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Monday, July 23, 2012

Binational Boulder Couple Facing struggles and fears of deportation

I feel strongly that ALL Lesbian couples should have the same rights as hetero couples to stay together and live happily without fear of deportation, and raise their children with love, support and happiness rather than fear that one of the spouses should be deported. Though I know these two Lesbians have way more privilege than I can possibly imagine in my life, it still hits close to home, in that they are Boulder citizens. In any case, here's the website for them below listed, and my response to them.


Your story touches my heart. My partner and I legally married in California twice: once in 2004 during the ‘Winter of Love’ waiting in line for 8 hours at San Francisco City Hall, which 6 months later, all 4000 of those marriages were annulled by the State, and then again in 2008, two weeks before Prop 8 passed. Fortunately with all the legal wrangling, the State Supreme Court allowed our marriages to stand, but they also allowed Prop 8 to stand too. It is being fought against as well.

Even though I live in California with my Dyke spouse, Boulder, CO. is my adopted home town, where my family moved to in 1972, and I lived in till I moved here to the California Bay Area in ’84 for my sexual freedom. I came out as a Lesbian in Boulder in 1981. My family still lives in Boulder and I visit it every year or so…my heart is very fond of Boulder and I miss it, so your story is literally ‘close to home’. Also my mother who lived there till she died, was a nurse.

I am glad you have found the love of your life, and given your children a happy home. Obama could so easily freeze that law and it’s enforcement, where you could both live together without fear of deportation.We must keep moving forward in the struggle for all binational Lesbian and Gay couples, as well as the overall marriage equality struggle and I’ve known too many out here in CA who are going through these very same issues.

For many years we’ve marched for Marriage Equality at the SF Pride Parade and supported all the Marriage Equality actions happening here. It ALWAYS includes those also who are binational couples as well! We must keep agitating for change so we all can love the person we choose and keep her in our lives, like any heterosexual can do. If Barney Frank can marry the man of his dreams, so should every Lesbian couple be able to raise their children and have a happy home where caring and love reigns.
-With all my Support and deep connections to Boulder,

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