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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gender fluidity???

I need to post about this nightmare era of the scariest of 21st Century science fiction, where they're giving women shots who are pregnant to eliminate the possibility of an 'androgynized' baby who might end up becoming a Lesbian, Butch or FTM...but another elimination of Butch Dyke tactic.....so the girls would want to have babies, worship men and marry them..instead of refuse, grow up as hardcore tomboys and become Butches...just read the article this week...anything to get rid of us Butches.

I believe in REAL gender fluidity. The kind that doesn't require shots, hormones or surgeries....but I especially believe in women, including Butches LIVING AS THE WOMEN WE ARE, and expressing ourselves in MANY different ways, AS WOMEN, that is often heavily repressed in patriarchal cultures. Us Butches show other women that you CAN live outside the box, like the ancient Amazons did. Like the Joan of Arcs, and those who had to pass as male to marry another woman, or to be a writer, a soldier, an artist, a full human being, when women's roles were so heavily constrained.

You're right, it's not 'genderfluid' to then go and conform to the opposite sex's 'rules' from haircuts FTMs are supposed to get that are conservative masculine, to conservative masculine dress, not tank tops and jeans, cuz they could be mistaken as Butch Dykes, ect.......or that there are organizations like Tri Ess for MTF's to appear, talk and act like properly submissive, obedient, sexually revealing soft spoken females in highly feminized clothing, while they could be 6 ft 2" and have linebacker shoulders and very masculine faces they have to cover in tons of makeup, giving themselves away, with their platinum blonde hair..that is NOT 'genderfluid' either. It's conformity.

Both conform. Because if they don't they are so terribly afraid they could be 'outed' as the falsities they are. Genderfluid is can appear as either sex, but in a celebratory way..one day you're in a suit and tie, the next in skirt and heels, with a beard or drag....or so inbetweener you're hard to read as either male or female, a combination of a bit of both(and there are fine boned individuals like that who are indeed hard to read), but they're being just themselves, and playing with their gender presentations, not hiding who they are, like the whole transitioning industries expect....properly stereotypically masculine or properly stereotypically feminine behavior....which is learned, false, and faked. They're all patriarchal social constructs anyway....I say do away with the social constructs, and get REAL about exactly WHO you are...and the real truth is the biological one...the rest is all show and a smokescreen to fool us! But us Dykes know, we're not as easily fooled, and that's why we're hated!
You can't pull the wool over our eyes so easily!


  1. MasterAmazon,

    I would like to write a proper response sometime in the future. But first, I am not very familiar with Tri-Ess, but it began as an organization for straight male cross-dressers, and its founders tried to keep out anyone who wasn't straight or was transsexual. Put simply, not everyone who critiques transition really supports gender fluidity.

  2. MasterAmazon,

    I would like to see the end of gender norms/gender policing, but not a privileging of genderqueer self-identification of womyn's and men's self-identifications. Sometimes gender fluidity refers to one, sometimes to the other, and sometimes to other things. To avoid the suggestion that genderqueer self-identification is "more radical" or "more anti-patriarchal" than womyn's or men's self-identifications, I prefer to speak of gender autonomy which should, I think, include:

    1. An end to patriarchy and misogyny.

    2. An end to heteronormativity.

    3. An end to the different gender-role expectations put on boys and girls.

    4. An end to gender-role policing.

    5. A society where people can determine their own gender and their own roles, without tying roles to gender, and, in consequence, people who feel a need for medical treatments are not required to conform to heteronormative expectations to get the treatments.

    Transition, for those of us who find it necessary, should reflect gender autonomy. It should not be about becoming a womon or becoming a man; it should be about becoming more ourselves wherever we stand. Transition requires personal introspection, exploration, and reconsideration of one's learned gender norms. However, the therapeutic establishment sometimes requires gender-normative expression. I am a trans womon and I had to go full-time, sometimes wearing skirts, in order to gain access to hormones. In addition, the legal establishment often, although not always, requires invasive surgery to get identification. I still face pressure to make myself more conventionally feminine, and have faced pressure to make myself straight/androphilic.

    P.S. I didn't feel real while trying to live as a man. I felt dead. I forgot what happiness felt like, until I started estradiol and soon felt it again for the first time since pre-adolescence. I know this doesn't prove a biological incompatibility between my brain and male hormone levels, but it confirms my decision to transition, and it is fairly common for other trans people to have similar experiences.