Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Us Dykes and Dyke vs Straight Female space

This is in response to a straight woman who ignorantly said she wouldnt feel comfortable in wbw Lesbian space like Michfest though we should have the right to associate if we want to. It brought up a long painful ossue for me as I ALWAYS feel subtly or blatantly judged in straight female meetings, events, environments...like 12 step women's meetings...outings, even rituals. Especially if its just myself or myself and my partner and no other strong Lesbiam presence. Here goes:

1/18/2016 - Well us Lesbians could say EXACTLY the same thing though it would be far more true of straight women judging: that us OUT Dykes do NOT feel comfortable in an all straight female environment..though I endure far more of those than the teeny amount of Lesbian space left on the planet. Its just at Michfest the shoe..for once was on the other foot..straight women were NOT in the majority...and those straight women who were attracted to Michfest and I know several had their primal Female womon loving sides honored..nothing to do with sex..but the freedom to inhabit their female bodies/minds/spirits fully, all body shapes,ages and sizes without shaming. I NEVER feel that in a straight female environment. Ever.....- MasterAmazon

Monday, January 18, 2016

On training girls to "be kind" instead of being strong, assertive, independent, ect...

http://mobile.nytimes.com/blogs/parenting/2016/01/17/a-daughter-too-kind-for-her-own-good/?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&_r=0&referer=http://m.facebook.com/ Girls are taught to take care of everyone else's feelings..anything less is "being selfish".  This takes away Female agency, to have backbone, inner strength and tge ability to withstand and stand up to another's  wrath or displeasure. It teaches girls to be doornats and get walked all over...setting them up for emotional and physical abuse or the very least being taken advantage of and used..even by so called friends. To have no boundaries because that is not "kind"..so girls growing up to be women have the dis-ease of codependence. Not doing anything unless another approves or not knowing where they end(boundaries) and another begins..and that they HAVE A RIGHT to defend those boundaries DESPITE another's reaction.

Boys are not taught to be "kind" but rather competitive, hard, nonemotional, and not soft or vulnerable which they are taught is "girly". So of course the "kind" one will be the perfect prey for the hard,  unfeeling or divorced from their feelings competitive males...

True kindness includes kindness to one's true Self and being able to set boundaries and HAVE THEM RESPECTED  and have one's own needs met as well.

Female Soveriegn Space/Response to Temple of Sekmet allowing born males at their women only ceremonies/events

About our NEED for wbw/wbf space free of born male intrusion.... "And I can tell you thousands of Goddess women, most of us Lesbian, Amazon and Dianic oriented who do not feel that way as men usurp the last of our Spaces..and our Mysteries. The Castrati, Two spirits, those born male who feel "womanly" have THEIR OWN Mysteries.

We feel VERY STRONGLY about Female Soveriegn/WBW/WBF space and as Amazons, Dianics, and DykeAmazons will defend it forever... Call us the Michfest Amazon Sisterhood..we are in.mourning at the end of the most Matriarchal space on the Planet..and yes we went out with Fireworks..6609 of us and more are in mourning..no Amazon Homeland to return to next year. And there were MANY rituals wothin that last 40th Gathering last August 2015...including the LARGEST Dianic womyn's ritual I have EVER attended...400 strong..taking over the entire meadow..with a 30 ft Goddess statue erected at the beginning of every Festival...it was Amazing..and the last large Gathering of our Tribe..many of us cried...myself included...at this great loss..."
           -MasterAmazon 1/18/2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

Gender is B.S.

Gender is bullshit..it is a social construct MEN thought up and enforce to enslave and diminish ALL bio Females. Period.

Dyke=Lesbian=Homosexual FEMALE

Dyke=Lesbian =HOMOSEXUAL FEMALE. We dont fuck dudes, we aren't dudes, we dont have flesh penises, we love and lust after womyn AS WOMYN!!!  IF you have a flesh penis and are born male(XY or any variation thereof) OR you have one sewn on you through use of your forearm or thigh flesh( FTM) you ARE NOT A BUTCH DYKE. AS A BUTCH DYKE LIFELONG....35 PLUS YEARS...I AM OFFENDED...Do not coopt what we as FEMALES AND AS BUTCH DYKES have endured for most of our lives....

What is false is men and their machinations to imitate women coopting us and womanhood

 What is false is men having hormones, surgeries and shouting Dykes and women down and coopting EVERY Female space we have and bringing their male thinking, behaviors, and assumptions with them thinking we will kowtow to them and threatening us with death, rape and other violent words if we do not. This REVEALS they are NEITHER women or Female..and that their "womanhood" is purely cosmetic. And STOP villifying, censoring or silencing Dykes or womyn who want to organize with OUR OWN.

Or trying to convince young Butch/ Tomboy or other nonfeminine females they are males....there are more and more detransitioners speaking out everyday...and Dykes and other Females have woken up to all our community has lost to those bent on cooptation and silencing us.