Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Golden Bast

         Golden Bast

Golden Bast is a jealous Mistress.
No Cat may come before Her,
She demands my sole attention.

She sleeps coiled beside me every night,
Purring loudly, calming me.
She loves being sung to and to hear high praises like the Goddess She is.

When I am sad or sick, She nurtures me 
In Her great golden lap of fur like 
The Mama She is, by grooming me and 
Her Sacred healing Purrs.

I am Hers.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Every DykeAmazon is a Lysistrata..Our intimate energies ARE OUR OWN in response to Ava Parks

We ARE independent:  Us DykeAmazons have been "Lysistratas" by our very Being. I have nothing to teach men, because long ago in Feminism we were taught MEN GOTTA FEND FOR THEMSELVES. They make conscious  choices everyday hold the majority of social, economic, religious and political power Worldwide. Everything they do enforces the Worldwide Patriarchy.

My place as an Amazon Warrior, Amazon Priestess, Amazon Witch is to GIVE my energies to waking up and empowering all bio female WOMYN. 

Michfest was ALL ABOUT EMPOWERING THE FEMALE. And a place so many DykeAmazons and other Amazon and Priestess and all kinds of other womyn came to be renewed and gather away from the Patriarchy. The sheer POWER raised with that sustained level of Gynergy over several days was simply amazing. And the residual of 40 years of Female Energy raised is beyond anything one can put into words. It indeed was a modern day Amazon Matriarchy. 

Everywhere there were Goddess images displayed:  in art, on signs, at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and a 30 foot Goddess statue erected by the workers weeks before the beginning of the Festival, and in each other. This domain was for ALL of us.

My work is to uplift every womon I can who is ready. I been in the male dominated trades  for 2.5 decades and had ENOUGH of "proving" my worthiness to men. They simply do NOT honor Big Butch DykeAmazons, nor am I chasing after their approval.

Womyn.who STRONGLY bond together and make change, establish strong boundaries and limits and EXPAND what every Female can do by teaching both girls and womyn they can be strong, they can lead they can honor the Goddess of 10,000 Names and that as Goddess Incarnate She/we come in every size, color, age and temperament and that we say NO and will not take it anymore, we will withdraw our energies from all abusive men AND THEIR SYSTEMS and  find ways of creating our own!!!

This is why the culture of Michfest was my home and I was so happy to attend this last one the 40th in 2015. I was also immensely in grief. It indeed was Amazon Nation where ALL ASPECTS of the Sacred Female reigned supreme. 

We did a Spiral Dance of 400 womyn, and I cried to the depths of my soul KNOWING this would be the LAST large Gathering of my Tribe of DykeAmazons, Witches, Drummers, Priestesses, Lovers and Warriors.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Rallying cry: "Lesbians Get the L Out"

My response: "More and more Lesbians NEED to make this our rallying cry. Shirts, stickers,posters, keychains, meetings, events, pamphlets ect.

We may need to make such meetings and events "members only", or a religious "Amazon gathering", becwuse then we state and choose who may come and who not.

And rebuild our infrastructure,our bookstore/cafes, connect with our Lesbian Lands, our Amazon refuges...since ourbiggest one Michfest has disappeared but like Lisa Vogel has charged us on the last Sacred Night of Michfest like the candles we lit from Amazon torches to spread throughout the Land in numerous Gatherings.

We may need to Gather by invitation only, a friend of a friend, vouched for, we may need to organize outside the glaring eye of malestream or queer press.

We may need to take each young woman who thinks she's male or part male and explain to her she is not. That her desires for womyn are natural and ok, that we have a long lineage and that her "masculine" traits and desire for more comfortable, powerful, nonvulnerable male dress have always been part of our Tribe and that there are many many ways to be Female and to SHOW her by tapping into our Sacred Female Power. 

To get to her BEFORE she introduces male hormones into her body.

And to tend to the walking wounded, the detransitioners who have and walked away from that life to reclaim their Lesbianism and seeking their Female Power once again...

We as DykeAmazons and our Amazon Sisters must show them how!!!!"  -MasterAmazon

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tomboy is NOT a Dirty word but a proud girl way of Being!!

It seems these days that tomboy is looked at rather derogatorily, both by some radical feminists and possibly by trans too. Any smack of tomboyness, and your room is changed, off to the psychologist/psychiatrist and doctor for you! To be put on hormone blockers and then FTM'ed during your teens and raised as a boy. Talk about reparative therapy!!

