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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Further Discussion to a Detransitioner

Respect is mutual, it is NOT one way for me! 

But NOT when they are rude to us Lifelong Butch Dykes calling US "fucked up" because WE confront them on their Choice to transition and are NOT supportive of that choice...or to be classed out of Conferences, ignored or told we are a "dying breed". 

I support those who give respect, and give respect for OUR Butch Dyke struggle as Females and our Herstory. As I said there were 150 womyn at the Detransitioning Workshop at Michfest. But they SINCERELY need to show they have reclaimed their Female selves, acknowledged the harm done, not to just themselves but to the community and other Butches by so identifying with and as men.  I gave support to one of these womyn in another workshop we were in together and there was a soul deep sharing we had in there together as she was working to come back to and claiming her Female power.

Not just play on our sympathies. I simply known WAY too many Butches who made the switch...and it is one reason I am actually glad to be away from.the Bay Area. The Butch Lesbian community there is a community under siege...

Also considering Mark/Maritza Cummings played on our sympathies as a well known detransitioner, we gave her our full support and then she utterly turned on the Dyke and Radical Feminist communities here online. 

So NOBODY gets my support till they prove they are trustworthy and have MY BACK as a Butch Dyke, IF they expect me to have theirs....

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