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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, May 9, 2016

6609 PISSED OFF WOMYN on Lisa Vogel's Charge to go forth and CREATE our Female WBW SPACES!

From a dialogue in one of Pippa's posts on Facebook...
Womyn so in fear of Censorship, MY Charge to them, and Lisa's revelation to us all the VERY last night of Michfest at the magical Candlelight Concert.

BE FEARLESS AMAZONS: Ok I'm a gonna say this. For those of us who attended this last GLORIOUS Michfest this year, it was wonderful, but many of us were in mourning..I felt the grief intensely. And cried several times. That is absolutely SACRED Womyns Land, Amazon Land, and the Womyn of Color add a huge level of energy to it. They GET to have their womyn of Color spaces and Gatherings RESPECTED, and on other things they include. Like the Last night of Michfest I danced my tootsies off first at August Night Cafe, and when that shut down the Womyn of Color Tent was rocking it FOR US ALL!!!We were all invited. And what a night it was!!

It was announced that the last Night Stage, Saturday Night, that 6609 womyn registered. Thats 6609 PISSED OFF WOMYN WHO NO LONGER HAVE A DYKEAMAZON HOME TO GO TO IN AUGUST. On Sunday Night Lisa Vogel blessed us as we all lit candles, to go forth with our Lights and CREATE 1000 mini Michfests and Gatherings, and the MAJORITY of us KNOW THAT MEANS WBW SPACE.

So it doesnt fucking MATTER if they are pissed off. That means THEY ARE NOT INVITED. It means one by one, two by two, underground, quietly, in homes, and Lesbian Lands, and woods, and parks, wherever we CREATE Gatherings BY AND FOR JUST US.

IT MEANS being Amazon about it,  not worrying what others think, not living in fear, not giving a damn because it is BY AND FOR LIKE MINDED SISTERS WHO KNOW WE ARE A TRIBE. It is for  us Female Proud Butch Dykes who RESENT BEING TOLD WE ARE A DYING BREED!!!I REFUSE THAT.

Whose gonna be dying in the longrun? 20 somethings or younger  trying to pass as male and taking deadly Testosterone for YEARS. Because they or their family or peers, or Society CANNOT ACCEPT THEIR LESBIANISM OR BUTCH NATURE.

Its for the TRUE Lesbian Femmes too, so many who have told me they MOURN the loss of Butches and Female Proud Butches to date, and if they wanted A MAN, they'd be hetrosexual.

And for those coming out, so confused, loving womyn and feeling they gotta be a man,or open sexually to men, or mtfs or ftms. They cannot definitively declare "I am a Dyke/Lesbian and interested in bio WOMYN ONLY."

And its for the FTM detransitioners who are coming back to OWNING their Female bodies/minds/spirits and Lesbianism, love for womyn and THEMSELVES as womyn. There are more and more everyday, questioning "What have I done to my body, my psyche, my Female Spirit?" They too were at Michfest and SUPPORTED by their Sisters...their voices censored by the Trans Movement, exposing the damage testosterone has done to their bodies, and the immense peer pressure now to transition...

And its for the Gaia Girls, the  young little Amazons, thenext generation, who get to run freely AND WITHOUT FEAR on the Land, knowing the Collective of womyn will watch them, and their Mothers need not worry, that they COME FIRST THERE, not their brothers who get so much attention in the outside world.

So I hope this gives you strength to go forth and CREATE, along with all your Michfest and other Dyke and likeminded Sisters, Dyke and Female WBW Space!!!!No matter the opposition!!!

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