In any case this is my response when one post in a group mentioned that the perfect gender neutral state that "no girl would be called a tomboy and no boy a sissy". As I state sissy IS a derogatory word and boys who were gentler and more vulnerable and emotional and girl like were beat up behind that word.

But Tomboy was a proud identity that DESCRIBED the kind of girls we were, we had a name and a Way of Being. Many of us grew up and graduated to Butchhood upon coming out...every Butch I know WAS a tomboy from a very young age. It ties all of us lifelong Butches together.  Here is my post:

Tomboy is NOT a dirty word..whereas sissy is considered derogatory. I was a proud tomboy grew up and came out Butch...it wasnt the word but HOW I was treated for being a tomboy. The opportunities I was denied for being a girl, being shamed for not being feminine enough, and never taken seriously as boys/men are..and forced to wear dresses /skirts for going out to dinner and formal family events. I HATED skirts and dresses!!!And the humiliation for having to wear them...and wanting to play ice hockey which I got to do for only 2 years, the ONLY girl in the ENTIRE league, and then karate after that...I wasnt much for feminine girly stuff. And my family, classmates and others shamed me for not being so.

Just like Butch, tomboy GAVE me a clear identity I could completely relate as a very different kind of girl who rejected femininity!!! My favorite character I saw as me, was Anybodys in West Side Story, a tomboy character.

Being I actually grew up in the upper West Side as a tomboy leading the other kids in various risky adventures most girls feared to go, and mostly boys as companions on these adventures and that I fought and protected my younger brother, that character reflected me in many ways. And back then(60s, early 70s), there were very few tomboy characters or reflections of ourselves..

Tomboy is part of our American and Lesbian herstory and should be honored, not eliminated..

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lesbians, like women, get to say NO!!

No is a complete sentence. Lesbians, like women get to say NO. Take your hippie I love everybody self right on into the queer community. The rest of  us Dykes wont be coopted any longer!

Anybody can do anything they want till they step on someone else's toes and we tell them to get the hell off our foot.

Us Dykes are tired of being stepped on. Period. No penises in womens spaces, bathrooms or locker rooms is that so hard to grasp?

No I dont think you understand at all the struggles Lesbians go through or have gone through...or to retain our identities and whats left of our communities in a meaningful way. We wont allow further cooptation.We say NO. That is not an act of hate but self love. 

Not everyone gets to be a Dyke/Lesbian. 

The born male can call themselves queer or whatever. But no more stepping on our toes or we will push you right off!!


Yes I'm tired of fighting with Lesbians what it means to be LESBIAN. "No penis between us friends" as Alix Dobkin says. Period. End of sentence. I AM NOT LGBT. I am a LESBIAN/Dyke. Its like say POC or People of Color...its lazy and smashes communities of color together that may NOT get along or have VERY different issues, some of them mutually exclusive. Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, all come from different places, different histories, different backgrounds. Native Americans and American Blacks dont have to worry about deportation, Hispanics and possibly first generation Asians do. Because of slavery and racism Black families are often not intact, and deal with grinding poverty and lack of opportunities that kept them down. Asians can be as racist against Black folks as whites are.

So smashing LGBT amd all the rest of the alphabet soup together DOES NOT HELP LESBIANS BUT MAKES OUR VOICES AND PIECE OF THE PIE SMALLER AND SMALLER.

Gay male interests are not necessarily OUR interests. They have the lions share of the resources in the community infrastructure, bars, magazines and gay rags(newspapers). A large part of this is because they are MALE. Lesbians, unlike straight and bisexual women, not only have to support ourselves wholly but are working with two female salaries because we are not attached to men(nor do we want to be).  Many are raising children as well on those one or two female salaries.

And trans has been THE MOST CORROSIVE INFLUENCE towards the Lesbian community. No amount of protest or resistance has been respected, and as a result we have lost most of our Lesbian focussed businesses and institutions.

Us Dykes are saying NO AND NO MORE!!!We are confronting Lesbian institutions that no longer represent us, and setting limits with individuals invading our Lesbian Beings,  identities and our space. No is a complete sentence!!

If you are TRULY LESBIAN/DYKE you'd understand. Women have fought for OUR freedom put their bodies and energies and resources on the line BY AND FOR LESBIANS, just to see it all disappear or get snatched away.

