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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Yes I'm tired of fighting with Lesbians what it means to be LESBIAN. "No penis between us friends" as Alix Dobkin says. Period. End of sentence. I AM NOT LGBT. I am a LESBIAN/Dyke. Its like say POC or People of Color...its lazy and smashes communities of color together that may NOT get along or have VERY different issues, some of them mutually exclusive. Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, all come from different places, different histories, different backgrounds. Native Americans and American Blacks dont have to worry about deportation, Hispanics and possibly first generation Asians do. Because of slavery and racism Black families are often not intact, and deal with grinding poverty and lack of opportunities that kept them down. Asians can be as racist against Black folks as whites are.

So smashing LGBT amd all the rest of the alphabet soup together DOES NOT HELP LESBIANS BUT MAKES OUR VOICES AND PIECE OF THE PIE SMALLER AND SMALLER.

Gay male interests are not necessarily OUR interests. They have the lions share of the resources in the community infrastructure, bars, magazines and gay rags(newspapers). A large part of this is because they are MALE. Lesbians, unlike straight and bisexual women, not only have to support ourselves wholly but are working with two female salaries because we are not attached to men(nor do we want to be).  Many are raising children as well on those one or two female salaries.

And trans has been THE MOST CORROSIVE INFLUENCE towards the Lesbian community. No amount of protest or resistance has been respected, and as a result we have lost most of our Lesbian focussed businesses and institutions.

Us Dykes are saying NO AND NO MORE!!!We are confronting Lesbian institutions that no longer represent us, and setting limits with individuals invading our Lesbian Beings,  identities and our space. No is a complete sentence!!

If you are TRULY LESBIAN/DYKE you'd understand. Women have fought for OUR freedom put their bodies and energies and resources on the line BY AND FOR LESBIANS, just to see it all disappear or get snatched away.

Let the trans community form their OWN institutions, their own rags, their own events and businesses without constantly demanding Lesbian attention. We get to say NO and have boundaries and limits. I dont need to attend FTM INTERNATIONAL just because I am a Butch Dyke or scream why arent I included? It is not for me!! I respect that. Now WE DEMAND THE SAME RESPECT!!- MasterAmazon

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