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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bitch Manifesto...Butch=Bitch in this great 2nd Wave piece..Butch Bitch


My response: 
《《《《《 Butch Bitch...Almost ALLL of it is true what she speaks of just as true for us Butches and because we ARE masculine/ unfeminine females who ACTIVELY resisted femininity both physically and psychologically and PAID THE PRICE. Just like the words Dyke and Bull Dyke...we live and choose these words FOR OURSELVES because of the sheer taboo POWER of them..
Cunt is another such word...we can revel in our Fierce Female Freedom that men cannot touch.

I feel she HAS written the story of my entire life and I will leave you with this one:

The last Tradeswomen Conference I attended in California in 2012...the IronWorker Women had shirts on that said: "Ironworker Bitches". The esprit du corps of these women was fantastic. They were tight, organized, outspoken and TOOK UP THEIR SPACE unlike any other classification of women..including my own Union. Lame. They KNEW what the word Sisterhood meant..and male construction workers in general are bad enough and oppressive enough to work with..but Ironworkers are a whole 'nother breed of Testosterone fueled Machismo on Steroids. But then it takes a whole level of adrenalin and nerve to walk the Iron and physically do that heavy work.

So after two days at the Conference part of me admired the shirt and the other part as a Feminist was repelled by it. I am NOBODY'S Bitch...

So on the last day I went up to one of them I felt a rapport with and asked her about the motivation behind it and said just that:  "I am NOBODY'S Bitch!"  She said "Oh no, you got it all wrong:  WE RUN IN A PACK!!!!" And as a DykeAmazon I GOT it!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sacred Lesbian Sex Magic- Explicit-On Fisting

For me Fisting has been and always will be a Sacred  Act...it is the closest I can come to a womon...literally plugged into her..and vice versa. It is not for everyone. Just like Dark Eros or Leathersex is not for everyone...however I have had some of the most powerful visions while being fisted by a partner I know, love and trust. I also enjoy clitoral stimulation, I NEED both for orgasm and refuse to choose...clitoral is Lesbian and "politically correct" and Fisting is vaginal penetration and not...bullshit. Only twice have I ever did hetero intercourse and it did NOTHING for me. Same with most dildo sex...but her hand and arm behind it are part of her...and for me..I literally can send energy into her body through my arm and hand. It is a deep deep Lesbian Sexual Mystery. 

As I am older now I cannot be so deeply penetrated...as things are much drier...and not every Lesbian is able to recieve an entire hand(one finger at a time,  slowly and plenty of lube). Women's bodies are all different and the same with their desires. 

For me.. Fisting is a worshipful meditative sexual and spiritual magical act to honor the Goddess Incarnate...the Sacred Female, to worship the Sacred Yoni and should be treated as such..mindfully, carefully and lovingly, nothing less...a connection Lesbian Soul to Lesbian Soul...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Parker Wolf to NY Times About Bruce Jenner

I will be very limited on this subject as its been WAY
over discussed online...but my Butch SisterAmazon Parker
hits the nail in the head in response to a woman claiming Bruce Jenner has "always been a woman".

I made 3 comments there - I doubt any of them will be published; but here is what I left as a reply to the Woman who made the comment in MJ's OP:

"He was (and still is) a male for 65 years! He was raised male. He was treated as a male. He had (and still does have) male privilege. He has lived his WHOLE LIFE as a man! To say otherwise is utterly insane; and your reference to the slur, “TERF” shows me that you are an uneducated, violent, horrible Woman who does not put other Women first. You are male-centered and are a sheep being led around by the nose by men claiming to be Women. You should be ashamed of yourself!" -Parker Wolf