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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Butch Tradeswomen Pioneers

Ah, I KNOW ALOT of Tradeswomen, and almost all the original ones who helped me get in were DECIDELY BUTCH. Short hair, not "sporty" no ponytails. Out and out BUTCH. Groundbreakers, pioneers, absolutely fearless, stand up to men, and THEY were my mentors and WHY as a Butch I got into the Trades. I could wear the clothes I felt comfortable in, jeans, boots, flannels, tshirts, work clothes, no frilly stuff, be myself!!

The closety ponytail types came AFTER our fearless out in your face taking up our space AS BUTCHES broke ground. We go where other women fear to go, because we dont GIVE A DAMN if accussed of being masculine or we wannabe a MAN. WE WANT THE RESPECT MEN GET. But we ARE NOT THEM nor do we allow them to intimidate us. Since we ARE Butch  Dykes, they cant strike fear into us like they can with straight or more closety women for not being feminine or for being Lesbian!! ONCE we break ground, the sporty and ponytail types came AFTERWARDS.

And as I was told by one of my Butch mentors, the Tradeswoman Movement LARGELY STARTED BY BUTCHES IS A PART OF THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT!!!

Just so you know I was in the Trades 23 years, now retired and recieving my Union pension..

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