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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, May 21, 2016

To a Detransitioner

Here's my response to a young detransitioner, still confused and unsure WHY Butches aren't supportive or wary of them:

Not saying it continues the rift. Identifying WITH men instead of your Butch Dyke Sisters continues the rift. Cutting off breasts, doing hormones and surgeries and TELLING US FEMALE PROUD BUTCH DYKES WE ARE A DYING BREED continues the rift. It is NOT necessarily OUR job to reach out to you, because YOU have walked away from US, and put us down in the process especially when we are HOLDING ONTO AND HOLDING OUT as Butch FEMALES,
you have to take responsibility for YOUR choices and actions and harm done BOTH to yourselves and the larger Butch Dyke community. More and more women transition BECAUSE THEY FEEL THE PRESSURE TO DO SO often from peers. And because male status is far more appealing than the life of us Butch Dykes forever reviled by het and even gay/queer MALE society.

So, instead of complaining to us, you need your OWN support groups, for detransitioners, and MY CONCERN is reaching every young potential Butch Lesbian I could, and older ones as well, to have PRIDE in their FEMALE BODIES, minds and spirits. That there IS another way, and to never transition IN THE FIRST PLACE. We are still here, but even Butch Voices didnt want US AROUND, and rejected all our Female proud Butch workshops in favor of all the FTMS and genderqueers running the Conference..so we withdrew OUR SUPPORT!!!

Now women are FINALLY WAKING UP AND QUESTIONING like you WHAT THE FUCK DID WE DO TO OUR BODIES? But instead of pure narcissism about it which the Trans community is KNOWN FOR, ask ALSO WHAT DID I DO TO HARM MY BUTCH DYKE SISTERS AND TO OUR COMMUNITIES???

Because believe me ALOT of harm was done. Nonetheless, WOMYN EMBRACED Detransitioners at Michfest. There was a workshop for Detransitioners that 150 womyn showed up to in support, and a book that came out of it written by detransitioners and their experiences. 13 detransitioners stopped their transitions and had their way PAID to go to Michfest and to absorb the Female love and to learn to love again their female bodies, minds and spirits and come back into their female Power once again.

But you will have to prove you are trustworthy to us, and with us. We owe you nothing. Because YOU made the choice to go on those hormones, to have those surgeries, to get up the money to do so, to identify as male, and to leave the Tribe of your Butch DykeAmazon Sisters behind....

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