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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lesbian Medley!! Several different posts!

Thank you K. Morrigan, you speak for more and more of us Longtime Lesbians who have watched OUR Lesbian and womyns culture slowly frittered away by those who do NOT represent us or reflect OUR wbw Lesbian lives fully AS FEMALES LOVING FEMALES.

Our bookstores, businesses, festivals, Lands, places in the community disappeared as OUR letter in the alphabet soup, by and FOR Lesbians as an integral group. So many of our Lesbian resources LOST, for male identified queerification.

But heck SOME of us ARE rebuilding, by and FOR our WBW Lesbian brethren and from the painful loss of Michfest, our DykeAmazon Homeland...

You wear Her name proudly, Kendra... Not so old. The QIA is a bunch of nonsense. Either your homo or not..homosex will ALWAYS be proscribed by the patriarchal religionists, just like abortion, because its not procreation.

Actually we should be sacred and in fact in  Butch Lesbian Judy Grahn's book Another Mother Tongue: Gay Words, Gay Worlds she speaks of our Sacred Offices and often Shamanic roles. She talk wbout the crossdressing ,the homosexuality and Lesbinism that sets us apart at liminal boundaries and our shamanic function in the tribe/culture as healers and communicatirs with the Sacred being OFF the reproductive cycle, our energies being freed for other purposes, often spiritual and sublime energies....from Amazons to faerys to the Ceremonial Butch which I fit perfectly, leather clad, tattoed with heavy jewelry..yes moi...questioning EVERYTHING about dominant hetro xtian culture which has been SOOO murderous towards its Lesbian/Gay and cross dressing members and women in power. They were often the first to be eliminated by Conquistadoes, Crusaders and conquerors. Right on Sister!!!NOTHING "right wing" about it...Lesbians are Lesbians FOR A REASON, cuz we exclusively are oriented to sexual intimacy with FEMALE bodies/minds/spirits, that is never HAD a penis, doesnt HAVE a penis, and doesnt want one either. We are Female Homosexuals, not Homogenderals, and Lesbians have been FAR MORE ACCEPTING of all kinds of Female bodies WAYYYY more than men, we have been at the center of the size acceptance movement and other Lesbians have tught me to be proud of my body and size, we have had strong Lesbian disability movements and I have partnered with Lesbians very much part of the Disabled Lesbian.movement, we come in mutiple expressions of WOMONHOOD from hardcore Butch Dyke to high Femme to DykeAmazons, androgynes and everything inbetween.

The tastes of het men are generally very narrow, and certainly shaming to women who dont fit with the Hollywood feminine stereotypes and ideals, or at least the aspiration to.

Many Dykes reject all that for OUR OWN far broader Female styles. We have had strong Lesbian of Color movements, and our Dyke Marches. But one thing we have in common is Lesbianism is NO MANS LAND WE DEFINE IT, NOT MALES. AND ITS A FLESH PENIS FREE YONI WORSHIPPING, VULVA AND BREAST LOVING ZONE.

If you NEED any level of Lesbian energy, then go chase after bisexual women and LEAVE US Dykes ALONE!!!! This is why I believe in collectivism. I love doing ritual with womyn connecting with each other's energies. But "We Create Our Own Reality" is OLD. While I'm trying to create MY reality, billions of others are trying to create THEIRS, but the ones who end up "creating reality" are those with money and power, screwing and stepping on the necks of the rest of us. Never is this acknowledged with New Agers.

