Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
Drumming DykeAmazon

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Joan of Arc/My spirituality

My take:  Joan of Arc was FEMALE and a woman. She NEVER "passed"as a man. Male clothes were probably more comfortable, allowed freedom of movement and she could be her Amazon Warrior self in those clothes. She defied Female roles JUST LIKE EVERY ONE OF US BUTCH DYKES DO EVERYDAY by wearing clothes made for males and took her place at the head of her army. Same is true for women in the military who wear combat fatigues in battle. And womens clothes back then were even more restraining and cumbersome with all the various petticoats and all. Much less womens roles. And we do not know one way or another about her sexual orientation. More than likely she was celibate.

She felt IN HER POWER in those clothes, so of course she didnt want to go back to womens clothes or a womens role and be "less than" again. Just like us Butch Dykes dont want to be feminized and diminished by femininity..
But NEVER did she EVER claim she was a man. Nor are we.

 Raising energy with a bunch of Witches, Amazons and Wildwomyn with drumming. dancing and a big bonfire is my experience of Sacred Worship...

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Cheryl's post:    " I don't think the "intention" approach  works.  This was tried for 40 years and it failed.  The intention was not honored.  So, women who came to the Festival because it was female-born space did not really have the Fest they hoped for, paid for and anticipated.  And of course, women who opposed the intention didn't have the Fest they wanted  either.   I am not a "what you resist, persists" kind of person.  I am a "resistance is the secret of joy", as the sign on the land so beautifully said, kind of person.  It won't work for me to focus on what wimmin are doing, what we want to do, and leave concerns about who may or may not attempt to attend future gatherings aside.  To me, knowing what we know, that would be foolhardy.   I think this is a fork in the road for me, i..e, I don't think I can proceed or really make plans using this intention approach-- wondering whether there might be an interest in having conversations here or elsewhere that abandon the idea of the "intention" in favor of, for one example, a membership approach to future gatherings.  Don't misunderstand, I adored the Festival and found it absolutely wonderful, why I traveled 5,000 miles round trip, five times, to attend it, usually with children and others in tow. I will miss it so much!  The dishonoring of the intention, though, and everything that went along with it, deeply troubled me and in various ways over the years, caused so much grief for me and so many other women.  So I would like to move forward differently and am seeking the thoughts of others.  I do think one of the irresolvable underlying issues so far as Fest goes is in some part a spiritual one, a deep divide between those who choose to detach and remove their energy from a struggle and those who choose to resist and give their energy to that struggle.  I don't really think this divide is one that can be resolved via compromise.  Love and peace to all."
                       -  Cheryl Heartsees

Amazons vs Castrati

Powerful: ANYONE who calls herself an Amazon implies she is a Warrior. But the Amazons did not fight to conquer...THEY FOUGHT TO DEFEND WHAT THEY HAD.  They fought to retain their territories, their autonomy as Females, their cultures and worship of the Great Goddess. They were literally the last gasp of RESISTANCE against the encroaching patriarchies and male worship..the enslavement of womyn, the destruction of the ancient Matriarchies, their temples and rape and murder of their Priestesses. 

Though this is not that level of physical extreme violence against us as Female Beings...while we see it throughout the world...Michfest was one POWERFUL MATRIARCHAL AMAZONIAN REFUGE. The ideal of it is WORTH DEFENDING AND RESISTING. And CREATING. 

And the Castrati were there all along. Once the Greeks or Romans or whatever MALE conquering  force destroyed the indigenous Goddess people's rule they replaced the Priestesses withntheir own and amongst them.were the Castrati...the transition between Female and Male worship BUT STILL THE AGENTS OF INTACT MEN. 

I figured this out years ago in my Matriarchal studies WHY did most MTFs bother me so when they crashed womyn and Dyke spaces? And I realized IT HAD BEEN DONE TO US BEFORE!!

If womyn are so bothered by direct confrontation then use the stare down technique or withdraw ALL energy from them and turn your backs to them. I literally had to do this at Michfest with one MTF who showed up at just about  every workshop or gathering I went to downtown. It wasnt until they tried to butt into a conversation I was having that I completely turned my back on them and cut them out of the conversation without saying a word. It worked. There are ways to use silence that speaks VOLUMES. Because what they so desperately WANT is to suck off our energies and our attention. Narcissism is the foundation of the trans movement.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sacred Female Power and Choice

One of the most significant Powers of Females: 

There is a Sacred aspect to give Females Life or Death Power that men annex solely for themselves with their constant Warmongering and harsh Judgements.

