Thank you K. Morrigan, you speak for more and more of us Longtime Lesbians who have watched OUR Lesbian and womyns culture slowly frittered away by those who do NOT represent us or reflect OUR wbw Lesbian lives fully AS FEMALES LOVING FEMALES.

Our bookstores, businesses, festivals, Lands, places in the community disappeared as OUR letter in the alphabet soup, by and FOR Lesbians as an integral group. So many of our Lesbian resources LOST, for male identified queerification.

But heck SOME of us ARE rebuilding, by and FOR our WBW Lesbian brethren and from the painful loss of Michfest, our DykeAmazon Homeland...

You wear Her name proudly, Kendra... Not so old. The QIA is a bunch of nonsense. Either your homo or not..homosex will ALWAYS be proscribed by the patriarchal religionists, just like abortion, because its not procreation.

Actually we should be sacred and in fact in  Butch Lesbian Judy Grahn's book Another Mother Tongue: Gay Words, Gay Worlds she speaks of our Sacred Offices and often Shamanic roles. She talk wbout the crossdressing ,the homosexuality and Lesbinism that sets us apart at liminal boundaries and our shamanic function in the tribe/culture as healers and communicatirs with the Sacred being OFF the reproductive cycle, our energies being freed for other purposes, often spiritual and sublime energies....from Amazons to faerys to the Ceremonial Butch which I fit perfectly, leather clad, tattoed with heavy jewelry..yes moi...questioning EVERYTHING about dominant hetro xtian culture which has been SOOO murderous towards its Lesbian/Gay and cross dressing members and women in power. They were often the first to be eliminated by Conquistadoes, Crusaders and conquerors. Right on Sister!!!NOTHING "right wing" about it...Lesbians are Lesbians FOR A REASON, cuz we exclusively are oriented to sexual intimacy with FEMALE bodies/minds/spirits, that is never HAD a penis, doesnt HAVE a penis, and doesnt want one either. We are Female Homosexuals, not Homogenderals, and Lesbians have been FAR MORE ACCEPTING of all kinds of Female bodies WAYYYY more than men, we have been at the center of the size acceptance movement and other Lesbians have tught me to be proud of my body and size, we have had strong Lesbian disability movements and I have partnered with Lesbians very much part of the Disabled Lesbian.movement, we come in mutiple expressions of WOMONHOOD from hardcore Butch Dyke to high Femme to DykeAmazons, androgynes and everything inbetween.

The tastes of het men are generally very narrow, and certainly shaming to women who dont fit with the Hollywood feminine stereotypes and ideals, or at least the aspiration to.

Many Dykes reject all that for OUR OWN far broader Female styles. We have had strong Lesbian of Color movements, and our Dyke Marches. But one thing we have in common is Lesbianism is NO MANS LAND WE DEFINE IT, NOT MALES. AND ITS A FLESH PENIS FREE YONI WORSHIPPING, VULVA AND BREAST LOVING ZONE.

If you NEED any level of Lesbian energy, then go chase after bisexual women and LEAVE US Dykes ALONE!!!! This is why I believe in collectivism. I love doing ritual with womyn connecting with each other's energies. But "We Create Our Own Reality" is OLD. While I'm trying to create MY reality, billions of others are trying to create THEIRS, but the ones who end up "creating reality" are those with money and power, screwing and stepping on the necks of the rest of us. Never is this acknowledged with New Agers.

