Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Another Lesbian medley post-MasterAmazon

And folks are born a sex, not gender. Gender is purely a patriarchal construct to keep females down, and males one up, reinforced throughout the world by male dominated religion, political, social and economic institutions run.by males for males.

WBW Lesbians are the ONLY Beings able to separate from male domination for short periods of time, and on an erotic level as well, where we can choose to give our energies solely to females on the deepest most intimate levels.

Then anytime we talk about OUR NEEDS, suddenly it turns to "intersex" and where do they fit? along with the tired "transwomen are women" trope. ANYTHING but Lesbians advocating SOLELY for OURSELVES...

Intersex people gotta speak FOR THEMSELVES. I am addressing Sister WBW not the .005%,  this is a silencing tactic of the 99.95% of biological Females and our erasure and ESPECIALLY of  Lesbian/Dyke communities and Being....

Now being threatened to be kicked out for my views:  Not arguing, stating OUR viewpoint. We represent born female Older Bolder Lesbians, lifelong Lesbians, by and FOR lifelong born female Lesbians, without compromise. This is who WE are, who we connect with, and we are a part of the community, our needs are NOT getting met, we are not going away. Either we are PART of this community or we arent. I am not the only one here. Already I have made 3 connections on this group alone.

We done and still do the marches, we are OUT, we put our bodies on the line, do not sit in the closet, and advocate by and FOR Lesbians unashamedly. We have resisted male encroachment, pressure and shaming from within and without as we see our ability to connect so under attack, both within and without. We wont be silenced any longer. And yes, we ARE organizing. Others hear our words...they Remember. And creating, ESPECIALLY after the loss of our DykeAmazon Lesbian HomeLand of Michfest.

We ARE Older  Bolder Fierce Dykes. Probably too undiluted, too strong a cup of tea for most. - MasterAmazon

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