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Big Dyke from SF Dyke March

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In Response to: Why I Love Butch Women and Other Endangered Species

Basically the above post was a love poem to Butch Dykes.....


Here's my response:
Butch Dykes who are PROUD to be Female are indeed endangered
Thanks for your beautiful commentary supporting us Female and Dyke centered Butches! We ARE NOT men, and so many don't get this. So many of us have resisted being boxed into stereotypical feminine roles, or attempts to feminize us, while asserting OUR OWN powerful Selves in a world that doesn't want us to exist, and either attempts to erase our defiance and our powerful stance, or attempts to erase us and attempt to make us pass or 'become' some form of male. It is women like you who praise us exactly for WHO WE ARE, as powerful STRONG women in and of ourselves, our Wild raw Selves who carry the strength of determination, sexual aggressiveness, confidence(on our better days) solidity and Amazon natures and take up our space fully as men do...while honoring and giving our sexual, emotional and spiritual energy so deeply to other womyn.

It is one reason I quit watching the "L Word" because I didnt' see myself, or my relationship reflected there. There was no space for a STRONG Butch character who could be a powerful sexual being, without reference to men or their desires or who could inhabit fully a Female body without attempts to transition or 'pass' as male. The androgynous skinny Shane just didn't do it for me, nor did the other characters who sometimes shamed Butch women in the series. Sorry, Femme on Femme just doesn't do it for me. Butch/Femme and Butch on Butch are my proclivities. I LOVE the handsomeness and strength of other Butch women, but I also like the sensuality and yes, strength and power of strong sexy femmes too...both are sexy to me, in different ways, as long as they are PROUD of their femaleness, and of their Lesbianism, love for women.

Thanks for honoring us, and NO WE ARE NOT DUDES! Butches CARE about our woman's orgasm, and want to please and satisfy her. Sure, I want my own orgasm too, and to be satisfied, but not at her expense. I LOVE to see a woman in the throes of pleasure. Many men on the other hand are far more selfish, once they orgasm, it's over for them, and if the woman gets off, well, that's alright, but his orgasm is primary, enforced by millenia of patriarchy. A Butch on the other hand wants to please and satisfy her woman, that is part of the definition of a true blue Butch, and because we're both women, we can orgasm ALL NIGHT LONG! We're multi-orgasmic Beings, and both FULLY FEMALE.....not the same for a dude.

But I'm here to share about Dyke Sexuality, having been a Capital B Butch that is true Blue Butch for almost 30 years, ever since I came out in 1981, and a hardcore tomboy since age 7.....grow up to be a Butch Dyke!

-In Dyke Sisterhood,


Submitted by MasterAmazon on Mon, 2010-03-29 05:33.

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