I remember when Law of Attraction was all the rage. I was at a 12-step conference waiting in line to be seated for the main meeting that night the doors were closed because they were rearranging the room so I was talking to this lesbian I knew and I  liked her I mean as far as on a friendship level and I was telling her about some of my frustration trying to get work this was the height of the recession and she said we all create our own reality and I said look I didn't create the recession I didn't want a damn recession and I'm just trying to get work and trying to survive I'm doing everything to try to get work and it's not working and she just kept repeating you create your own reality over and over again and I said I didn't vote for George W. Bush I didn't ask for a recession I didn't ask to be kicked out of work and not be able to get a job because there's no jobs to be had and she just kept saying it no matter what I said look I don't control the entire nation and she kept saying you create your own reality and I looked into her eyes and it was absolutely the most frightening thing that I saw she was completely brainwashed there was nothing there nobody home and I know she just joined this new agey type Church and I walked away from her and talk to a good friend of mine who is also on disability with a lot of health issues a minority lesbian and I told her this and she said the woman said the same thing to her about her financial issues and her health issues the same blinding repetition of words without any thought that's called brainwashing. To have all the great Lesbian sex in the world, and dress however I want, whether in full leather, or in my tie dye or Priestess gear or rainbow wear, and to be able to wear my pentacle and Goddess jewelry all the time, NEVER feel the need to censor myself and never wear a bra no matter what, and be my Wild DykeAMazon Self and have THAT honored...the skills that speak to me most, use them the most....and to be able to write and think and share with other Dykes, other womyn, and other Goddess womyn, and have tons of Goddess Temples I can go to or affordable retreats that are strictly womyn only and Lesbian positive...to GROW in all my Powers, psychically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually! Transborg. You wanna be a Borg??NOT ME. The Borg are transhuman, the most frightening enemy the Federation ever faced with a hive mind. They think nothing of dismembering intelligent species they come across and implanting their cyber metallic computer robotic parts on flesh, along with nanites.

WE HAVE nanite technology already and if improperly unleashed can destroy this planet. Sandia labs, across from Lawrence Livermore Lab is developing nanite technology.

All Star Trek series since the original series dealt with the Borg, transhumanists par excellence. Then they can have computer connections to further their hive mind.

This is also the basis of The Matrix where humans are plugged into a mainframe, Star Wars (Darth Vader and even Luke Skywalker with his artificial hand) and Battlestar Galactica where the CyBORGS imitate humans so closely you cant even tell the difference.

Men wanting female robots so they can have their way without worrying about what a real female feels or thinks.

I fully understand replacement limbs for disabled, amputees, those who had their limbs destroyed in wars or industrial accidents, and giving them  something lifelike as good as the "real deal". Synthetic organs that work so they dont have to wait months or years for a transplant, or the horrible transplant industry feeding off third world countries and people.

But totally becoming something you are not, and buying the body you can afford, well Hollywood been doing that all along. Already watching a True Crime show: its called "The News" Or "How I Stole The Election and Sold the Country to Russia...with Love(of money)"As a Butch womon, I CRAVE Female spaces, and have a strong aversion to "feminine" spaces, that is talk of feminine fashion, body self hate and "fatness", diet, attraction and obsession about males, insignificant "girltalk" and gossip, obsession with Hollywood figures and other feminine pursuits.

While I have inhabited predominately male only spaces as well(first girl in boy only hockey team and league, often ONLY or one of very few Females on an entire job site of up to 100 men, only Female in my dojo who did Full Contact Karate and in the "animal" class, only Female in my Electrical Apprenticeship classes cuz the other two dropped out early on, with exclusively male teachers), it is PRECISELY WHY I hunt for and crave Dyke and womonly only FEMALE SPACES, not queer ones, ones mixed with gay males, ftms or mtfs...just other born females and strongly Dyke centered, I CRAVED AND NEED that FEMALE ENERGY;   FEMALE ENERGY IS NOT NECESSARILY FEMININE ENERGY. That is a mistake queens, mtfs and many feminine   straight women make. It goes WAY DEEPER than fashion. I NEED IT having given 40 hours of my week to sexist and often racist and homophobic men. Even gay men are often sexist towards Lesbians and Butches especially.

Female energy is far more diverse and primal INCLUSIVE OF AND GUARDED BY Butch women and other Amazons who feel similarly.

Any womon who has been to Michfest understands this and just how far the POWER OF gynocentric FEMALE ENERGY can go and just how POWERFUL AND DIVERSE IT IS.

It does not reference or center males of ANY TYPE, it centers girls and adult womyn of EVERY age and temperament, size, shspe, color and age,  from hardcore Butch to high Femme and EVERY Female INBETWEEN, those who bleed or have bled the Sacred Moonblood, it goes back in time and far into the Future. Something no male can either possibly understand OR control. And I will NOT cede it to ANY born male, nor will 1000s of other womyn, some who could from the outside "pass" as male. It is something every one of us Amazons will gladly defend to our last days, and have before...

