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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Capital B Butch...ALL THE WAY!

This is in response to Dirt claiming Capital B Butch for herself, and defining it narrowly....this is who I AM, and have been for almost 30 years, and actually beyond.....

I AM a Capital B Butch, always have been, always will be. My Butchness is NOT contingent on what type of Female partner I have, it is contingent on WHO I AM INSIDE! I have always been Butch, from the day I rejected dolls as age 7, to dresses at age 10, to never wanting to marry a man, or have a child at age 12, to being the first girl on the hockey team in the ENTIRE league at age 12 to getting into karate before many girls/women did at age 14....indeed a young Amazon who was unfeminine most of her whole young life...till coming out as a Butch Dyke at age 20!

It is not contingent on whether I fuck a Femme or a Butch or am fucked by a Femme or a Butch. I like both, I've always liked both, it's ALWAYS depended on the woman!
I prefer the company of women, especially strongly female centered Lesbian Dykey women, and yes, Sister Butches, and wild feral STRONG Femmes! Femmes who are obviously Dykey and don't pass for het in any way, whether they're punky, leathery, wear wild hair colors, or flowing Goddess robes or nothing at all!

In every way as a capital B Butch, I HUNT women...in the most positive way....and only womonflesh enlivens me. Sometimes I LOVE a Butch Dyke in a uniform...but I can also be just as easily turned on to a Femme womon with a big booty and high heeled leather boots or other leather garments...or a Femme with cleavage and a full breast to show...I HUNGER for Female flesh, and once stripped naked and up on the sling or in bed, it DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE WHETHER SHE'S BUTCH OR FEMME, only that she's available to me, and in the throes of passion....that she HONORS her passion and doesn't hold back because of shamed coulda woulda shouldas....whether it comes from patriarchy, the lesbian community, the leather community, the hetero community, or her own deep shame, whether SHE'S BUTCH OR FEMME. All I wanna know then is that SHE'S ALL WOMAN, AND PROUD OF THAT...AND THAT FOR HER, HER SEX IS SPIRITUAL!

And that's why I'm a Capital B Butch. I'm no softball Butch. I was kicking ass in karate class while the softball Butches were playing. We only hurt ourselves by continuing to label ourselves off of others, and to fracture our experiences, you're this, I'm that, we're ALL Dykes in this together, and attempting to overcome this shame. Just call me a Dyke Sexual Magician, my true Life's Work and Calling!

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