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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Frightening Parallels!!!

I watched the Military channel (American Heros Channel) yesterday which has nonstop shows on Nazism, much of which I already know. But today they had two shows of EXACTLY HOW Hitler got into power. Part thru violence and the threat of violence thru the SA, but the other extremely sophisticated use of media for the time. Parades, propaganda films and huge rallies. Making Hitler into an avatar Messianic  figure that would save Germany and German Pride. Hitler and Goebbels were MASTERS at media, propaganda, shrewd politics and oratory, as well as having Hitler depicted in the highest level of stage presence, lighting, props, music, ect. 

They told lie after lie, or "retelling" of history, just enough truth to be believable, such as the Americans gave Germany the loans to rebuild and create prosperity, but should something happen, the Americans would call the loans in...THAT  was when the stock market fell and American lenders DID call the loans in and Germany went broke and many lost their jobs. Between courting angry ordinary  Germans, he also courted the industrialists...and he blamed the rich Jewish bankers for impoverishing Germany. 

Guess who else is a master at media, trained expertly for it, and tells big and little lies, has huge rallies, with violence against protestors and those ready to fight for him, a master at propaganda, and courts the industrialists????

History repeating itself indeed. This frightened me more than any other Nazi shows or movies Ive watched, I seen so many...from.so many angles...but watching EXACTLY how he got into power, both legitimately AND illegitimately and the calculating way he has his closest associates did it, telling lies much of the way there, and manipulating the media so precisely, really brought home how it is all happening again!!


But unfortunately some will "get off" on them and and will say "Hitler was right". Course Hitler threw around how Germany is a Christian Nation too WHILE NEVER BELIEVING IN THE RELIGIOUS STUFF...anything to get into power...just like Trump. And to demonize Jews. While Trump may not demonize Jews, he demonizes Mexicans and other religions. And as a Lesbian married to my partner and ethnically Jewish..I AM VERY VERY AFRAID IF HE SHOULD GET ELECTED.

People can say Trump has all kinds of psychological problems and is arrogant bullying and immature. But what do you think Hitler was? A megolomaniac like Trump who was psychopathic and once in killed off or had killed off almost IMMEDIATELY  his rivals!!!


Our very Democracy is in the crosshairs in this Election!!!
Vote, as if your life depended on it cuz it COULD, especially if you
Are a Dyke or Jewish or a Jewish Dyke or ANY OTHER MINORITY!!!

Here is my post to someone accussi g me of fear mongering about Trump, and I draw the parallels in a previous post about him and the very similar parallels to Hitler and his rise to power:

That fear IS REAL. Yes a vote for a 3rd party candidate or staying home  gives Trump an even greater edge. My fear and others, is not rhetorical, or new age "putting negative energy" out there. My fear is VERY VERY REAL, very tangible, as a Jew ethnically and as a Lesbian, both targets of Hitler, and I am sure of many of Trumps supporters as well.

Whatever I say cannot be matched by the millions HE rakes in, and in living in a "red" Rethuglican State.

I dont care HOW HARD you worked for Bernie. HE is NOT the candidate. I mourned when Hillary was beat by Obama, and some of the sexism she faced from Obamites, just like from Bernie Bros....but NONETHELESS I Got on a bus full of our Union members, and we went to Nevada knocking on doors to make Nevada blue, and our efforts among others worked. I made phone calls and actions to defeat Prop 8, I ve worked on TONS of political campaigns but NEVER have the stakes been so high or the contrast of the two candidates.

I will CONTINUE to draw the lines online, the comparison as so many Jews and Dykes, and Jewish Dykes SEE IT. And others...

The Left is weak, it infights, and IF we lose this battle you can kiss your liberal/radical/lefty/progressive/green ass goodbye..and even more so as ANY kind of minority!!!

And get ready to hear the boots marching, your social security/medicare/medicaid/SSI/SSDI cut, greater unemployment, another war, and a knock on your door or harassment in the streets, draconian new laws, and the rich getting much.much richer while our jobs and any Unionism goes down the tubes. Rome shall burn. Possibly in nuclear fires. You want his finger on that red phone???

Does that scare you??? I fucking HOPE SO. I knew this day might come, and WE WOULD HAVE TO ACT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!-M.A.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Truthsayer: A Guest Post by J.D.

