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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Letter to Editor of Gender Critical Piece


To the Editor:

This is one of the best articles criticizing Gender Identity I have come across. I too, am a long term Feminist and lefty  Butch Lesbian who has seen my community absolutely devastated by the Trans Movement, from the closing of the Michigan Womyns Music Festival to so many young potentially Butch Lesbians feel they must transition to"male"  to escape the Female and Lesbian condition of oppression. By being "male" they can wear what they want, pursue the activities they want and love and lust over women openly in a way only men are permitted to do.

On the other hand Male to Females have thoroughly infiltrated our communities and tried to convince Lesbians we are "transphobic" for not considering them as partners, from their male privileged mentality, to actually trying to convince Lesbians that their penises are "female", which few of us are buying and that we should get over our "penisphobia". The bathroom bills take that to another level. 

Biological sex is real, and oppression of ALL human females is based on our Female biology as the author rightly mentioned.

Gender is a social construct to hold Females down and limit our potential contributions to society. It is indeed a sex class based system.

Only collective action will end the scourge of sexism.

Thanks for not giving into censorship and allowing other voices to be heard. MANY WOMEN, Lesbians and Radical Feminists support the author's position, myself included.

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