This is the Power of the Dark/Light Mother..who can give life or take it if need be. It is an Awesome Power to use wisely. And men absolutely fear this Goddess/Female Power!!!

Only Females can give birth, and ultimately only Females can prevent it. The modern watered down expression is: " If you cannot trust me with a Choice, how can you trust me with a child?"

The Power of Marriage Equality

We are equals and Im not giving up what we nearly fought a lifetime for as Lesbians. To have OUR relationships taken seriously. Anytime I think about pre Marriage equality I think of the horrific Sharon Kowalski case. And others...rituals of deep love and Commitment are Universal...she is not merely my lover, my partner, my roommate, my "friend" as I corrected various het women. She is my SPOUSE....it makes a world of difference. No shame, no hiding, no waiting any more for some pie in the sky vision...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Drawing the Line

Using Recovery principles...there comes a time a person has to own up to THEIR OWN shit. NOBODY gets my automatic support. They gotta prove they are trustworthy and HAVE MY BACK..and if they do..I will have theirs...

And MANY detransitioners are very confused...one foot still in the trans community, one in the Dyke community....too many of us have been too deeply betrayed by Butches transitioning to male...my trust must be EARNED. It is no longer automatic.

Thin Red Line....

A thin red line of Womonhood and the deepest of Womyns Mysteries that goes back at least 90,000 Years...and Amazons who have ALWAYS guarded our most Sacred of Rites. I anointed my drum on the wood with my Sacred Blood...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Letter to Editor of Gender Critical Piece


To the Editor:

This is one of the best articles criticizing Gender Identity I have come across. I too, am a long term Feminist and lefty  Butch Lesbian who has seen my community absolutely devastated by the Trans Movement, from the closing of the Michigan Womyns Music Festival to so many young potentially Butch Lesbians feel they must transition to"male"  to escape the Female and Lesbian condition of oppression. By being "male" they can wear what they want, pursue the activities they want and love and lust over women openly in a way only men are permitted to do.

On the other hand Male to Females have thoroughly infiltrated our communities and tried to convince Lesbians we are "transphobic" for not considering them as partners, from their male privileged mentality, to actually trying to convince Lesbians that their penises are "female", which few of us are buying and that we should get over our "penisphobia". The bathroom bills take that to another level. 

Biological sex is real, and oppression of ALL human females is based on our Female biology as the author rightly mentioned.

Gender is a social construct to hold Females down and limit our potential contributions to society. It is indeed a sex class based system.

Only collective action will end the scourge of sexism.

Thanks for not giving into censorship and allowing other voices to be heard. MANY WOMEN, Lesbians and Radical Feminists support the author's position, myself included.

True Nonbinary-No Transitioning Needed

No need to transition, no need to cut body parts off or stick them on, no need for hormones, you could wear any clothes you want, you could act anyway you want (within reason, not threatening to hurt anybody or insult them), you wouldn't care whether your behaviors were considered masculine or feminine cuz that would ALL be irrelevant. You wouldn't study the opposite sex or go to seminars to learn how to imitate them and dress like them which trans do, or "pass" stealth cuz you'd be your OWN UNIQUE expression of male or female,  cuz nobody can leave their biology behind any way...the best that can be done is to disguise it(often poorly), depending on your ability to pay and your age and appearance.

I have no problem with gender fluidity, if you feel more masculine one day, more feminine the next long as you dont lie about your sex.

I want US ALL to dress and BE the way we feel most powerful and comfortable and to drop all the damn disguises!!!

Young Woman at 17 Announcing She's Transitioning, All Her Friends Already Have...


It goes to our Butch DykeAmazon FEMALE SOULS. Its almost a form of gynocide....convincing young women to irrevocably alter their bodies and psyches, and looking back and seeing NO Butches following us and keeping our Legacy going cuz they all have been ERASED!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Further Discussion to a Detransitioner

Respect is mutual, it is NOT one way for me! 

But NOT when they are rude to us Lifelong Butch Dykes calling US "fucked up" because WE confront them on their Choice to transition and are NOT supportive of that choice...or to be classed out of Conferences, ignored or told we are a "dying breed". 

