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Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Experience at Nebraska Democratic Caucus

I have only done a caucus once in Colorado many ages ago when I was a college student, since then, 30 years in California we go to the Polling place and vote in the Primaries. I also worked myself up to Election Inspector in California working the polls with about 4 to 6 working beneath me, from 2008-2012.

Working a Primary is very complicated as there are several partues, not just Dems and Repubs, but Greens, Peace and Freedom, American Independent, nonpartisans ect, at least 6 different ballots in 6 different languages all of which you gotta count and have accurate numbers by the end of the day...

So a Democratic Nebraska Caucus was very different for me and a fun experience. Here is how it went for me on March 5th 2016:

 I went to the Nebraska caucuses yesterday. I deliberately sat with the undecideds in the gymnasium..all the way at the back. On one side were the Hillary supporters on the other side the Bernie supporters..they would have to work hard to get my vote...each group counted off and since undecideds were so small..we werent a viable group...and I was there witnessing the count for both campaigns..around 150 mostly older and elderly folks, obviously more conservative, and onmthevBernie sude a whopping 420, 4 times more people, younger, way more diverse but I am sure many were college students as I recognized them from campus and they had on school logos. This IS a college town which is 25% of the population....
After the count the Hillary campaigners and Bernie campaigners were allowed to come over and talk to us. So a guy from my bank came over and talked about Hillary I asked questions he was very upbeat and positive and well informed. After talking to him I asked a woman if she was a Bernie supporter so she talked to me about Bernie. There are two reasons that stood out in her arguement:
1) he is funded from tge grassroots..as she kept saying "us", and
2) he is for single payer healthcare..and being I tried to get Obamacare but it was outrageously expensive if for your $70/month you got NOTHING till meeting a $6500 deductible!!!And for so long during the Recession I went uninsured because of lack of work.
3) The sheer youthful ENTHUSIASM of the Bernie supporters..and greater diversity in constitutents..I walked over to the Bernie side...
All of us who did got counted and clapped and cheered on for doing so!!!

Simply, Hillary cannot win if she cannot engage the youth. People are tired of corporate sponsored candidates, which is WHY both Bernie and Trump are so successful at the moment.

However, I would have IMMEDIATELY chosen the other candidate if the representative spent all their time putting the other one down and NOT talking about their OWN candidate's visions and assets.

Either way, I REALLY would like to see a ticket with BOTH these candidates on it!!!I will support whoever the Democratic front runner ends up being..

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