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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, November 29, 2010

Distorted sight(refer to Dirtboi's blog on the women looking at their false mirror image)

Keep on keeping on, and I go for the full figured gal anyway....I don't like skin and bones or skeletal types...not only reminds me of anorexics but crack or meth addicts as well, the rail thin look.

But you're right, it's a very narcissitic movement, and the boyz bolster each other up, to go one more step, one more step, sharing tips on how to pack daily, how to wear those rubber bands around their breasts and where to get them, how to 'pass' as male, how to dress as male, what haircut to have to look male, and NOT like a Butch dyke, yet they want to crash every single Lesbian space???????

It is a total mirror narcissitic obsession that as you've pointed out is a disease peculiar to the entire trans community, on either side.....body self hatred, body obsession, whether FTM or MTF.

It is a movement based on fantasies and smoke and mirrors. I made that mistake only once, thinking someone was a bio-female and found out they were not. When I found out, I was very pissed off, and it fucked me up in the head for two weeks. People don't like being fooled, and if it's truly an HONEST movement, then BE HONEST, ESPECIALLY with intimate partners, otherwise you're living a fucking lie.

I mean coming out as a Dyke is all about coming into who I am as a womon loving womon, same as coming into going from tomboy to Butch....but the Trans movement is the exact opposite, it's about going BACK in the closet about one's background, one's past, one's life, and lying and decieving just about everyone around you in an attempt to 'pass'.

Why not just be a third or fourth sex, don't crash our Dyke/Women spaces,create your own, and don't coopt our communities...create your own....and dont' brainwash kids with your lies...

Countering Sabotage of WBW at Michfest 2011

Re: Countering Sabotage of WBW space at MWMF 2011
As usual the same suspects saying the same things we've always been saying, and the trans and transapologists saying the same damn things they've been saying shaming us for guarding our Amazonian territory and our Amazonian womon born womon space. What, do we take swords to defend the matter? and yet we're using the keystroke AS our swords/Labryises.

The trans have Cybele, the Goddess they worshipped to give permission to remove their members in ecstasy and to live the rest of their lives out as either eunuchs or 'females'. I'm sorry, but feminininty, that line of lies DOES NOT equal Female. So no matter how 'feminine' you are, DOES NOT make you Female. Any self respecting Female centered Butch NOT trying to 'pass' as male(except for safety on the street late at night), but in her daily way, is more female than ANY feminine MTF. Femininity, along with masculinity are social constructs. Biological Females and males can fall anywhere within that construct, and do, according to their personal proclivities, upbringing, tastes, and rewards. I was Butch/tomboy from a very young age, and I was never 'feminine' enough, always too 'mannish', too 'masculine', and thus censored by family, those in school, coworkers and bosses, and the rest of the world for that lack of conformity, BUT I was still FEMALE nonetheless...even if at times I hated being so, because of the stereotyping of 'acceptable' roles left open for females, and NONE that catered to my Butch/young tomboyish sensibilities. I distinctly DID NOT want a dallywhacker, a penis between my legs..I WANTED EQUAL POWER AND OPPORTUNITY!

However, the trans movement has nothing to do with a 'gender binary' or even with that meaningless word, 'gender'. In fact, it is a conservative movement, which is why the Iranians will pay for sex reassignment surgery to halt homosexuality, which is punishable by death. Some Fundamentalist Christians insist on the same, even if unlike Iran and other Arab Moslem countries, cannot enforce it. They also expect their women to be feminine and their girls in dresses...cuz they may turn out to be a Dyke, if they get to express their tomboy/Butchy natures! Some will be, some won't.

The trans movement is all about gender conformity...that is, if you fail to fit one sex, that is, too masculine as a female, too dykey, too much of a womonlover, and too Butch/Macha/Amazonian/boyish ect. then you MUST belong to the other..and there you are with all the cheerleaders to go get some hormones and some "T", to dress more hetero male to 'pass' which means nothing more than falsifying one's history/herstory, and eventually to have one surgery or another, mostly the breast removal surgery, since the genitally mutilating penis implantation surgery is dangerous, unreliable and destructive, and really doesn't work. Wow, I saw a film on it, and it is INDEED genital mutilation for the sake of false parts. As bad as any genital mutilation done to Female bodies across the world for an ideology, a religion, ect.

So, the trans movement leaves maimed bodies without full sexual sensation as a result in it's wake. The same goes for the MTF surgeries as well, though the doctors have bragged they've nearly perfected that one....not nearly enough in our Dykely opinion..it's still window dressing that will NEVER replace the multi-orgasmic capabilities that bio female women have. EVER. Or the mystery of bleeding the Sacred MoonBlood, or the hope/fear of impregnation, ability to choose to give birth, or not....one cannot replace the womb with the prostate.

So, you want what you can't have, the male born, and the wanna be male..this is the essence of MALE privilege..not 'doing in Rome as the Romans do', that is, asking the native inhabitants of women only and born female space whether it's o.k. to join in, or not, it is IMPOSING OF YOUR MALE WILLS upon us....all the 2000 plus years of privilege, even hearkening back to the time of Cybele when the de-membered began to take the place of bio females in the temples, the eunuch priests began to gain ascendancy and power over the powerful Female Priestesses, to what we have today. Men in frocks and robes telling women not to have abortions, not to allow Lesbians to marry, or homosexuality at all..while they have their boys in the background. And I mean, boys, not men...those pedophile priests, whose sexuality has been so repressed because of religion and it has twisted them and made them cruel and mean and destructive...like the black frocks, the Dominicans that have done all too many cruelties on women and native peoples, and homosexual folks. Forced eunuchism, not from surgeries, but from religious vows that are completely against human instinct.

The trans movement inherits much of that, maybe not the whole anti-sex thing, but the whole trying to be something you are not....instead of resolving the differences between one's self-expression and a society that only allows us to live in a small set of parameters, and invisibilizes those who don't. So, those who can't 'make it' as men, must be women....and instead of being a 3rd or 4th sex, and regalling in your OWN history around that, you coopt ours...you coopt Dyke space, Dyke herstory, Dyke lives, Dyke sexuality, all of it....and crash our boundaries over and over again, proving to us the pricks you REALLY ARE....but with a feminine facade. OR an overly masculized facade. Yes, I went to an event in the Twilight Zone, andthe first to greet me at a party, was a full transition body hair, scratchy hormone induced voice FTM. Not a hairy Butch with a deep voice, but a full transition FTM. I was so turned off and I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

For the MTF's like Brenda et. al who think they're pulling a fast one on us...I can recognize 95% of the time when I see an MTF..if not by appearance by energy, but I'll figure it out eventually.....often right away..YOU ARE NOT FOOLING US.

We are the Amazons defending OUR territory, as we did in the ancient past, the last of the Matriarchs to defend the ancient Matriarchies and worship of the Goddess....and we are STILL defending our territory, as womyn, as womyn loving womyn, as Butches, Femmes, inbetweens and all the rest, who are Dykes, Lesbians and DykeAmazon Witches and Warriors who say "NO!" and stand up to this very patriarchal silencing of us.

I'm no longer LGBT...I'm just the L or just the D(as in LEsbian, as in Dyke)....the rest mean nothing to me....
-In DykeAmazon Warrior Sisterhood,