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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Friday, May 21, 2010

response to trans agenda from Dirt's Women's College thread

Poppycock...I've heard it all before. The militant trans movement has done just about everything it can to destroy women only space, and gotten young dykes/butches, ect to identify as 'queer' and want 'queer' space, rather than identify with the dreaded 'woman'. I don't want to share my bathrooms with M E N, I've done enough of that on the job and I see just how nasty they leave their outhouses, and the misogynist woman hating and homophobic writings on the wall, NO THANKS. Have your gender neutral bathroom if you must, but don't deny I might want one that is women only, and not come behind nasty M E N with it's pissed filled smell. They can't even let the toilet seat down!

I don't believe in the whole 'body disphoria' thing, that too is learned. Believe me, I had it as a kid, it's called SEXISM. I in no way wanted to be a 'girl', because being a 'girl' meant wearing dresses, being powerless, not being the hero, having to play dolls and house and domestic chores, and the work world was limited, as well as the roles females could inhabit, otherwise they/we/I were thought of as 'unwomanly', 'unseemly', 'unfeminine' and 'don't you want to be a little lady?' NO. I crossed out the term girl and she and put he and boy in my textbooks. I hated that we were being trained to obsess on our bodies, on babies, on appearing feminine, when nothing was further than the truth for me. For me, Feminism, with it's promise of complete female EMPOWERMENT, fueled my mind, and gave me pride and hope that I could do anything a boy could do. Unfortunately, due to persistent systemic and overt sexism and homophobia(anytime we should leave the feminine box) this promise hasn't been kept. Women, Butches, Females are still only 2% of the skilled trades, and many, many women have tried, and been kept out by the male systems intact. There's still the worship of male religions and dieties that keep women throughout the world down, and even actively anti-feminist, unwilling to liberate themselves and their sisters AS WOMEN from the chains imposed by men and 2000 plus years of patriarchy.

You can talk once the patriarchy is destroyed, the boot is off my neck. Nobody is 'gender neutral', that is a phallacy, a true phallic lie. Yes indeed. Genderfluid maybe, but never genderneutral. The answer is not in cutting off and sticking on body parts, the answer is in expanding what a women or man can do, dress in, inhabit themselves in a world that denies even tiny differences from the male-macho, female-feminine norm, imposed by politicians, religion, society, cultural and educational institutions, as well as the family itself. Much of it based on the fear of truly feral POWERFUL Females untamed by men, or their female mouthpieces, and on the fear of homophobia/lesbophobia.

Then much of this so-called disphoria would disappear. Maybe a tiny few would decide to take it further, but I simply don't believe that the young boyish/masculine/butch women that are transitioning, strapping down their breasts, taking 'T' in droves would feel they have to if they could FULLY be themselves, and felt FULLY empowered as just the kind of women they are. We come in many different flavors. Feminine does not automatically mean female. The same would be true of the drag queens and effeminate men that get shit on physically assaulted, sexually assaulted, made fun of or beat up for defying the male is macho role, so therefore they must 'be a woman'.

And anonymous, if you are trans(especially MTF), then ask us bio Females whether we want you in our presence, and RESPECT that. Or, come in as a guest to our Tribe, and honor our lead, our struggles, our battles. You never need worry about issues like abortion, birth control, birthing a child, being impregnated by rape, bleeding the sacred moonblood(a sacred bio-female mystery), or female diseases like breast, uterine, cervical, ovarian cancers. These are unique to us. As well as many other things. There IS a huge difference. Come in with respect, without stridency or 'demands' as this is a very male way of doing things, never taking 'no' for an answer, disrespecting our boundaries, AS women, or maybe we want to be amongst our own in some spaces, RESPECT THAT, in the way I would respect women of color wanting their OWN spaces.

But see, this doesn't happen. Both MTF's and FTM's force their way into our Female domains, and then DENY our need for them, and to focus on OUR issues, so much to the point that the Lesbian community IN AND OF ITSELF is almost invisible in my area, for the sake of those who call themselves 'queer' and push the trans issues. And yet hetero and gay men still get to have THEIR spaces....


  1. "Both MTF's and FTM's force their way into our Female domains, and then DENY our need for them, and to focus on OUR issues, so much to the point that the Lesbian community IN AND OF ITSELF is almost invisible in my area, for the sake of those who call themselves 'queer' and push the trans issues."

    THANK YOU! This was a beautiful comment!

  2. I honestly think that if you are FTM and MTF we as trans people need to respect the spaces of both Bio women and men, because if respect is shared then people get along. That said, I also don't see the same respect being offered to me. I'm FTM and I don't going to Lesbian Bars and spaces because thet is hypocirtical and I don't belong there.It's awkward and I know it. If invited in as far as an event, or such for a lesbian I am friends with, I am respectful, and I treat them as I wish to be treated, but it has to go both ways. I can understand your anger, but there are some who ID as Lesbian who are disrespectful to me, when I try to be respectful. I don't demand what doesn't belong to me. Can you help shed some light on that?