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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lesbian/Dyke Pride goes way beyond just who I have sex with....an entire worldview!

From Michfest List: "How Do You Identify?" Thread

I am a Lesbian/Dyke, and it IS who I am, spiritually, emotionally, sexually, how I view the world, I view it in a Lesbian way..it's my culture, my spirituality, and my complete love for the Female(both Butches and Femmes) from the sexual to the spiritual and on every level inbetween...emotional, intellectual, psychological, psychic. I just don't 'get' why Lesbians don't own their Lesbianism to this depth anymore, whether you're Leather, nonLeather, inbetween, Butch on Butch, Butch/Femme, Femme/Femme or none of the above, just Dyke to Dyke...I can see the difference between us and straight women plain as day, and the chasm between us and males and their privileges..doesn't mean I dont' ever talk to them..but that there is always a gap there for me, things a dude will never understand, whether he's gay or straight. Straight dudes might understand the part of me that lusts and loves women, gay dudes will understand our commonality in our homosexuality, but there still is that gap there which they just won't get.

Sure, there are other roles/personas/titles, parts of myself I enact or that come out but ONLY or preferably with other Lesbians/Dykes, and rarely with nonlesbian women.(and yes, ALWAYS AND ONLY with women). So, I've never ever understood how other Lesbians see it only as who they fuck/love, but not as an essential part of themselves and their worldview! Hetero guys see their hetero maleness AS the entire world view, 'that's the way it is', and gay dudes obssess on their passion for men, and still see the world and play in it's power AS MEN...even though parts of them get discriminated against for their homosexuality.
And straight women, well, they kowtow to said men, and allow the system to go on....they'd rather sit around and talk about dieting, than about revolution! Even some lesbians! So fucking powerless! Nothing important...the typical female body obssession..keep 'em busy about dieting and constantly 'losing a few', and they'll never tackle the more difficult issues or come together in SOLIDARITY as Dykes, or as women....was at dinner tonight with so much diet talk I was ready to just pick up and leave, and much of it was being fueled by just those types of Lesbians who see their lesbianism as 'no big deal'.


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