Let the trans community form their OWN institutions, their own rags, their own events and businesses without constantly demanding Lesbian attention. We get to say NO and have boundaries and limits. I dont need to attend FTM INTERNATIONAL just because I am a Butch Dyke or scream why arent I included? It is not for me!! I respect that. Now WE DEMAND THE SAME RESPECT!!- MasterAmazon

Friday, April 1, 2016

On Being a Feminist as a Lifelong Struggle by Tizzy Hyatt. GUEST POST

I really like her ending with a positive spiritual message
Sometimes we get so bogged down in the struggle....

"It is a lonely place, being a feminist. It can be so isolating and make you feel as if you are the only one awake in a sleeping world. I was raised a feminist, so I know nothing else. But teaching young women feminism I watch them go through this struggle with their blossoming understanding of patriarchy and their need to have a social group to belong to. 

Some of them have actually voiced *some* of your tongue-in-cheek comments out loud and wondered if they really meant them. I try to guide them towards deeper understanding and self empowerment, and to seek out new communities to belong with, but it is a struggle for them. 

When your family, your co-workers, all your current friends do not think like you it takes a tremendous amount of strength, emotional energy and internal fortitude to believe in your new sense and understanding of female empowerment. 

 Every one of us who voices our feminism out loud makes a softer place to land for the next sister waking up. May Goddess give you strength, loving community and many friends who know you well enough to laugh and cry with you through the struggle. Blessed be." -Tizzy Hyatt

The Truth from Artemisia. GUEST POST

When I saw this statement in one of our groups its a very incisive bit of
thinking for the fate of ALL XX women on the Planet. From a brilliant Feminist

"Yesterday, it dawned on me that many of the men making the "transition" to whatever it is they end up being, seem to think there's some secret world of good things that is only available to women.

They seem to think "cis-women" are withholding goodies. They seem to think we have access to quality health care, among other things, and they seem to think there is no possible way to be considered sexually desirable on any terms but celebrity/genetic terms, unless you're a woman and can use all the extra stuff women can use to augment appearance and get attention.

They also seem to be very happy to get cat called and harassed - they don't see that as abusive or threatening.

So - all this leads me to the conclusion that, for many transwomen, maybe for most, what compels them to do this is anger.

And, as we know, anger is very useful for keeping women down. 

The trans agenda serves conservative economic and political forces very well. 

The act of transitioning requires constant, complex, medical attention. It does not go away - you're never finished with it. That's a central part of the transwoman's "femininity" .....

Anyway, since this whole phenomenon serves so many useful purposes to the Patriarchy and the Oligarchy, it's being promoted. And the "beauty" of it is, the genius of this half-passive plan is, the more it is encouraged, promoted and considered acceptable, the more the extremists act out on their anger. It's self-perpetuating.

That is why I am so infuriated by the existence of Caitlyn Jenner. I don't actually give a fuck what any 65 year old man wants to do with his body but I give all the fucks when he's made out to be some sort of role model and when he speaks out in public in favor of the Republican party, against abortion and against, even (and this one is pretty breathtaking given the fact that he's expressed a desire to date and even marry a man) gay marriage. Then the fuck-o-meter jumps right off the scale.

This is an agenda that will force us back into the dark ages. This is the first step in The Handmaid's Tale becoming a reality - only Atwood's version will be mild by comparison. 

Reproductively capable women will become vessels, husks, seed pods. Older women?  trash, pitiable, disposable and probably marginalized to the point where their only choice will be to live in institutions, and the only women with any autonomy at all will be young, sterile, and invested in  plenty of expensive heavy physical augmentation, surgery, cosmetics, shoes, wigs, "skin care" spas, there's a whole group of industries out there that need these "women" to be THE ideal of woman,  and they are all too glad to promote them.  Anyone who wants any social, cultural or political capital will have to be male or will need to invest in those industries to make them look like the cultural ideal of feminine beauty, a cartoon - like Barbie, Caitlyn Jenner, Pamela Anderson, same same.

It's deliberate, it's deadly and it's aimed at us.

You are not imagining this.

 And the best part? From the position of the corporations? They're draining off even more money from the 99 per cent. Men who had been maxed out on consumer goods now have a whole new world of spending to do.

The money from these transwomen, gets drained away and with it, their chances of ever waking up dissolve. There's no way these guys are ever going to be a meaningful political force in any way but this. So running the country? Easy-peasy.

"Progressive" men, gay men, they'll be too busy with this to vote. But old white conservative men? Rich men?

They get to keep steering the boat." -Artemisia