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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Some Lesbians Naturally have Beards but Transitioning to FTM IS NOT LESBIAN!!!

This is my response to Purple Sage Fem's post on Lesbians with Beards vs FTMS who Take Testosterone to get one.  FTMing and taking Testosterone IS NOT Lesbian any longer! Far from it...see my reasoning below!!!

FeistyAmazon on March 25, 2016 at 1:18 pm said:
There ARE Lesbians with beards, naturally hirsute women NOT on testosterone who in strong Lesbian environments felt safe enough to allow them to grow or display them.

I knew one who was QUITE a Radical Dyke and fairly Separatist. I was at a Thanksgiving celebration at Mama Bears bookstore where Lesbians could freely come and celebrate with Sisters at Mama Bears….the trans craze was starting to take hold and some of the women already had that pre FTM uptight look to their dress and bodies, breast binding and rigid male like movements to try to “pass” as more male. 
     Natural Butches dont do that even though some have a bit of macho..because Butches are just being THEMSELVES, whereas the others are putting on a show of their pre-maleness, not wanting to show a chink in their armour..IN ANY CASE we had all sorts of Lesbian women celebrating at Mama Bears and the woman I knew and was friendly with who had a full beard. She had no pretense, no breast binding, wore bright colorful clothes( which most FTMS wouldnt be caught dead in), ect so I couldnt quite read her.

Finally I got up the gumption to ask: are you a Dyke with a beard or an FTM? I asked it very respectfully and she responded she WAS a Dyke with a beard and most DEFINITELY NOT an FTM nor has she EVER taken testosterone.

While FTMs have made a choice to identify with and AS males and go out of their way to appear male, THEY ARE NO LONGER LESBIANS/Dykes, nor do they represent us any longer no matter how long they were in the community, if at all(for the young ones transitioning).

Lesbians ARE Female, love and lust after Females, some are Butch, some are Femme, some naturally have beards. Some do not…Taking testosterone is the furthest thing away from BEING a Lesbian/Dyke one could become..since we HONOR, LUST, PARTNER AND DESIRE both ourselves and other bio WOMEN.

FTMS made their choice beard or not.
Should they choose to detransition, honor their female bodies again and other Lesbian womyn, then they can become part of our ranks again…
. -Lifelong Butch DykeAmazon

on March 26, 2016 at 11:40 am said:
As I said, they are no longer Lesbians once they start on T. Their thinking and the powerful MALE hormones coursing through their bodies and the community of Genderqueer and FTM bros changes them. They have made a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to transition and IDENTIFY WITH Males.

As a Butch Dyke it hurt me to my heart on a soul deep level once I heard of or met YET ANOTHER Butch I knew making the switch, going on T transitioning and identifying as MALE. In the Bay Area it happened at a greater and greater frequency vacating so many Butches from the Lesbian/Dyke communities. Their appearance changed, their attitudes changed, they were no longer one of us. It became so bad that every time my partner and I went to San Francisco as a Butch couple others including gay men began referring to us with male pronouns. Lesbians transitioning to male makes the rest of us Butches far more vulnerable and subject to hostility and discrimination or assumptions that we are just waiting our turn to go on T and transition.

Taking that shot is injecting into one’s body literally the Patriarchy, the utter essence of maleness, testosterone. But the thinking changes long before then, as the “trendy” thing to do. Once  they go on Testosterone they experience hypersexual energy and anger and rage much more easily with a deadening of other emotions. I was in the frontlines of this, and a good number these days are identifying as “gay male” as well. They are no longer Lesbians.

Being Lesbian is ALL ABOUT HONORING THE FEMALE, WITHIN AND WITHOUT. Not just sexually, but emotionally and spiritually as well…

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