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Monday, October 24, 2016

Anger by Miriam Ben-Shalom GUEST POST

From my Sister in the struggle Miriam Ben-Shalom:

by Miriam Ben-Shalom

"I am thinking about anger today. Because I am angry about the co-opting of women-only spaces, because I am angry about the fact that women and children are placed at risk by "inclusive" legislation, I am called 'terrified', retarded, a failure, 'passive-aggressive', a bigot, an entitled bigot, and a whole host more of names.
Argumentum ad hominem aside, what is it about the demagogic Left that seeks to destroy anyone who disagrees with them? In order to have a tolerant world, they say, we will fight intolerance; it seems that this means being INTOLERANT towards anyone who does not agree 100% with them and bullying those who disagree by casting pseudopsychological diagnoses upon them.
It is true that I do not think there is such a thing as a person who, by use of chemicals and surgical alteration of the body, becomes the SEX opposite of what s/he was born. I do not think women can become men or men become women. I think people feel uncomfortable in their bodies because they do not meet the "established" gender conceptions for what a woman or a man ought to be. Not meeting established gender conceptions does not mean, however, that one is another SEX.
So because I disagree and because others like me also disagree, we are pilloried and defamed publically. Seems to me that the demagogic Left is no better than the demagogic Right. But at least the Right concerns itself with the safety of women and children [for whatever reasons] and hopes to protect them from sexual predators who now can enter women's spaces with impunity.
The demagogic Left and the trans community want to make it all about them as opposed to the real issue which is MALE violence. [May I add one observation here? There doesn't seem to be as big a difficulty with women who 'beome' men as there is with MEN who 'become' women. What might that say about MALE VIOLENCE and the tendency of men TO WANT TO TAKE OVER?]
And their constant refusal to sit down and work together with women born of women on this issue says a universe about their world view and how they consider the value of women and children. As a recent study pointed out, this society, the medical profession, and pharmaceutical companies all work to anesthetize the anger of females to keep us complaisant and malleable.
And women do not want to be called "bad girls" so they swallow anger and do what they will to avoid such designations. And it seems that the demagogic Left feeds right into this by bullying and demonizing those who disagree with their dictates about sex and gender.
As one who has been so demonized, let me serve notice: if being a "Bad Girl" means I serve to protect women and children, if being "retarded" means I serve to protect women and children, then to those who place such labels upon me: I will wear your words with pride and I will be the demon you say I am. I refuse to be a Handmaiden and I refuse to bow to your bullying. I shall continue to use my anger well. And your vociferous responses tell me I must be doing something right." -Miriam Ben-Shalom

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