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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Our very Democracy is in the crosshairs in this Election!!!
Vote, as if your life depended on it cuz it COULD, especially if you
Are a Dyke or Jewish or a Jewish Dyke or ANY OTHER MINORITY!!!

Here is my post to someone accussi g me of fear mongering about Trump, and I draw the parallels in a previous post about him and the very similar parallels to Hitler and his rise to power:

That fear IS REAL. Yes a vote for a 3rd party candidate or staying home  gives Trump an even greater edge. My fear and others, is not rhetorical, or new age "putting negative energy" out there. My fear is VERY VERY REAL, very tangible, as a Jew ethnically and as a Lesbian, both targets of Hitler, and I am sure of many of Trumps supporters as well.

Whatever I say cannot be matched by the millions HE rakes in, and in living in a "red" Rethuglican State.

I dont care HOW HARD you worked for Bernie. HE is NOT the candidate. I mourned when Hillary was beat by Obama, and some of the sexism she faced from Obamites, just like from Bernie Bros....but NONETHELESS I Got on a bus full of our Union members, and we went to Nevada knocking on doors to make Nevada blue, and our efforts among others worked. I made phone calls and actions to defeat Prop 8, I ve worked on TONS of political campaigns but NEVER have the stakes been so high or the contrast of the two candidates.

I will CONTINUE to draw the lines online, the comparison as so many Jews and Dykes, and Jewish Dykes SEE IT. And others...

The Left is weak, it infights, and IF we lose this battle you can kiss your liberal/radical/lefty/progressive/green ass goodbye..and even more so as ANY kind of minority!!!

And get ready to hear the boots marching, your social security/medicare/medicaid/SSI/SSDI cut, greater unemployment, another war, and a knock on your door or harassment in the streets, draconian new laws, and the rich getting much.much richer while our jobs and any Unionism goes down the tubes. Rome shall burn. Possibly in nuclear fires. You want his finger on that red phone???

Does that scare you??? I fucking HOPE SO. I knew this day might come, and WE WOULD HAVE TO ACT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!-M.A.

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