I support those who give respect, and give respect for OUR Butch Dyke struggle as Females and our Herstory. As I said there were 150 womyn at the Detransitioning Workshop at Michfest. But they SINCERELY need to show they have reclaimed their Female selves, acknowledged the harm done, not to just themselves but to the community and other Butches by so identifying with and as men.  I gave support to one of these womyn in another workshop we were in together and there was a soul deep sharing we had in there together as she was working to come back to and claiming her Female power.

Not just play on our sympathies. I simply known WAY too many Butches who made the switch...and it is one reason I am actually glad to be away from.the Bay Area. The Butch Lesbian community there is a community under siege...

Also considering Mark/Maritza Cummings played on our sympathies as a well known detransitioner, we gave her our full support and then she utterly turned on the Dyke and Radical Feminist communities here online. 

So NOBODY gets my support till they prove they are trustworthy and have MY BACK as a Butch Dyke, IF they expect me to have theirs....

To a Detransitioner

Here's my response to a young detransitioner, still confused and unsure WHY Butches aren't supportive or wary of them:

Not saying it continues the rift. Identifying WITH men instead of your Butch Dyke Sisters continues the rift. Cutting off breasts, doing hormones and surgeries and TELLING US FEMALE PROUD BUTCH DYKES WE ARE A DYING BREED continues the rift. It is NOT necessarily OUR job to reach out to you, because YOU have walked away from US, and put us down in the process especially when we are HOLDING ONTO AND HOLDING OUT as Butch FEMALES,
you have to take responsibility for YOUR choices and actions and harm done BOTH to yourselves and the larger Butch Dyke community. More and more women transition BECAUSE THEY FEEL THE PRESSURE TO DO SO often from peers. And because male status is far more appealing than the life of us Butch Dykes forever reviled by het and even gay/queer MALE society.

So, instead of complaining to us, you need your OWN support groups, for detransitioners, and MY CONCERN is reaching every young potential Butch Lesbian I could, and older ones as well, to have PRIDE in their FEMALE BODIES, minds and spirits. That there IS another way, and to never transition IN THE FIRST PLACE. We are still here, but even Butch Voices didnt want US AROUND, and rejected all our Female proud Butch workshops in favor of all the FTMS and genderqueers running the Conference..so we withdrew OUR SUPPORT!!!

Now women are FINALLY WAKING UP AND QUESTIONING like you WHAT THE FUCK DID WE DO TO OUR BODIES? But instead of pure narcissism about it which the Trans community is KNOWN FOR, ask ALSO WHAT DID I DO TO HARM MY BUTCH DYKE SISTERS AND TO OUR COMMUNITIES???

Because believe me ALOT of harm was done. Nonetheless, WOMYN EMBRACED Detransitioners at Michfest. There was a workshop for Detransitioners that 150 womyn showed up to in support, and a book that came out of it written by detransitioners and their experiences. 13 detransitioners stopped their transitions and had their way PAID to go to Michfest and to absorb the Female love and to learn to love again their female bodies, minds and spirits and come back into their female Power once again.

But you will have to prove you are trustworthy to us, and with us. We owe you nothing. Because YOU made the choice to go on those hormones, to have those surgeries, to get up the money to do so, to identify as male, and to leave the Tribe of your Butch DykeAmazon Sisters behind....

Monday, May 16, 2016

Lesbians, Dykes and Butches: The REAL Gender Nonconformists- Guest post by BigBooButch

This is a guest post by my brilliant Butch pal, BigBooButch.

Lesbians, Dykes, and Butches: The Real Gender Non-Conformists
Oct10 by BigBooButch
Let’s talk about public bathrooms. And airport security. And dressing rooms. And all of the other places that lesbians who don’t conform to the patriarchy’s ideal of what a woman should look like go where we are incorrectly identified as not being women. Places where we are accosted, detained, assaulted, barred from entering, humiliated, mocked, abused, beaten, and even raped; all because we dare to thumb our noses at the binary and proudly remain the women that we are, the women we choose to be, regardless of what the patriarchy demands.

You can even include all of those places where we go for doctor’s appointments, job interviews, etc. Places where our name is called and when we respond, the person calling our name is confused and unable to reconcile the woman’s name on their form with the person in front of them because of how the patriarchy conditions all of us to view women.

