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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Monday, May 24, 2010

On the subject of the Matriarchy, or what matriarchy is...and it's values

This is in response to another site I'm on, one of my posts, in a Dianic forum. Unfortunately that whole forum is coming down due to the server becoming a pay only
server. I did not want to lose this tidbit....

Damn, in all my study of close to 30 years as a DykeAmazon Witch, I have NEVER seen ANYTHING about Satanism and matriarchy. Satan is a distinctly patriarchal Christian invention. True matriarchal societies existed before Christianity, women did rule, especially spiritually, as High Priestesses, representative of the Goddess. And one only has to look indeed to see what has been done in the name of the patriarchal monotheistic one God(or Trinity in relation to Father, Son, Holy(male) spirit), religions. They ripped off the Maiden, Mother, Crone original trinity, they murdered Priestesses, Goddess temples, and peace loving matriarchal cultures and people, they conquered and killed by the sword, standing armies and war, and they enslaved women in monogamous marriages, or where the woman had to be solely beholden to the man, and thus reproduce only his offspring(like you rightly mentioned, once they figured their part in paternity, is when we really lost our matriarchal powers and cultures.) The patriarchal cultures and religions have led to the ruin of the planet with ideas like Armageddon, murder, rape, violence, constant war and cruelty. This was way before the belief in Satan. The biggest part was all the rape stories told in relation tothe Goddess, various Goddesses, nymphs, maidens being abducted by male dieties(as in the Greek myths about Zeus and other Father/Brother type Gods) reflecting the actual abduction of womyn, murder of Priestesses to the Goddess, reusing the temples to mouth the voices of the Patriarchs, like the oracular Sybil who originally spoke for the Great Mother, being redefined as speaking for the Sun Brother God Apollo. It's the redefinition by the patriarchal conquerers that defines the lie...the original Goddesses had great size and were truly awesome figures to be respected, primal and powerful...but as time went on, Her power continued to diminish to the patriarchal forces, lies, and Father/Brother types. Who can only gain their power through death dealing, constant war, rape and murder.

Artemis had to ask special permission from her patriarch father Zeus, to be free of connection to men, to run in the woods wild and free with Her maidens, and protecting animals in childbirth and women as a whole.

Athena, very likely a much older Goddess connected to the most powerful of Amazons, the Gorgons and Medusa, was rebirthed from the head of the patriarch, rather than born from her Great Mother.
This is a retold patriarchal myth...much like Eve being birthed from Adam's rib, rather than from the Great Mother.

So many lies have been told, but what really got me to worship the Goddess, amongst other things, and fight for the Goddess religion, spirituality, ect was when I read about the matriarchal culture Catal Hyuk..which worshipped the Goddess and had Priestesses in power and a more egalitarian culture...they had 1000 years of peace, not the current ills of what patriarchal societies continue to do to women, children, animals, and Mother Earth. And now they want to discredit our matriarchal herstory because they see we have too much power. And to crush our women's wisdom and spiritual power once again! Do not trust their lies.

As far as Matriarchal societies, the most matriarchal culture I've EVER been in, is Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, a two month town created particularly for the one week festival, but women who want to live in a fully matriarchal environment(except what we bring with us in our hearts)can serve there for up to two months. Not only do womyn create the whole town of 5000 womyn, they erect every year a 30 foot Goddess statue and do extensive rituals there too..recreating on that Land the matriarchy in every way possible in modern day society. It truly IS an Amazon village, and yes, I do believe fully the Amazons existed and evidence has been uncovered sustaining some of this, I'm sure evidence has also been uncovered and destroyed by those who don't want womyn to KNOW we honored the Sacred Female and had that kind of power we even lack to this day.

A Matriarchal society is far more than a woman president. How is she any different if all her advisers are mostly males, all the values are Christian and male, and with the largest and most powerful death dealing military on earth? A matriarchal society would have different values, not believe in Armageddon and that the destruction of the world is holy and should be hastened any way possible. The land would be honored, since it's the body of the Mother, women would be honored because they have the possibility to create life, whether they choose it or not, and the crime of rape was hardly imaginable, since all womyn were potential mothers, it was a heinous crime against the Mother, punishable by death, and that the man who did so was cursed for life, followed by female dieties like the Furies who haunted him till the end of his days....Imagine how TRULY POWERFUL we would be with a world not ruled by war or the crime of rape????That those crimes against women, humanity, children, Mother Earth, Her animals, ect was not even concievable, or barely so?

THAT indeed would be a Matriarchy, a whole civilization of differing values. And matriarchal values are reflected in women I've known and observed that rescue homeless cats and feed them, that work for the peace movement, so devoid of males, that are truly ecologically and environmentally conscious, and that those men who also are, are taking on some of those female values of cooperation and connection rather than divide and conquer and competition. It's not enough there be a woman president or leaders or even Speaker of the House, and I truly respect Nancy Pelosi, and voted for Hillary Clinton...but it's the VALUES of what women bring to the table that makes it matriarchal. Diplomacy rather than militarism, peaceful solutions, than kicking ass(except in self-defense, strictly, yes women need to be Amazons to some degree..and learn to defend themselves), cooperation rather than constant competition. These are matriarchal values. Neither Indira Ghandi or Margaret Thatcher were matriarchs, they indeed fulfilled the patriarchal agenda. The female values NEED to be reflected, and Nancy Pelosi, our San Francisco Speaker of the House of Representatives, perhaps one of the most powerful women in the government reflects those female values, by fighting for health care for ALL of us, taking care of our own, as women do, rather than the patriarchal attitude of 'pull yourself up by the bootstraps, and if you fail, you're left out in the cold to fend for yourself!'

Matriarchy will ONLY be restored if we embody it in everything we do, honor every woman and empower every woman we can, or come across, we value her words over the man who tries to dominate and talk over her or talk down to her...we raise women's words up, and look her in the eye, and HONOR her. We give rides to friends and acquaintances late at night so none need be victimized standing alone in the dark waiting for public transportation. We cooperate with each other and work towards a solution, rather than stepping on one another to climb up the rungs of the ladder. We don't buy 'divide and conquer', but win/win for all. We are NOT doormats, and develope some Amazon capabilities so we are NOT easily victimized, thusly we are aware of our environments and don't feign helplessness so a man or other will caretake us. We are gentle with those with less abilities, especially other womyn, we give children safe refuge from violent caregivers or schoolyard bullies. We care for the Mother Earth, our Supreme and Ultimate Goddess who caretakes us all, by treading as gently as we can on Her, by recyling, reusing, planning our trips in our vehicles like a truck route, instead of going hither and thither polluting the air and consuming way more gas. We honor each other, and work towards the empowerment for EVERY WOMAN ALIVE to throw off her chains, veils, sexual and body shame. We work on honoring true images that reflect us, not giving into body obssession or 'thin' magazines, or constant shaming diet talk that takes us away from the REAL ISSUES that women as a whole face. That we don't Dyke bait us Dykes and Dyke Butches, that there are different forms of bio-womonhood, and we are all different and come in different shapes, sizes, and sexual orientations.
That we employ each other as much as possible, support each other in sustaining and life enhancing ways, spiritually, physically, economically, ect. That we honor Goddess, and by doing so, we literally change the world and the dominant patriarchal male paradigm..into a sustaining life enhancing culture that supports womyn and Mother Earth, rather than poisoning and killing Her and us.....we dont' have much time left, as She may be radically changed in a manner that may no longer support human life. It certainly doesn't support animal life, and many species are dying off at an alarming rate....


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