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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Impeccable Logic: Guest post Dana Seilhan

I was on a site called "Humans Menstruate". No my response was "Females Menstruate/have Periods. Period." But Dana Seilhan goes much much further...
Her Female/Feminist Logic is Impeccable.

"If you can get periods, you're not a male.  That's just how human biology works.

"Gender identity" is a meaningless term.  Gender is a system of sex-based stereotypes designed to keep males dominant and females submissive, at least in our culture.  Saying you've made a discriminatory system into an identity is like a black person saying they have a slave identity.  And if you were to interview a trans person and ask them how they "know" they're whatever "gender" they "identify" as, their laundry list of reasons will read like a list of stereotypes.

"I'm a man because I never wanted to play with dolls when I was growing up.  I like being tough and I like football."

"I'm a woman because all I ever wanted to wear when I was a kid was dresses.  I love pink.  I love makeup.  I love shopping for clothes."

Stereotype stereotype stereotype.  Check and check.

A woman can wear whatever clothes she wants and go by whatever name she wants.  That's fine.  But personal preferences and personality differences don't determine a person's sex, which is what the trans contingent is really trying to claim.  And I would think the existence of femmey gay men and butch lesbian women would be enough proof that you can "mismatch" your preferences/personality and your sex all you want and it doesn't mean anything's wrong with you.

Feminism's been teaching that for years.  Maybe one of these decades it'll actually sink in."
              -Dana Seilhan

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  1. *claps* Thank you, Dana. And thank you MA for posting this. This is eye opening and I found it helpful in maintaining my sanity due to the constant bombardment from the trans community and support of it from lesbians. Just... Thank you.