A lot of lesbians, dykes, and especially butches don’t fit that perception. We never have. We have always done woman in our own way without a care in the world about how society sees us, while refusing to change who we are when society tries to change us through shame and violence.

We all have the stories, you know the ones. I am walking towards the woman’s bathroom when an older woman walks out the door and then stands there, trying to keep me from entering while telling me this is the ladies restroom, as if I cannot read or see the small female figure in a skirt on the door. Or the times, so many times, I lost count of when I am finishing up in the woman’s restroom, washing my hands when a woman opens the door, looks at me, pauses, looks at the sign on the door, looks at me again, and then just stands there frozen. Or even those times when they don’t stand frozen, but feign confusion asking if this is the ladies room.

We butches, as well as non-conforming dykes and lesbians, we all have stories like these, with varying degrees of danger and humiliation. I have butch friends who flat out refuse to use the woman’s restroom unless a femme friend or lover accompanies them to keep the stares, and the violence, to a minimum. Other butch friends won’t go to the woman’s restroom, no matter what, because they have dealt with such humiliation and violence before that to even consider using a woman’s public bathroom gives them an anxiety attack.

There are other stories, of course: being denied entry into the woman’s dressing room at a clothing store, the stares and murmurs, and even some women moving to another area, while we are changing in a woman’s dressing room at the YMCA, having to go through airport security more than once or, worse, being detained because the people at security look at us and see: men.

These stories go on and on and on for all of us, so it really wasn’t a shock to see news reports online of a woman, Susan Ho, who was using the woman’s restroom at a casino where she was entered in a bowling tournament, only to be unlawfully detained and assaulted when she tried to exit the bathroom and was accused of being a man in the woman’s restroom. At one point, the people detaining her even went so far as to discuss the possibility of removing Susan’s shirt to see if she was actually a woman, as she said. Read the full article here: http://www.courthousenews.com/2013/10/08/61853.htm

I say I am not shocked when I see this sort of thing in the news, but it doesn’t make reading about it any less disheartening. As I said before, some lesbians and dykes and especially we butches don’t fit the patriarchal view of what women “should” look like.  When people see me in my jeans, t-shirt, and hat, they make a snap judgment and see what their conditioning tells them to see: a man.

See, we are the real gender non-conformists. I know that transgenders and their apologists and allies love to make the false claim that trans men and trans woman are gender non-conformists, but that is all smoke and mirrors to hide what is actually happening. Trans people are the very opposite of gender non-conformists. They do everything they possibly can to completely and utterly conform to the binary.

Look at trans men. When on T, what is the first thing trans men do? Go out of their way to grow facial hair because, to them, facial hair is one of the biggest defining factors of maleness, of being men. Forget the fact that there are women out there who have no choice but to shave their faces because for one medical reason or another (this differs woman to woman), they have facial hair.

Then look at trans women. They are one hundred percent about presentation; and that presentation is driven by male desire, by the patriarchy, by what they, as men, find attractive in women. They must dress and act in extremes with the long hair, tons of make up, and dresses all the time because when men think about women, this is how they see women in their minds’ eyes: as a completely vamped up, stylized version of woman.

Both trans men and trans women go out of their way to be as “manly” or as “womanly” (respectively) as they can be because that is what the patriarchy, what the binary demands. Pick one or the other, the patriarchy says. If you wear men’s clothing, you must be a man; and if you wear women’s clothing, you must be a woman. If you are going to be a man or a woman, make sure to be the most ├╝ber man or woman you can be so that we are positive that that is what you are. It is this same line of thinking that has parents turning tomboys into little trans men and feminine boys into little trans women. In the parents’ eyes, they are doing their child a favor but what they are really doing is forcing their child into the binary box.

Butches, as well as non-conforming lesbians and dykes on the other hand, are who they are while still being women, the patriarchy be damned. Instead of conforming, we, literally, stand out and are the most visible women in the lesbian community. We take a lot of heat for that, yes, but we love our bodies, we love being women, and we are not going to “transition” into some variation of men simply to please the patriarchal binary system.

Transgenderism is, at its very core, conformity. That is the number one goal of transgenderism: conforming to the binary. Butches and non-conforming dykes and lesbians want the very opposite.

