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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Friday, March 5, 2010

Keeping Fest for WBW, and why we no longer want to argue the point

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Womyn2me wrote:
And that, my dears, is 5 pages of why I no longer want to talk about it anymore, and why I have actually become less interested in trans-inclusion outside of Fest as well.

I agree Womyn2me, a big waste of time, waste of breath. The truth is Michfest was created BY AND FOR WBW Lesbians in particular. Other bio female women liked the culture of Fest and stayed, because it honored their femaleness, and female power, after dealing with their men, or men in society. Lesbians felt and do feel honored by being able to be completely, totally OUT and in our FULL SEXUAL AND SPIRITUAL POWERS as Dykes and DykeAmazons, and DykeWitches, and Dyke Sex Magicians, as Butch Dykes and Femme Dykes, and every other kind of Dyke imaginable, fat, thin, inbetween, all ages, colors, ethnicities, believers in the Goddess..the Sacred Female, where we have a space HONORING that, and a 30 foot statue invoking that. Michfest IS an Amazon village, and like any other Amazon village, historical or present day, it is a space by and for women only and in particular women loving women only, meaning Dykes, or women who love women on SOME level, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, psychic or spiritual or all those levels combined. There is a magic to that land, an Amazon magic, a magic that does not accomodate Y chromosomes, only XX. A gate, psychic, physical, emotional....because WE KNOW that difference. Go join the Castrati, the eunuchs, the cult of Cybele, that is the cult for you, or the mysteries of Janus, the two sexed God/ess. But, not Michfest, which is Amazon territory, where the female born, in this era can have a truly safe refuge. We have our Priestesses and our Warriors, our Dancers and our Magicians, our Singers and Songwriters, and Poets, and Shamans, our Drummers and our Healers, our Visionaries and our Lovers, our Tradeswomyn and our Organizers, our Cooks and our Cleaners, we have all manner of women to sustain this Tribe for at least two months, culminating in the one big week. And to my death I will support bio female women only Lesbian centered Space. Michfest is the only place I've ever been where I was told "You are Home now", and I knew it..this Amazon Warrior could lay down her arms, and relax, and feel safe, even in themiddle of the night tripping through woods she did not know, terribly lost, but NOT afraid, because I KNEW that only womyn surrounded me, and that I WAS SAFE. There is no other woods I'd feel that safety(with the exception of EWF, a small women's festival compared to Michfest, but even there, the woods are very remote and dark, and there are animals; and men in other campgrounds, even if further away, and it's much more isolated in those woods, but I know them too.)

ONLY in born female space do I feel that level of safety. Only with my Tribe...the Tribe of Womyn, of Dykes, of Amazons, of Sister Witches....of all these things that Michfest has and represents...do I feel safe, and also in my smaller festival, where there are the same.....there is NOWHERE in the outside world I feel that way, not at Pride, not even at DykeMarch because it's so infiltrated not just with trans but M E N. There is nowhere else that honors Dykes the way Michfest does. And I glad it's Dyke run. Even the so called 'Lesbian' community is no longer so Lesbian anymore, and it's no longer safe for the likes of me....I'm always coming up against women hating their womonness...handsome Butches wanting to identify with and become men, or some yoyo male ego who claim's he's a woman, soley because of his femininity, cuz he has or hasn't cut off his cock, cuz he has hormone grown breasts, or speaks in a softer voice with the feminine appearance that has always so oppressed me..that faux feminininity of the male born. Proving he's 'more of a woman' than I, yes Bredna did say that.....'Butches are men', like we've been told 1000 times NO WE ARE NOT. A TRUE BUTCH is the rawest and most primal form of Wild Womonhood....the kind that cannot and will not be tamed or feminized..but yet she's ALL FEMALE!

Only bio females can bleed, and only bio females can have multiple orgasms so that's who I am, and what I chase...and what I honor, those fantastic multiorgasmic Beings who I share the sacred Blood Mysteries with...and that's something NO MALEBORN could ever, ever be or do.

-In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,


  1. This is saddening especially for womon seeking that space. For some this may not seem like such a big deal, but for those of us that THRIVE on that female energy it's almost devastating. I have never been to Michfest or any lesbian meet ups or festivals, but I am hearing what has been happening. To me, it just feels like it's an all out attack on US, not just as womon, but as LESBIANS. There is nothing more terrifying to the masses than womon that love other womon and are empowered by the connection they get from it.

    On the notion of bleeding, this lesbian celebrates her periods.

  2. I'm so glad you do! It is the PRIMARY mystery that ALL womyn share, and something so sacred that's been taken away from us, turned around into something dirty, shameful and shouldn't be talked about, and put down in patriarchal religions in what bleeding women can and can't do, that REALLY it's when we're most in our psychic power that the patriarchs fear....where their spears dull, where we have our visions, and where we are in alignment with our true feelings and vulnerable, where sometimes our shrouds and barriers are ripped away and our Sybil, our Source, our inner Priestess, our Visionary comes out and speaks her truth, without censorship..and all quake at that womonstrength we so cover up and hide the rest of the month!

    And to continue my honor of women's mysteries, I can ONLY best experience them in women only and ESPECIALLY in Lesbian Centered space, where I can be the wildest, freeist DykeAmazon I am, and come out of my cage, I retreat to everytime I go back into a city environment!
    I DO absolutely thrive on that Female Energy, and I urge you to go to these Festivals and MIchfest before they are no more.....the women putting them on are getting older, the communities are changing, and they may become a thing of the past. But if you experience the strength, the pride, the POWER, the physical safety you feel, the psychic opening you will do on women's land, you will never ever want to go back, it will change you literally FOREVER.

    I must go at least once a year to renew from the land of men and their lies. One learns such precious connection to other females and our true Powers, psychic, emotional and otherwise. They're not ideal, there's always dramarama and personalities, but collectively, in ritual, in drumming, in song and in conversation, to be VALIDATED, SEEN, and HONORED by our own, is so remarkable, so empowering, and to be completely OUT as a Dyke without any fear of reprisals is incredibly freeing!
    -In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,

  3. From the sounds of it, they may not be there much longer from all the complaints from non wbw and the hijacking going on. I would like to go to one of these places at least once in my lifetime. The energy there must be something, and as a lesbian that also needs that energy (and ONLY wants to be around it), I think it would be great for me.

    "I must go at least once a year to renew from the land of men and their lies." I completely understand, where I live we don't have anything like Michfest. We have a Women's Show which I attend, but it isn't anything like you described.

  4. I am not familiar with the womyn-born-womyn policy, but I can't see how it's current version protects womyn-only spaces or fosters womon-centered communities. As far as I'm aware, it includes trans men, while excluding or attempting to exclude, trans womyn, including myself. In other words, it includes male-identified people, many of whom are living male-centered lives and many of whom are nonetheless familiar with female-focused communities and social norms. I hope that people can find some solution which protects womon-centered spaces, at least on your MichFest side if not both sides of the street, which promotes consciousness-raising on both sides of the street, and which addresses issues surrounding male privilege.