Truthsayer; Guest post:

As far as the trans, they're males and serve a purpose for the establishment.  They colonize everything in sight and pr4vent wimmin from speaking and organizing for ourselves.  for this reason they have free speech.  Have you noticed that they get to call themselves women and female and we're cis women and vagina bearers or front hole havers as Hillary agreed with them at a meeting where no lezbians or wimmin with a different point of view.  She directly dealt with them alone.  So we as wimmin, now have front holes and trannies can have vaginas.  But they mostly (over 80%) never cut off their dicks anyway., so they don't want anyone to know or ask or tell it like it is...that they are males.  Problem has always been they're sick puppies and to hide their illness, they create a world in their image and where their fetishes rule.  They keep adding letters on to the BLTIQXYZ to accommodate all of them and their restrictions as well as all their fetishes.  It gets worse when we measure all the identities wimmin must take on cause they don't want to be lezbians or wimmin...so they're queer, gender neutral or whatever.  All of the LGBT centers have become virtual trans transition centers run by males or occasionally a trusted collaborator.  Dykes are getting convinced/pressured daily to transition.  And these wimmin want me to explain, in a respectful tone, mind you, why I think it's a male agenda and harmful to wimmin and girls?  Then there's the ones who think it's just the social structure, the patriarchy, that "forces" them to be this way....mind you, they're in control of it all...and created their supposed "oppression"...all of it.  It was all their doing...and I can't show my rage or call them idiots and hold them accountable for mutilating children's bodies and pumping them full of hormones and their heads full of male sickness?  I AM holding them accountable and mutual respect is NOT possible." J.D.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Witches Exist and We are Good!!!

In reference to women referred to as "Witches", tortured and run out of their villages and put into "Witch camps" in Africa in degraded conditions, much like concentration.camps to keep.them away from.the general populace, fearful of them:

And here's my response to the posting of this article:
The witchburnings have never stopped. Anytime a woman is spiritually independent, or has skills others can't explain, or access to the Divine, Sacred, Mother Earth and Magic, men FEAR her mystical Powers. Witches exist. Women have had these Shamanic Powers for Millenia. But in unending worldwide Patriarchy only men are TRULY allowed to be recognized connecting to the Sacred.

 Whether you call them Priests,  Rabbis, Imams, Shamans, Yogis, Monks, The Dalai Lama or Pope.

Because such Sacred Powers in the hands of a Female deems her a Witch. Even if the men use their Powers or religious/spiritual authority for negative ends against others or outsiders which they all too often do. But they fear the Witch...Primal Female Power as one way women can take back their autonomy and Power. Even the IDEA of a Witch is frightening to them. Any woman NOT under male control, and especially spiritually.

Whether these women were Witches or not, the hysteria has been fueled ignorance, just like the Middle Ages. All bad things as a result of these women where the men do not have to take ANY responsibility for their actions or decisions...or an act of Nature...-MasterAmazon

Righteous Anger: Guest Post by Miriam Ben-Shalom

Wonderful share from a brave Butch Dyke Sister in the Struggle:

"I am thinking about anger today.  Because I am angry about the co-opting of women-only spaces, because I am angry about the fact that women and children are placed at risk by "inclusive" legislation, I am called 'terrified', retarded, a failure,  'passive-aggressive', a bigot, an entitled bigot, and a whole host  more of names.  Argumentum ad hominem aside, what is it about the demagogic Left that seeks to destroy anyone who disagrees with them?  In order to have a tolerant world, they say, we will fight intolerance; it seems that this means being INTOLERANT towards anyone who does not agree 100% with them and bullying those who disagree by casting pseudopsychological diagnoses upon them.  It is true that I do not think there is such a thing as a person who, by use of chemicals and surgical alteration of the body, becomes the SEX opposite of what s/he was born.  I do not think women can become men or men become women.  I think people feel uncomfortable in their bodies because they do not meet the "established" gender conceptions for what a woman or a man ought to be.  Not meeting established gender conceptions does not mean, however, that one is another SEX.  So because I disagree and because others like me also disagree, we are pilloried and defamed publically.  Seems to me that the demagogic Left is no better than the demagogic Right.   But at least the Right concerns itself with the safety of women and children [for whatever reasons] and hopes to protect them from sexual predators who now can enter women's spaces with impunity.  The demagogic Left and the trans community want to make it all about them as opposed to the real issue which is MALE violence.  [May I add one observation here?  There doesn't seem to be as big a difficulty with women who 'beome' men as there is with MEN who 'become' women.  What might that say about MALE VIOLENCE and the tendency of men TO WANT TO TAKE OVER?] And their constant refusal to sit down and work together with women born of women on this issue says a universe about their world view and how they consider the value of women and children.  As a recent study pointed out, this society, the medical profession, and pharmaceutical companies all work to anesthetize the anger of females to keep us complaisant and malleable.  And women do not want to be called "bad girls" so they swallow anger and do what they will to avoid such designations.  And it seems that the demagogic Left feeds right into this by bullying and demonizing those who disagree with their dictates about sex and gender.  As one who has been so demonized, let me serve notice:  if being a "Bad Girl" means I serve to protect women and children, if being "retarded" means I serve to protect women and children, then to those who place such labels upon me:  I will wear your words with pride and I will be the demon you say I am.  I refuse to be a Handmaiden and I refuse to bow to your bullying.  I shall continue to use my anger well.  And your vociferous responses tell me I must be doing something right."  
                           -Miriam Ben-Shalom

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How Heavy is My Heart? Guest Post by Sharon Stonekey

In response to Dyke wanting advice how to talk to a Lesbian friend who just announced she wanted to transition.