Transgenders try to co-opt our words by claiming to be women and even lesbians. They try to co-opt our spaces by forcing their way into women’s restrooms, dressing rooms, and other woman-only spaces. They try to control our bodies by shaming us into having sex with them or else be labeled bigots and transphobes. They even try to steal our histories by turning women like Teena Brandon into a trans man, by claiming the butch and drag queen who started the Stonewall riots were actually a trans man and trans woman, etc.

They do all of this under the guise that they are gender non-conformists, when the truth of the matter is simply this: if trans people were truly non-conformists, there would be no transgenderism. Women would be women and men would be men, regardless of how they dressed or acted; and there would be no back lash, no mocking or shaming, no violence toward them, towards all of us, for being who we are.

No, the true non-conformists are butches, lesbians, and dykes. A professor once told me in college, “You are a genderfuck.” He was right; and I am damn proud of it.        -BigBooButch


Monday, May 9, 2016

My number One Mission....

To wake womyn.up and My number one Mission is convincing young womyn NOT to transition, and to teach them to CLAIM their Amazonian and Magical FEMALE POWER, the fact we are multiorgasmic, we bleed, we survive longer than men, and have a strong powerful energy unique to us Females when we gather together and to RESIST the Patriarchal culture destroying us and Mother Earth AND THAT YOU CAN BE POWERFUL IN A FEMALE Body/Mind/Spirit. That freedom does not come at the end of a needle full of testosterone. That we were once Powerful, can TAP INTO THAT POWER and can be powerful again...

But do not put pearls before swine...be discretionary who you share your energy and message with. And seek those who are ready to hear it...

6609 PISSED OFF WOMYN on Lisa Vogel's Charge to go forth and CREATE our Female WBW SPACES!

From a dialogue in one of Pippa's posts on Facebook...
Womyn so in fear of Censorship, MY Charge to them, and Lisa's revelation to us all the VERY last night of Michfest at the magical Candlelight Concert.

BE FEARLESS AMAZONS: Ok I'm a gonna say this. For those of us who attended this last GLORIOUS Michfest this year, it was wonderful, but many of us were in mourning..I felt the grief intensely. And cried several times. That is absolutely SACRED Womyns Land, Amazon Land, and the Womyn of Color add a huge level of energy to it. They GET to have their womyn of Color spaces and Gatherings RESPECTED, and on other things they include. Like the Last night of Michfest I danced my tootsies off first at August Night Cafe, and when that shut down the Womyn of Color Tent was rocking it FOR US ALL!!!We were all invited. And what a night it was!!

It was announced that the last Night Stage, Saturday Night, that 6609 womyn registered. Thats 6609 PISSED OFF WOMYN WHO NO LONGER HAVE A DYKEAMAZON HOME TO GO TO IN AUGUST. On Sunday Night Lisa Vogel blessed us as we all lit candles, to go forth with our Lights and CREATE 1000 mini Michfests and Gatherings, and the MAJORITY of us KNOW THAT MEANS WBW SPACE.

So it doesnt fucking MATTER if they are pissed off. That means THEY ARE NOT INVITED. It means one by one, two by two, underground, quietly, in homes, and Lesbian Lands, and woods, and parks, wherever we CREATE Gatherings BY AND FOR JUST US.

IT MEANS being Amazon about it,  not worrying what others think, not living in fear, not giving a damn because it is BY AND FOR LIKE MINDED SISTERS WHO KNOW WE ARE A TRIBE. It is for  us Female Proud Butch Dykes who RESENT BEING TOLD WE ARE A DYING BREED!!!I REFUSE THAT.

Whose gonna be dying in the longrun? 20 somethings or younger  trying to pass as male and taking deadly Testosterone for YEARS. Because they or their family or peers, or Society CANNOT ACCEPT THEIR LESBIANISM OR BUTCH NATURE.

Its for the TRUE Lesbian Femmes too, so many who have told me they MOURN the loss of Butches and Female Proud Butches to date, and if they wanted A MAN, they'd be hetrosexual.

And for those coming out, so confused, loving womyn and feeling they gotta be a man,or open sexually to men, or mtfs or ftms. They cannot definitively declare "I am a Dyke/Lesbian and interested in bio WOMYN ONLY."

