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Drumming Amazon
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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cooptation, Infiltration of Lesbian Community

Rant against a rightwing woman who would lump us in with the rest of the alphabet soup:

Dont include US ________.  I am GLAD my Lesbian spouse and I are married, I can access her health insurance, she can access my pension benefits, I can visit her in the hospital no questions asked.

WAYYYY before the het world had to deal with BOTH MTFS and FTMS, us Lesbians and our communities were coopted and infiltrated. Young Butches, and even older ones pressured to transition to male, and we couldnt get away from the autogynophilic males who never even pass as "women", claiming they are Lesbians, penis or not. Way before they went after the het world, bathroom, locker room, womens prisons and homeless or battered womens shelters, they went after MICHFEST where us Lesbians set boundary after boundary, THIS IS FOR BORN FEMALES ONLY. WE refused to date them or pick up the pieces for those mtfs of the het womens lives and marriages they ruined. 

Now we cannot EVEN have a place in GBTQIAAMNOPXYZ, AS LESBIANS. Or have a place of OUR OWN without being coopted or called bigots, transphobes or terfs.

We cannot gather in ANY capacity amongst OUR OWN without being targeted by GBTMNOPQRSTUV.

WE fought this fight LONG BEFORE IT WAS ON YOUR RADAR. So dont dump us Lesbians HERE in with your hatred of the gay community.

We are trying to organize amongst our own, and we want OUT of GBT because it no longer represents US or OUR INTERESTS. And we REFUSE to accept "penis can be Lesbian, just get over your penisphobia" as they tromp on and into OUR communities, many  from the het world. The Lesbian communities are largely in tatters around this, and WE FEEL JUST AS STRONGLY that children should not be transed and keep those with penises OUT OF OUR BATHROOMS, LOCKER ROOMS and all nonfemale OUT of our WBW spaces. We no longer want to affilate with other Lesbians who would sell us out, or bi or straight women for that matter to these interlopers. The loss of Michfest has angered MANY of us Lesbians and WE ARE ORGANIZING!!!

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