Drumming Amazon

Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Z Budapest's WBW Dianic Ritual and 3 Crones as observers and protectors outside it holding the space, at Pantheacon 2012

Ok, so this is another's blog, and I'm giving her full credit for it, but for those who feel strongly about retaining our WBW Dianic ritual space, here is a well known Butch Radical Feminist Lesbian whose been lifelong a fixture in the womyn's spirituality community, a Wisewomon, a Sage, a researcher and an Elder.


You will have to copy and paste the url above to your line and it will take you right to the blog on this issue. Thanks to Max Dashu for her clear thinking on these very difficult times and issues we hold dear to our hearts.

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