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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, November 29, 2010

Distorted sight(refer to Dirtboi's blog on the women looking at their false mirror image)

Keep on keeping on, and I go for the full figured gal anyway....I don't like skin and bones or skeletal types...not only reminds me of anorexics but crack or meth addicts as well, the rail thin look.

But you're right, it's a very narcissitic movement, and the boyz bolster each other up, to go one more step, one more step, sharing tips on how to pack daily, how to wear those rubber bands around their breasts and where to get them, how to 'pass' as male, how to dress as male, what haircut to have to look male, and NOT like a Butch dyke, yet they want to crash every single Lesbian space???????

It is a total mirror narcissitic obsession that as you've pointed out is a disease peculiar to the entire trans community, on either side.....body self hatred, body obsession, whether FTM or MTF.

It is a movement based on fantasies and smoke and mirrors. I made that mistake only once, thinking someone was a bio-female and found out they were not. When I found out, I was very pissed off, and it fucked me up in the head for two weeks. People don't like being fooled, and if it's truly an HONEST movement, then BE HONEST, ESPECIALLY with intimate partners, otherwise you're living a fucking lie.

I mean coming out as a Dyke is all about coming into who I am as a womon loving womon, same as coming into going from tomboy to Butch....but the Trans movement is the exact opposite, it's about going BACK in the closet about one's background, one's past, one's life, and lying and decieving just about everyone around you in an attempt to 'pass'.

Why not just be a third or fourth sex, don't crash our Dyke/Women spaces,create your own, and don't coopt our communities...create your own....and dont' brainwash kids with your lies...

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