Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Some Recent Posts..Go Beyond Imagining...Clear Crone/Amazon Vision...the Sacrosanct womb...

Go beyond imagining, BRING INTO REALITY:

I declare myself a Free and Feral Female.

I spark off Sister Feral Females and we build a Web together.

We build a gynocratic web so strong that no negative male energy can disrupt it

We build a gynormophic  field of energy that Sparks each Sister Self to come into Her own Power and begins to share that with her Sisters

All womyn throw off the shame, chains,  and veils reaching out their hands across Earth. 

Males no longer hold power, their weapons no longer work with this biophilic ecstatic Female Energy worldwide. 

Every womon finds her voice, discovers her true ecstasy, creativity and pot4ntial and EXPRESSES IT FREELY.

Women no longer fear male violence.

Rape is a crime so heinous as to be unimaginable and nearly extinguished from the planet. Those who engage in it are either put to death or sent to exile in total solitude for at least 5 years, then required to do penance for their crime. 

Women fill 50% or more of all positions across the Earth and at all levels of political office, there are no more barriers.

Women have FULL sexual and reproductive autonomy worldwide.

A woman's word is her bond, and her word and experience are taken seriously.

Womyns space is sacrosanct and NEVER VIOLATED.      -FeistyAmazon
I know STRONGLY the powerful gynomorphic Field of large numbers of WBW coming together in ritual especially Sacred Territory like Michfest.

But there are plenty of lousy mothers in bad "energy patterns" , whether they be crack babies, babies born into poverty starvation, warzones, ect.

No I dont believe in artificial wombs, nor do I believe in surrogacy or extraordinary means het privileged women go to have babies with various reproductive technologies catering to them. Like Octo mom...

I got no problem with adults who are responsible enough to adopt, every child a wanted child. Women  must have total control over their reproductive abilities and being  respected and responsible  around it...men no say so whatsoever.

But if your unable to reproduce, respect that too. Maybe those women are meant for something else, or to adopt children needing a stable loving home. Not EVERYBODY has or should have to pass on their genes. No matter how strong the drives are. Skipped me altogether. I only raise mostly feral kittens to cathood, thats fine by me.
Tapping foot I'M WAITING. The true Crone is NOT so patient, NOR is She quiet. With Her clear eyed Vision She cuts through, just like the Amazon with her Labryis!!!
So if womens rights begin in the womb....then you better respect the Sacred Yoni and the Womb of the Goddess, the LAST arbiter of life and death, and that what a womon does with HER womb is inviolate and Sacred. Hers and HERS ALONE. Otherwise DUDE you risk the Wrath of the Goddess and Her Emanation on Earth:  every Female alive!!!

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