"Oh how heavy is my heart at stories like these?  At the risk of being accused of all kinds of things I offer the following:  Children use gender in very creative ways.  Children actually don't get that gender means biology until around age 6 which is very late.  I myself very young . . . like so many . . . noticed that boys were less vulnerable than girls.  Since I was living in a dangerous environment, I developed the persona of a boy.  I had a boy's name, wanted a boy's haircut, spit like a boy, rode my bike like a boy.  Sure I knew I was a girl and wore the mandatory dresses to school, but there was definitely two strands going on.  I DONT BELIEVE FOR ONE MINUTE THAT I WAS A BOY IN A GIRL'S BODY.  When I came out as a lesbian, for the first time in all our lesbian freedom, I felt marvelously happy claiming myself as a woman.  I studied dance because I wanted the option . . . just the option . . . of being graceful if I felt like it.  I never looked back at my boy strand or on heterosexuality.  I'm so thoroughly delighted to have the entire continuum to travel on where ever I want at any moment and so marvelously happy to be a woman.  Gender roles are such a trap.  I'm so sorry for this crippling turn. I'm so sorry some of our XX allies think they have to fit into some category.  Down with categories  Blessings on our beautiful lives.  I'll never accept that being a woman is a subjective feeling with any fixed permanence.  I shudder when I hear of some of our younger sisters changing names, taking hormones, amputating woman parts. I'm off now to paint a butterfly or chain saw some wood whichever I feel like.  LOVE to all.  Best to your friend."                 - Sharon Stonekey

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Critical Thinking-Guest Post by C.T.

My Butch pal has come forward with another brilliant thought provoking post.

"Having an opinion is not the same as having the capacity for critical thinking, let alone, "agile critical thinking" - i.e. the next step up in critical thinking. The latter requires imaginative, resourceful thinking. The ability to anticipate, conceptualize, and communicate ideas outside of a proscribe, ideological box. I find it telling that trans ideologues didn't anticipate that there would, invariably, be a slew of detransitioners after the fantasy of "sex change" was replaced by the reality that biological sex cannot be changed, nor inner angst remedied by surgery and hormones.

Trans ideologues are not alone in their dearth of critical thinking. I see plenty of it in the RFist community, too. I could name many examples, but don't have the time to do so just now. The two that immediately come to mind are:  That misandry - a form of hate - is a viable, legitimate way to counter misogyny; coupled with an inability to recognize or admit that misplaced misandry is often directed at butch women. And secondly, a recognition that genuine "Sisterhood" cannot be achieved by erecting hierarchies or personality cults.  

As always, those who don't tow the party line or genuflect at the altar of rigid ideology - whether it be trans' or RFist ideology - are dismissed as inauthentic, failed adherents and malcontents. Actually, they are the truth tellers."- C.T.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Female Proud Butches are Radical Too! Calling Out Discrimination By Certain Radical Feminists: Guest Post

A good Butch pal is calling out Radical Feminists who discriminate
against Butches who advocate by, for and AS WOMYN and she won't take it anymore!! Or Butch complacency.

"We have to be ever vigilant and unapologetic about butch woman bashing, erasure and genderizing (BEGing). For years, I was endlessly patient and reasonable in discussions on the subject. I was insulted, talked down to, piled-on, blocked, banned, dismissed as a liberal feminist and gender purveyor. That from women I had supported and been virtual "friends" with for years.

I stopped banging my head against that impenetrable wall when a woman, with high visibility in the online community, said to me, personally: "Butch is total BS". The woman was a key organizer of the Butch/Femme bashing conference in London. I have since found out that she is organizing conferences with trans as a way of making money. She's been a RFist for about five years, so she figures that's long enough to start cashing in. (Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that RFism has become a cult of personality and a way of making a fast buck, including off the sale of butch women's hides?)

I'm not willing to be polite, patient, or complacent about that anymore. Nor, do I have patience with butch women who are tolerant of it in the name of some misapprehended version of  "Sisterhood" - What "Sisterhood"?  Since when did "Sisterhood" become a one way street and an exercise in self-negation?" -C.T.