I remember when Law of Attraction was all the rage. I was at a 12-step conference waiting in line to be seated for the main meeting that night the doors were closed because they were rearranging the room so I was talking to this lesbian I knew and I  liked her I mean as far as on a friendship level and I was telling her about some of my frustration trying to get work this was the height of the recession and she said we all create our own reality and I said look I didn't create the recession I didn't want a damn recession and I'm just trying to get work and trying to survive I'm doing everything to try to get work and it's not working and she just kept repeating you create your own reality over and over again and I said I didn't vote for George W. Bush I didn't ask for a recession I didn't ask to be kicked out of work and not be able to get a job because there's no jobs to be had and she just kept saying it no matter what I said look I don't control the entire nation and she kept saying you create your own reality and I looked into her eyes and it was absolutely the most frightening thing that I saw she was completely brainwashed there was nothing there nobody home and I know she just joined this new agey type Church and I walked away from her and talk to a good friend of mine who is also on disability with a lot of health issues a minority lesbian and I told her this and she said the woman said the same thing to her about her financial issues and her health issues the same blinding repetition of words without any thought that's called brainwashing. To have all the great Lesbian sex in the world, and dress however I want, whether in full leather, or in my tie dye or Priestess gear or rainbow wear, and to be able to wear my pentacle and Goddess jewelry all the time, NEVER feel the need to censor myself and never wear a bra no matter what, and be my Wild DykeAMazon Self and have THAT honored...the skills that speak to me most, use them the most....and to be able to write and think and share with other Dykes, other womyn, and other Goddess womyn, and have tons of Goddess Temples I can go to or affordable retreats that are strictly womyn only and Lesbian positive...to GROW in all my Powers, psychically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually! Transborg. You wanna be a Borg??NOT ME. The Borg are transhuman, the most frightening enemy the Federation ever faced with a hive mind. They think nothing of dismembering intelligent species they come across and implanting their cyber metallic computer robotic parts on flesh, along with nanites.

WE HAVE nanite technology already and if improperly unleashed can destroy this planet. Sandia labs, across from Lawrence Livermore Lab is developing nanite technology.

All Star Trek series since the original series dealt with the Borg, transhumanists par excellence. Then they can have computer connections to further their hive mind.

This is also the basis of The Matrix where humans are plugged into a mainframe, Star Wars (Darth Vader and even Luke Skywalker with his artificial hand) and Battlestar Galactica where the CyBORGS imitate humans so closely you cant even tell the difference.

Men wanting female robots so they can have their way without worrying about what a real female feels or thinks.

I fully understand replacement limbs for disabled, amputees, those who had their limbs destroyed in wars or industrial accidents, and giving them  something lifelike as good as the "real deal". Synthetic organs that work so they dont have to wait months or years for a transplant, or the horrible transplant industry feeding off third world countries and people.

But totally becoming something you are not, and buying the body you can afford, well Hollywood been doing that all along. Already watching a True Crime show: its called "The News" Or "How I Stole The Election and Sold the Country to Russia...with Love(of money)"As a Butch womon, I CRAVE Female spaces, and have a strong aversion to "feminine" spaces, that is talk of feminine fashion, body self hate and "fatness", diet, attraction and obsession about males, insignificant "girltalk" and gossip, obsession with Hollywood figures and other feminine pursuits.

While I have inhabited predominately male only spaces as well(first girl in boy only hockey team and league, often ONLY or one of very few Females on an entire job site of up to 100 men, only Female in my dojo who did Full Contact Karate and in the "animal" class, only Female in my Electrical Apprenticeship classes cuz the other two dropped out early on, with exclusively male teachers), it is PRECISELY WHY I hunt for and crave Dyke and womonly only FEMALE SPACES, not queer ones, ones mixed with gay males, ftms or mtfs...just other born females and strongly Dyke centered, I CRAVED AND NEED that FEMALE ENERGY;   FEMALE ENERGY IS NOT NECESSARILY FEMININE ENERGY. That is a mistake queens, mtfs and many feminine   straight women make. It goes WAY DEEPER than fashion. I NEED IT having given 40 hours of my week to sexist and often racist and homophobic men. Even gay men are often sexist towards Lesbians and Butches especially.

Female energy is far more diverse and primal INCLUSIVE OF AND GUARDED BY Butch women and other Amazons who feel similarly.

Any womon who has been to Michfest understands this and just how far the POWER OF gynocentric FEMALE ENERGY can go and just how POWERFUL AND DIVERSE IT IS.

It does not reference or center males of ANY TYPE, it centers girls and adult womyn of EVERY age and temperament, size, shspe, color and age,  from hardcore Butch to high Femme and EVERY Female INBETWEEN, those who bleed or have bled the Sacred Moonblood, it goes back in time and far into the Future. Something no male can either possibly understand OR control. And I will NOT cede it to ANY born male, nor will 1000s of other womyn, some who could from the outside "pass" as male. It is something every one of us Amazons will gladly defend to our last days, and have before...

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