Sunday, January 8, 2017


As a Butch womon, I CRAVE Female spaces, and have a strong aversion to "feminine" spaces, that is talk of feminine fashion, body self hate and "fatness", diet, attraction and obsession about males, insignificant "girltalk" and gossip, obsession with Hollywood figures and other feminine pursuits.

While I have inhabited predominately male only spaces as well(first girl in boy only hockey team and league, often ONLY or one of very few Females on an entire job site of up to 100 men, only Female in my dojo who did Full Contact Karate and in the "animal" class, only Female in my Electrical Apprenticeship classes cuz the other two dropped out early on, with exclusively male teachers), it is PRECISELY WHY I hunt for and crave Dyke and womonly only FEMALE SPACES, not queer ones, ones mixed with gay males, ftms or mtfs...just other born females and strongly Dyke centered, I CRAVED AND NEED that FEMALE ENERGY;   FEMALE ENERGY IS NOT NECESSARILY FEMININE ENERGY. That is a mistake queens, mtfs and many feminine   straight women make. It goes WAY DEEPER than fashion. I NEED IT having given 40 hours of my week to sexist and often racist and homophobic men. Even gay men are often sexist towards Lesbians and Butches especially.

Female energy is far more diverse and primal INCLUSIVE OF AND GUARDED BY Butch women and other Amazons who feel similarly. 

Any womon who has been to Michfest understands this and just how far the POWER OF gynocentric FEMALE ENERGY can go and just how POWERFUL AND DIVERSE IT IS.

It does not reference or center males of ANY TYPE, it centers girls and adult womyn of EVERY age and temperament, size, shspe, color and age,  from hardcore Butch to high Femme and EVERY Female INBETWEEN, those who bleed or have bled the Sacred Moonblood, it goes back in time and far into the Future. Something no male can either possibly understand OR control. And I will NOT cede it to ANY born male, nor will 1000s of other womyn, some who could from the outside "pass" as male. It is something every one of us Amazons will gladly defend to our last days, and have before...

Tribe or Bridge Type Person

I have always searched for  my "Tribe", closest I felt was at Michfest and cried terribly during the last Spiral Dance because I KNEW my   Amazonian Dyke Tribe was going into the Diaspora, a pain I known as one raised Jewish. Felt the same at the Shabbat of Jewish Dykes there too, and cried throughout the whole Shabbat KNOWING I wouldnt see my JewDyke Sisters in those numbers in that capacity ever again...and the Service was MATRIARCHAL, could have the best of both worlds rather than constantly choosing...

But ultimately I have ALWAYS felt like a Bridge person, bringing opposites together or certainly disparate threads, never feeling too settled amongst any ONE community for fear I would be forced to conform and couldnt BE my Full Self in entirety.  Even as an Amazon Warrior/Witch, I was the wandering Amazon JewWitch, traveling between Dianic Circles because no SINGLE one was Home. I always needed a much larger more diverse Community as Homebase..like EWF or Michfest to Gather when MANY  different Tribes of womyn came together. And one on one friendships.

Very profound Heather Doney...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Ah woo or not to.woo, NEVER take away my WOO..cuz WOO WORKS. Science in some ways is just another religion, with its Priests and Paradigms, ignoring evidence of what it cant explain. I wed BOTH intuition AND intellect together, right and left brain. Shaman/Witch/Magician and Scientist. Course the first Scientists WERE Priest(esses) of the ancient Solar and Lunar Observatories studying the heavenly bodies inmthe sky AND studying herbs and plants in Nature.

We have abilitues as yet undiscovered...or lost.

Bottomline, yes, SOLIDARITY. For women, our POWERFUL Sisterhood and its gynocentric potential to.make ENORMOUS change in the ENTIRE patriarchal.paradigm, why we are so FEARED, if we come together sans males, AND our leadership for a different more copperative less competitive less  warlike Way.

But whether solidarity is between womyn, Natives, the dispossessed, 99%ers, minorities, lovers of our freat planet, or ALL of us innthe side of positive change that treads lightly and innharmony with the Planet and each other, we MUST STAND STRONG as the 300 Native Tribes at Standing Rock.did DESPITE DIFFERENCES, or a difficult past. While NEVER compromising our principles to.moneyed corruption. Do NOT be bough off!!