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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Friday, July 20, 2012

The usual debate that is used to silence us, on a LESBIAN group: How MTF's have it so much worse than Butch Lesbians and women in general...my response

"I don't know what a ladystick is, but I have some trans women friends that I don't wish to see insulted. They're a part of the queer community and they are the ones who face even graver danger than us for just walking down the street. Did you ever read Stone Butch Blues ? I thought Leslie F did a wonderful job depicting the early queer community, which includes both queer and trans folks. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that several trans women were murdered in the US in the last few months. This is a group of people that deserves and needs our ally-ship and support, not more queer and transphobia."-Lady A.


Please, don't give me that Stone Butch Blues bullshit. Or that the trans have it worse than Butch Dykes.....I've heard all that crap, while y'all continue to coopt Lesbian identity, selfhood and community. I"M DONE WITH IT. I"ve had threats and violence against me and mine AS a Butch Dyke, with another ButchDyke at the hands of men!

IF you want tit for tat, many crimes against Lesbians specifically aren't touted in the press: rape of a Lesbian, a Butch Lesbian by 4 gangmembers in Richmond, CA shortly after Prop 8 passed in 2008, and she had a rainbow sticker on her car, and she was Butch. Shooting and murder of one of two Lesbian partners in Texas, one in critical condition the other dead, just a few short weeks ago. Women all over the world who can be murdered by their spouses, brothers, uncles, male relatives if they don't wear veils, if they get raped, if they commit adultery, if they are LESBIAN they can be put to death. Women die EVERYDAY from male violence, all KINDS of women, not just MTF's. I'm tired of the boohooing, and should we take some space for ourselves, AS LESBIANS it constantly gets crashed by the rest. So, not just trans females get killed. Bio females and Dykes get killed too for being themselves and acting as if they were free, which in many parts of the world, much less the U.S., they are not. We are taking back our space, and we are taking back our communities, and NO we are NOT queer, WE ARE LESBIANS/DYKES!

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  1. And yes, I have read 'Stone Butch Blues', and while gutwrenching, I could certainly identify with the main character's Butch oppression, I did not like the character, or her hatred of Butches who prefer Butches, or her ending up with an MTF at the end. I have read better books that speak to my soul much more deeply. And Leslie Feinberg does not speak for me. I DO!