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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, May 8, 2016

On "Political Lesbians"

 Not a politically correct Lesbian by any means..but for me my Lesbianism is an  ENTIRE WORLDVIEW. Everything I see is with Lesbian eyes..from the deeply erotic to the Spiritual and everything inbetween...emotional, intellectual even economic. I REMEMBER thecdays Lesbians looked after each other, employed each other, VALUED each other, not only as lovers but as friends. I felt most alive in the enturely Lesbian Centered environment of Michfest where BOTH our Lesbian Eroticism AND Our DykeAmazon Goddess spirituality were valued, our Lesbian Muscians, Craftswomyn, body affirmations, Lesbian creativity ALL OF IT. From the Main.Meadow to the Twilight Zone and everything inbetween. Our 12 step meetings, our Dyke Shabbat, our Ritual of 400 womyn, where I cried. KNOWING this was the last large gathering of our DykeAmazon Tribe, I felt it to the depths of my Lesbian/DyjeAmazon Female Soul....that ENORMOUS LOSS of the last of our Lesbian culture..the rest so frittered away. Lesbians are a People under Siege. Men sexualize us in their fantasies but dont want to deal with the reality of us, denying us Butch Lesbians work opportunities because we do not flatter their egos, are not eye candy for them, and independent from them.

They so want to spy on us snd DENY us Lesbian or Female spaces they cannot go.

Straight and bi women may or may not feel comfortable in strong Lesbian environments, while some may flirt with thrm, unlike most men, most Lesbians take No for an answer. We can be friends with other womyn and in solidarity with them without necessarily sexualizing them. Though of course feelings can mutually develope. They ARE our biological equals. Whereas straight and bi men have a very hard time respecting sexual boundaries with women because they are taught to always be in pursuit. And that we will kowtow to them.

As far as  "  "Political Lesbians" when I first came out through the local campus Lesbian Caucus and Feminist Alliance, I dated at least two or more "political Lesbians" who ALL went back to men. I had ENOUGH of men and wanted to try something different and once I had Lesbian sex, I KNEW that this is why I had never fit in my entire life. I had ALWAYS been tomboy and came out then and graduated to Butch Dyke. Other Butches reflected who I was back to me..I was no longer the only one. 

But this deeply disconcerted me as I looked for Lesbians to date, eventually ending up in the dreary self hating bar scene of completely nonpolitical Dykes. We had little in common other than our sexuality, and most were drunks..but they were truly Lesbian.

So, for the interim at least, women.should call thrmselves Radical Spinsters instead if they are not truly Lesbian. Lesbian has been coopted ENOUGH BY TRANS. Nor do I buy the "nature vs nurture"arguement. I think it is a bit of both...I dont care if a Dyke comes out through the Feminist Movement, the Bar scene, a group, a project, a community or her best friend..but that her lust and love and DESIRE for womyn comes from her soul. 

It is profound, magical, life changing and Real. It goes beyond politics and men. Lesbian is NO MAN'S LAND and a womon has to be ready to put up with quite alot of hardship to Walk that Path truly with authenticity and integrity...to be fair to the rest of her Lesbian Sisters and the currently tattered and under siege Lesbian Nation....our eroticism is what ties us together AND our deep love for Womyn!!

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