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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Our Ongoing Struggle.....

The ongoing struggle I ask myself this over and over again. I have followed all of the LGBT Movements for all the years I been out(35 years)and the Lesbian community been under siege by trans for at least 25 years.

 I been a Feminist since age 9, (1969)  tomboy since 7, came out as a Butch Lesbian at 21 (1981) fought for my rights all my life as a Female, a Tradeswoman, a Lesbian, and for Marriage Equality from 2004 on. Each win was incremental, slow with steps backwards and forwards...trans mtfs were at the absolute fringes of the Lesbian community, barely tolerated cuz all too many recognized them as male. Tolerated but not necessarily accepted. The drag queens who sometimes transitioned were far more  colorful figures based in the gay male community, like the Sisters for Perpetual Indulgence. They had a place. They didn't coopt Lesbian culture and were part of the camp of gay male culture.

Then incrementally certain key Butches began to transition to "men" and others followed along in the mid 90s. We thought it was a phase like many phases and styles that would blow over, but it never did..it just kept expanding. 

Not till the 2000s did they start going after transing kids. Used to be the gay community, except LYRIC which catered to gay/lesbian youth, did NOT advocate much for Lesbian/Gay kids, we didnt want to be seen as recruiting, something that we were often falsely  accussed of, gay men especially, so it was hands off the kids, unless they organized BY AND FOR THEMSELVES. 

But the autogynophilic men(mtfs) werent happy. Whether its another way to seek validation, or another set of customers and patients to make money off of, the trans kid thing started happening, the clinics, the doctors, the clinicians ect and trans mtfs believing if it was a a thing since early childhood,  then maybe they'd be seen as more ordinary and ok.

All I know is it sickened me in Chaz Bono's video when s/he is hanging out with a trans kid in a hottub who wasnt any more than 9, "boy bonding". More for Chaz's sake than the kid's at the gender space. Making it all seem so normal.

But boundary after boundary for a part of the population much much smaller than the Lesbian community, they bowled over EVERY boundary. And the numbers of FTMS kept increasing, along with the peer pressure to trans. Nothing could stop the juggernaut. Nor were our boundaries ever respected. 

Even gay men began complaining in the gay press of FTMs in some of THEIR sacrosanct sex spaces, but this was years if not 2 decades AFTER  mtfs especially   had infiltrated the Lesbian communities....and many Butch Lesbians then transitioned and DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE the Dyke communities, while some courted the gay male communities as well...

And then all of a sudden they got more rights than women as a whole do, EVERYTHING we worked a lifetime for? All smashed to bits? Villified every time we say no? Ignored if we mention our fears, or dont buy the smoke and mirrors, the glitz and glam 6 foot 4 males tottering in high heels and hyper feminine clothes that they are Lesbians too??

No is a complete answer, and I will NOT concede my spaces, my sexuality, my identity or my very Femaleness to born males so they can feel good about their illusions at OUR EXPENSE AND SAFETY!!

I am SICK of this battle and it seems a losing proposition. But so be it. I will not stop, because for me the company of WOMEN is so powerful.
And I will NOT concede THAT for ANY MALE!!!

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