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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, June 8, 2015

Parker Wolf to NY Times About Bruce Jenner

I will be very limited on this subject as its been WAY
over discussed online...but my Butch SisterAmazon Parker
hits the nail in the head in response to a woman claiming Bruce Jenner has "always been a woman".

I made 3 comments there - I doubt any of them will be published; but here is what I left as a reply to the Woman who made the comment in MJ's OP:

"He was (and still is) a male for 65 years! He was raised male. He was treated as a male. He had (and still does have) male privilege. He has lived his WHOLE LIFE as a man! To say otherwise is utterly insane; and your reference to the slur, “TERF” shows me that you are an uneducated, violent, horrible Woman who does not put other Women first. You are male-centered and are a sheep being led around by the nose by men claiming to be Women. You should be ashamed of yourself!" -Parker Wolf

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