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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Radical Self Acceptance Part Two-a response to Dirt's Blog on 'top surgery'

I'm fat and I'm asthmatic too, as well as a Butch Dyke...and radical self acceptance has helped me to make healthier choices...whether in food, working out more frequently on a regular basis, self and body love, because self-hatred and shame helps NOBODY and leads down to the path of addiction, distortion and nothing good can come out of it...like I said the ONLY ones who benefit are the doctors counting all the cash they get off members of our communities and BENEFITTING from their self hatred and lack of self acceptance. This has NOTHING to do with your friends, it has to do with oneself....

Even with asthma, I laid down the weed close to 20 years ago, and am now 19 years clean and sober off it or any other addictive substance(with the exception of chocolate).
There are always ways to improve our relationships to our bodies. Working out has helped my endurance, as well as not being around tobbaco smoke or scents and perfumes and toxic chemicals as much as possible. In the long run it's better not to be around that stuff anyway.

Radical self-acceptance also means fully owning not just our bodies but our minds and spirits. In so many ways it's like the distorted mirror opposite of women who have their breasts inflated with silicone implants, some of which have burst and had numerous health side effects. So many bio-females and even MTF types are sold a bill of goods that you can't be happy unless you have something done to your body, whether to keep away aging effects(look at all the Hollywood distorted faces after their face lifts), increase or decrease their breast sizes, augmentation or deflation of this body part or another, and the plastic surgeons continue to live in their exclusive neighborhoods with their yachts and boats and privileges while women and those who hate their bodies are left in their same ordinary circumstances living with those side effects or aftereffects, especially if the job is botched. And that includes all the shaming around body size as well.

Love yourself and your body within, as best as you can,ACCEPT it on the deepest level you can, and ally with those who do, and you'll have no need for that kind of 'fitting in', social control or shelling out bucks for a chemical or surgical solution.

Women for millenia under patriarchy, whether fat or thin, or inbetween, butch or femme or andro, too masculine, too this too that, or those bio males who are too effeminate to live/survive as males, are sold the same bill of goods that SOMETHING must be done for your 'abnormality', even if the body parts are perfectly healthy. Just leave us the fuck alone, and just let us Butches, Dykes and women be our OWN wild Selves.

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