And its for the FTM detransitioners who are coming back to OWNING their Female bodies/minds/spirits and Lesbianism, love for womyn and THEMSELVES as womyn. There are more and more everyday, questioning "What have I done to my body, my psyche, my Female Spirit?" They too were at Michfest and SUPPORTED by their Sisters...their voices censored by the Trans Movement, exposing the damage testosterone has done to their bodies, and the immense peer pressure now to transition...

And its for the Gaia Girls, the  young little Amazons, thenext generation, who get to run freely AND WITHOUT FEAR on the Land, knowing the Collective of womyn will watch them, and their Mothers need not worry, that they COME FIRST THERE, not their brothers who get so much attention in the outside world.

So I hope this gives you strength to go forth and CREATE, along with all your Michfest and other Dyke and likeminded Sisters, Dyke and Female WBW Space!!!!No matter the opposition!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

On "Political Lesbians"

 Not a politically correct Lesbian by any means..but for me my Lesbianism is an  ENTIRE WORLDVIEW. Everything I see is with Lesbian eyes..from the deeply erotic to the Spiritual and everything inbetween...emotional, intellectual even economic. I REMEMBER thecdays Lesbians looked after each other, employed each other, VALUED each other, not only as lovers but as friends. I felt most alive in the enturely Lesbian Centered environment of Michfest where BOTH our Lesbian Eroticism AND Our DykeAmazon Goddess spirituality were valued, our Lesbian Muscians, Craftswomyn, body affirmations, Lesbian creativity ALL OF IT. From the Main.Meadow to the Twilight Zone and everything inbetween. Our 12 step meetings, our Dyke Shabbat, our Ritual of 400 womyn, where I cried. KNOWING this was the last large gathering of our DykeAmazon Tribe, I felt it to the depths of my Lesbian/DyjeAmazon Female Soul....that ENORMOUS LOSS of the last of our Lesbian culture..the rest so frittered away. Lesbians are a People under Siege. Men sexualize us in their fantasies but dont want to deal with the reality of us, denying us Butch Lesbians work opportunities because we do not flatter their egos, are not eye candy for them, and independent from them.

They so want to spy on us snd DENY us Lesbian or Female spaces they cannot go.

Straight and bi women may or may not feel comfortable in strong Lesbian environments, while some may flirt with thrm, unlike most men, most Lesbians take No for an answer. We can be friends with other womyn and in solidarity with them without necessarily sexualizing them. Though of course feelings can mutually develope. They ARE our biological equals. Whereas straight and bi men have a very hard time respecting sexual boundaries with women because they are taught to always be in pursuit. And that we will kowtow to them.

As far as  "  "Political Lesbians" when I first came out through the local campus Lesbian Caucus and Feminist Alliance, I dated at least two or more "political Lesbians" who ALL went back to men. I had ENOUGH of men and wanted to try something different and once I had Lesbian sex, I KNEW that this is why I had never fit in my entire life. I had ALWAYS been tomboy and came out then and graduated to Butch Dyke. Other Butches reflected who I was back to me..I was no longer the only one. 

But this deeply disconcerted me as I looked for Lesbians to date, eventually ending up in the dreary self hating bar scene of completely nonpolitical Dykes. We had little in common other than our sexuality, and most were drunks..but they were truly Lesbian.

So, for the interim at least, women.should call thrmselves Radical Spinsters instead if they are not truly Lesbian. Lesbian has been coopted ENOUGH BY TRANS. Nor do I buy the "nature vs nurture"arguement. I think it is a bit of both...I dont care if a Dyke comes out through the Feminist Movement, the Bar scene, a group, a project, a community or her best friend..but that her lust and love and DESIRE for womyn comes from her soul. 

It is profound, magical, life changing and Real. It goes beyond politics and men. Lesbian is NO MAN'S LAND and a womon has to be ready to put up with quite alot of hardship to Walk that Path truly with authenticity and integrity...to be fair to the rest of her Lesbian Sisters and the currently tattered and under siege Lesbian Nation....our eroticism is what ties us together AND our deep love for Womyn!!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Keeping Lesbian/Gay spaces strictly for same sex, yes I support IML, as I supported Michfest

The Reply
MasterAmazon on May 7, 2016 at 3:17 am

I support IML in its born male only stance. Gay men have started feeling the pressure us Dykes have all along for at least 3 decades on trying to protect our Dyke and womon only spaces such as Michfest and other Lesbian events while watching ALL of our Lesbian culture slowly disappearing and being destroyed within and without from the trans juggernaut.

