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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Truth from Artemisia. GUEST POST

When I saw this statement in one of our groups its a very incisive bit of
thinking for the fate of ALL XX women on the Planet. From a brilliant Feminist

"Yesterday, it dawned on me that many of the men making the "transition" to whatever it is they end up being, seem to think there's some secret world of good things that is only available to women.

They seem to think "cis-women" are withholding goodies. They seem to think we have access to quality health care, among other things, and they seem to think there is no possible way to be considered sexually desirable on any terms but celebrity/genetic terms, unless you're a woman and can use all the extra stuff women can use to augment appearance and get attention.

They also seem to be very happy to get cat called and harassed - they don't see that as abusive or threatening.

So - all this leads me to the conclusion that, for many transwomen, maybe for most, what compels them to do this is anger.

And, as we know, anger is very useful for keeping women down. 

The trans agenda serves conservative economic and political forces very well. 

The act of transitioning requires constant, complex, medical attention. It does not go away - you're never finished with it. That's a central part of the transwoman's "femininity" .....

Anyway, since this whole phenomenon serves so many useful purposes to the Patriarchy and the Oligarchy, it's being promoted. And the "beauty" of it is, the genius of this half-passive plan is, the more it is encouraged, promoted and considered acceptable, the more the extremists act out on their anger. It's self-perpetuating.

That is why I am so infuriated by the existence of Caitlyn Jenner. I don't actually give a fuck what any 65 year old man wants to do with his body but I give all the fucks when he's made out to be some sort of role model and when he speaks out in public in favor of the Republican party, against abortion and against, even (and this one is pretty breathtaking given the fact that he's expressed a desire to date and even marry a man) gay marriage. Then the fuck-o-meter jumps right off the scale.

This is an agenda that will force us back into the dark ages. This is the first step in The Handmaid's Tale becoming a reality - only Atwood's version will be mild by comparison. 

Reproductively capable women will become vessels, husks, seed pods. Older women?  trash, pitiable, disposable and probably marginalized to the point where their only choice will be to live in institutions, and the only women with any autonomy at all will be young, sterile, and invested in  plenty of expensive heavy physical augmentation, surgery, cosmetics, shoes, wigs, "skin care" spas, there's a whole group of industries out there that need these "women" to be THE ideal of woman,  and they are all too glad to promote them.  Anyone who wants any social, cultural or political capital will have to be male or will need to invest in those industries to make them look like the cultural ideal of feminine beauty, a cartoon - like Barbie, Caitlyn Jenner, Pamela Anderson, same same.

It's deliberate, it's deadly and it's aimed at us.

You are not imagining this.

 And the best part? From the position of the corporations? They're draining off even more money from the 99 per cent. Men who had been maxed out on consumer goods now have a whole new world of spending to do.

The money from these transwomen, gets drained away and with it, their chances of ever waking up dissolve. There's no way these guys are ever going to be a meaningful political force in any way but this. So running the country? Easy-peasy.

"Progressive" men, gay men, they'll be too busy with this to vote. But old white conservative men? Rich men?

They get to keep steering the boat." -Artemisia

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