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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Soul of San Francisco Dyke March

I am so disturbed that all of our Dyke Marches have been taken over by the trans, bisexuals and just about everybody else BUT bio Female Dykes, that it has gotten away from the Dyke/Lesbian FEMALE empowerment message, to just about everything else. I have seen this decline over the umpteen years I have attended Dyke March, as more and more young Butchy/Masculine/boyish females transition or genderqueer, and more and more MTF's consider themselves "Lesbian"(mostly dating bi women) and bi women feel they can bring their MALE boyfriends to march with them in the Dyke March, as well as gay men in the Castro, which is close to Dolores Park, right in between the Castro and Mission neighborhoods, feel they have the RIGHT to march in Dyke March too....

 Our leaders have sold us out, and told us the Trans are here to stay and have always worked on the Dyke March, WHEN THERE IS A TRANS MARCH NOW IN THE SAME LOCATION JUST THE NIGHT BEFORE DYKE MARCH! They changed the policy that anyone who is a: "Past, present or future woman" can march. Don't EVEN have to be a Dyke! This is in response to the intense thread that many of us local Dykes(wbw) are FIGHTING for our Dyke communities back BY AND FOR BIO FEMALE LESBIAN/DYKE WOMEN, WHO ARE PROUD TO BE FEMALE, whether you are Butch, Femme, inbetween, leather, nonleather, young, old, middle aged, any race, size, level of class privilege or nonprivilege. To keep the focus on Lesbians/Dykes born female! The thread was named something like 'Gender and Age Inclusion at SF Dyke March" and advertised and followed a panel they had a few weeks ago.

 A firestorm of responses resulted, with both local Dykes and Dykes from elsewhere weighing in on the issue, as well as trans individuals that tried to make it more about them than us..... My last straw was when one woman, and I will include the post here, stated that "it doesn't matter what someone has between their legs, a Lesbian(MTF) can have a penis, if she feels she is a Lesbian". Let us take back Dyke Marches and Dyke Nation BY AND FOR bio Female Lesbians/Dykes/Female Homosexuals OF ALL STRIPES! One of the posts I feel strongest about:

  To an individual that doesn't care what's between someone's legs...in DYKE SPACE? by Feisty Amazon on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 2:36am · ACCKKKK! You don't care what someone has between their legs....then don't take up Dyke space. Dyke space is no 'penis between us friends' or lovers, ect. ect. ect. NOT "what is the big deal about people with penises calling themselves dykes?" Cuz they're not. If you can't stick it in a drawer and walk away 10 feet without causing yourself severe bodily harm, then you are NOT a Dyke. Dykes don't do it with penises. We do it with breasts, yonis, curves, vaginas, vulvas, lips, eyes, and the round curves of a female. I don't buy 'gender' anymore..it's all a bunch of claptrap nonsense, an endless rabbit hole that never ends of justifications till you get utter nonsense that 'you can be a dyke and have a flesh penis'. NOT! Not ever. No cotton ceilings, nothing more of the sort. You're talking penis holders(born males) wanting to make it with bio female Lesbians, Lesbians that are the most inaccessible women on the planet, the one set of women NOT wanting to be conquered by men and their penises. And I don't care if that penis wears a dress or pants, is completely feminine, masculine or inbetween. Penis does NOT equal Dyke. Period. Dykes forever, men (or penises) NEVER!!!!! P.S. And no, a dildo is NOT a penis, it's a piece of silicone, won't impregnate, and if properly washed, and covered, won't give disease either...and it can be taken off anytime.

 Another response of mine:

 To a Genderqueer and/or FTM who felt frustrated at being identified as a woman in WOMEN'S/Dyke Space by Feisty Amazon on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 2:27am · LOOK, then go to the Radical Faeries. If you are offended by being considered 'a woman', then you don't belong in Dyke/Women's space! Us older Dykes and Butches fought HARD for our women's and Dyke spaces and visibility, just to go hell in a handbasket with 'queer nation', and 'queer identity'. Dyke identity is NOT queer identity. It is the identity of biological homosexual FEMALES. If you are not proud to be Female, a woman, a Dyke, a Lesbian, then you no longer qualify for women only/Dyke space. Queer space, mixed space, pan space, Radical Faerie spaces, Gay Pride, Folsom St. Fair, whathaveyou, I can accept anybody in those spaces, but NOT crashing what little womon only/dyke spaces we have left....

We are MOURNING at all the Butches who want to consider themselves male, genderqueer, FTM or some version thereof..and wanting to be addressed by male pronouns......so yes, the hostility is there for very good reason.....if you want queer space, and have queer identity "And i have to fight to not be seen as a womyn," then womon/dyke space is no longer for you.....and many of us also do not recognize MTF's as Dykes....because of the years of male privilege, and continuing assumption of male privilege. We have been quiet up to now, or spoken in whispers about our Dyke and women's spaces being coopted, invisibilized, being shouted down by all those who were formerly male, want to be male or present day bio males...NO MORE. . Feisty Amazon This individual was bitching that both her and her partner(an MTF) were being treated badly in women only spaces so felt more comfortable in 'queer' spaces, including Radical Faery spaces...

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