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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Witches Exist and We are Good!!!

In reference to women referred to as "Witches", tortured and run out of their villages and put into "Witch camps" in Africa in degraded conditions, much like concentration.camps to keep.them away from.the general populace, fearful of them:

And here's my response to the posting of this article:
The witchburnings have never stopped. Anytime a woman is spiritually independent, or has skills others can't explain, or access to the Divine, Sacred, Mother Earth and Magic, men FEAR her mystical Powers. Witches exist. Women have had these Shamanic Powers for Millenia. But in unending worldwide Patriarchy only men are TRULY allowed to be recognized connecting to the Sacred.

 Whether you call them Priests,  Rabbis, Imams, Shamans, Yogis, Monks, The Dalai Lama or Pope.

Because such Sacred Powers in the hands of a Female deems her a Witch. Even if the men use their Powers or religious/spiritual authority for negative ends against others or outsiders which they all too often do. But they fear the Witch...Primal Female Power as one way women can take back their autonomy and Power. Even the IDEA of a Witch is frightening to them. Any woman NOT under male control, and especially spiritually.

Whether these women were Witches or not, the hysteria has been fueled ignorance, just like the Middle Ages. All bad things as a result of these women where the men do not have to take ANY responsibility for their actions or decisions...or an act of Nature...-MasterAmazon

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