Now the gay men in this last decade are starting to feel the effects of all those FTMS, some who were nothing but faghags in their former lives, others who were Dykes but with the narcissitic trans process begin worshipping the male within and without.

I.have seen gay leathermen complain in the fagrags about trans”men” going to their events and sex parties about 5 or so years ago..so NOW the shoe is on the other foot and perhaps NOW they can understand what us Dykes been dealing with for decades with the damn MTFs. Though they NEVER supported us or our RIGHT to have our Sacred Michfest SEPARATE FROM ALL BORN MALES.

Purple is OUR Color-For ALL Lesbians

Purple is OUR COLOR...THE deepest ray of Lavendar...Purple has always represented Lesbians..whereas the gay guys left their sexuality in the First chakra..survival and power..red...Lesbians basically created the modern day womyns spirituality Movement, created an ENTIRE AMAZON NATION with all attendant values from the sexual to the Spiritual and EVERYTHING INBETWEEN at Michfest. We questioned EVERYTHING about patriarchal culture. I felt that glorious Purple ray which has always included Lesbianism and which so many Lesbians gravitate to..my FAVORITE color, rare, beautiful, elusive, reflected in flowers and amythest which you will see on many a Lesbian altar or a Lesbian wearing.  We BRING the energy up. From the Twilight Zone to the Main Meadow with the 30ft Goddess and 400 strong  circling together for the LAST TIME August 2015...the Last Gathering of our DykeAmazon Tribe.

Many of us cried because there, ONLY THERE..did we KNOW OURSELVES TO BE FULLY FREE!!!

Gay malepolitics has always been about the ability to fuck..and have gay male relationships and economic prosperity FOR GAY MEN. An exclusive Brotherhood. 
But Lesbian politics and Spirituality goes far far deeper, to bringing the Energy up to the Crown chakra, and freeing ourselves, Mother Earth and all Her creatures from MALE oppression which all too many gay men participate in. About the environment(ecofeminism), about our spirituality-embracing Goddess, within and without and letting go of EVERY FORM OF MALE RULE OVER US, of getting in touch with both our fierce and Gentle passions, our WildWomon Selves, womonkind NOT under male control,  including gay men,    The Womyn men CANNOT CONTROL. Thus they fear and will do ALL THEY CAN to suppress us and destroy OUR Gathering places where we are most free!!! We cannot allow that Sisters!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

On Monosexual Privilege from ListeningtoLesbians- My post

Hey They can all go fuck off with their “cis”, “genderqueer”, “monosexual” “queer”, “pansexual” bullshit. I am with that last post..older and grey, out since 21, for 3 and a half decades fighting the good fight BY AND FOR AND AS A DYKE/Lesbian just to see all or so many of our Butches and baby Butches transition to “men”, or identify with them, to be pressured to have sex with bio males even if they truly are Dykes cuz its no longer cool to be Lesbian and you gotta give in to the “Cotton Ceiling”, bi/gay male and MTF predatory male assumptive behavior?

To have been PERSONALLY threatened with rape by a “bi” man the night of my Black Belt test because I was CLEAR I was a Lesbian?

To have MTFS AND FTMS as well as bisexual women with their BOYFRIENDS try to take over SF Dyke March and INIST in marching in it WITH their boyfriends, as well as gay men, and expect NO Lesbian pushback?

To have destroyed from within and without our Crown Jewel of Lesbian Nation, Michfest after practically all of our other Lesbian social institutions have disappeared including our wonyns bookstores, dyke bars and businesses in large part BECAUSE we INSISTED on our Dyke and womyn only spaces as respite from male oppression, and a place for JUST US to gather that feeds our Dyke FEMALE Souls and Spirits and ability to express OUR sexuality away from male control or voyeurizing.

No I DID NOT WORK SO HARD TO STAY OUT LOUD AND PROUD all these years as a DykeAmazon and advocate for Dykes/Lesbians all these years just to see our communities torn from within and without so males can have access to our Lesbian Beings and sexuality and be even further reviled BECAUSE WE REFUSE TO ALLOW MALE ACCESS to our most personal intimate sexual, emotional and even spiritual Selves!!!