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Friday, April 1, 2016

On Being a Feminist as a Lifelong Struggle by Tizzy Hyatt. GUEST POST

I really like her ending with a positive spiritual message
Sometimes we get so bogged down in the struggle....

"It is a lonely place, being a feminist. It can be so isolating and make you feel as if you are the only one awake in a sleeping world. I was raised a feminist, so I know nothing else. But teaching young women feminism I watch them go through this struggle with their blossoming understanding of patriarchy and their need to have a social group to belong to. 

Some of them have actually voiced *some* of your tongue-in-cheek comments out loud and wondered if they really meant them. I try to guide them towards deeper understanding and self empowerment, and to seek out new communities to belong with, but it is a struggle for them. 

When your family, your co-workers, all your current friends do not think like you it takes a tremendous amount of strength, emotional energy and internal fortitude to believe in your new sense and understanding of female empowerment. 

 Every one of us who voices our feminism out loud makes a softer place to land for the next sister waking up. May Goddess give you strength, loving community and many friends who know you well enough to laugh and cry with you through the struggle. Blessed be." -Tizzy Hyatt

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