Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

No one Womon Can Do It Alone!!


NO ONE WOMON CAN DO IT ALONE..MANY INSIDIOUS FORCES like GBTLMNOP, Recessions, Lesbian apathy,  so many Butches transitioning or feeling pressure to do so, ect ect have destroyed MANY aspects of Nationwide Lesbian community..we used to have HUNDREDS of womyns/Lesbian bookstores, coffeehouses, Lesbian specific meeting groups, women only concerts and events, play parties, hot tub places(Osento) Lesbian owned and operated in SF,  conferences and on and on and on...just about every one has been infiltrated and made to serve OTHER than Lesbian and Female specific interests or closed down because they would not,.the LARGEST being Michfest..the Crown Jewel of Lesbian community. No matter how much we lost we could still say "at least we have Michfest" the last harbor of our diverse Lesbian/Amazon culture. Now we dont EVEN have that. 

I cannot tell you how much it hurt me to go to Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Denver, Oakland, Albany and find NO womyns/Lesbian bookstore there any longer...everything LBT as womyn cannot EVEN SAY the word Lesbian anymore with pride..Dyke marches infiltrated by men and nondykes. 

The loss of Michfest is one of our last and greatest losses to the viability of US Dyke community and sensibility...we have suffered 1000 cuts, with EVERY Lesbian centered/womon powered  event  or business we've lost that added to our community, or that sold us out(NCLR, ASTRAE, ect)

And when we LONG for our space we are put down for it by others. The seas are dry at this time and the winds dead. Much less viable Dyke wbw oriented community in ALL her glorious diversity..like Michfest was we have been coopted and infiltrated. Our time is gone...for now. So we may have to organize in small groups with likeminded Sisters underground or over the Internet  till we can meet in open freedom again.....-MasterAmazon

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